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  • YoOleMe

    To call what happened last Thursday evening a “Debate,” is to call a Street Brawl” an ELECTION!!!

    While nine, fundamentally idea-less knaves out of the business-as-usual political Forrest produced a gang-bang castigation of the singular, studied and proven holder of any true grasp of & concern for the core issues we face as a nation today:

    TPTB INJECTED this Republican “Hillary,” establishing her femi-nazi Hegelian Dialectics philosophical “beachhead,” simply adding further chaos to their “BURY The Donald” fray, so that, on the “R” side of this 2016 edition of the “let’s Keep-it-all-in-the-family” presidential appointment exercise, JEB’s Columbian-Cartel $$$ don’t go to waste – ALL, brought to you, QUAD-ANNUALLY, by the abject ignorance of the American political powers sovereignty, i.e.: “We the People of the united States of America”!!!! …

    I’ve heard it said: “The Lord has Mercy on fools, drunks & babies.”

    … I’ll be at the bar, trying to gain back my 66% coverage!!!