New Wave of Bankruptcies to Hurt US Investors

New Wave of Bankruptcies to Hurt US Investors

Open Letter from a Successful Business and Real Estate Owner to Americans:

Recently BuzzFeed broke the story that retail giant is now hoarding 10 million dollars’ worth of gold and silver at an undisclosed location in the Utah desert, along with a 30-day supply of food.

Of course, the millennial reporter could barely stop herself from snickering… I guess she thought it was a bit of a joke… another anecdote to build her blogging cred.

What she doesn’t know is that America’s businesses are about to run up against a kind of crisis that no one in the business community – myself included – has experienced in our lifetimes.

Major US businesses – famous brands that you depend on and use every single day – are on the verge of losing the capacity to function.

Massive Bankruptcy to Hit Seniors and Investors Hardest

Some of us are already preparing.

And the fallout will not stop at a few rich CEOs or investors.

It never does.

Instead, it will ripple out through every layer of American life… from our grocery stores to our gas stations to our families… our retirements… our investments… and the very way of life we have taken for granted in this country.

Who am I?

I’m the head of an international research network. Our affiliates mostly publish works and letters on finance, investing, high level trading, and economics.

Our writers include former White House advisors, CIA contractors, senators, bankers, and philosophers. Some of our work retails for as much as $10,000. We have 2.6 million subscribers worldwide, and operate across six continents.

So you’ll understand if I don’t typically share research like this with the general public.

Distracted Media Fails to Connect the Dots

I’m here because many people at the highest levels of our corporations, our government, and banking system know very well what’s going on.

Our government has already spent $4.5 trillion trying to contain this threat – more than we spent on World War II. It’s all there in official government records.

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Yet, most Americans are still in the dark. Even our media, amazingly, has failed to connect the dots.

Frankly, unless you were in my position, you wouldn’t have much opportunity to know about this.

Not because I’m insider. It’s just that, as a business owner and economist for over 30 years now, I know what to look for.

Rich Business Owners Like Me

Have Been Preparing for Some Time Now

Over the past few years, I’ve invested millions of dollars and flown around the world more times that I can count to do what I can to prepare my business and my family for this inevitable change.

Just like Overstock and probably hundreds of other corporations are doing right now…

And I believe you should be prepared too.

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No, I’m not about to tell you to leave the country or bury gold in your backyard. I don’t want anyone to panic or do something rash.

But at the very least you owe it yourself to hear me out.

Then you can make up your mind about whether I’m right or wrong… and whether you need to take action immediately or not…

Make no mistake: I have hundreds of employees and matters all over the globe that require my attention.

So the fact that I think this message was important enough to spend my time on should tell you something…

This is real.

Ford…Coke…Over 90 Others in Trouble

Look I drive an F-150 pickup myself. With each passing year it gets a little more beat-up. But it hasn’t let me down yet.

So I take no pleasure in knowing that the Ford Motor Company… which has defined American life in such a powerful way for one hundred years… could soon be in a fight for its very survival.

And it’s not because Ford is losing customers, or even losing money.

It’s not because of any corporate scandal that I know of.

It’s not because we’re about to see a stock market crash or a currency war.

A Disturbing Flaw in the US Economy

It’s because of a disturbing trend that’s been developing in the US economy for some time now. It was happening under Clinton. It was happening under Obama. Neither one did anything about it.

And now we’re all about to pay the price.

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Here’s What He’s Doing to Prepare

Ford’s not alone. Coca Cola is in the same boat.

The data we have is not conclusive yet, but a cursory look at Exxon Mobil, at John Deere, General Motors… even Proctor and Gamble… reveal much the same story.

And I know of similar numbers at over 90 other big US companies.

Something terrible is spreading across the balance sheets of America’s most successful corporations.

But what truly worries me… is that I’ve seen this all before…

A Scary Record of Predicting World Events Before They Happen

You see, there’s something you should know about my company and me…

We’ve made predictions like this in the past including:

  • the rise of Muslim terrorism well before 9/11

  • the Dot-Com bust on the very day the Nasdaq began its 77% plunge

  • the gold boom of the 2000s

  • the 2008 financial crisis (where we warned that “something was smoldering” in the mortgage market)

  • the Trump win as early as April of 2016, even while the Huffington Post was giving Hillary a 98% chance of winning

It’s not that we’re geniuses. It’s just that we only do business with smart people who aren’t afraid to challenge accepted ideas. Sadly, we can’t say the same for most “investing gurus” or “financial forecasters.”

But that’s neither here nor there…

If you’ll allow me, I’ve uploaded a video highlighting the evidence of why I think we are in for a massive, systemic change to our economic system here in America…

Shortages Coming… Strange Movements in Stock Market

Only a fraction of the US population has seen this before right now. You can watch it right now. There’s no email address or anything required. You can watch it all the way through, then decide if you agree with my conclusions.

Almost every comfort and necessity – from our grocery stores to our gas stations – is intertwined with what’s happening. This disruption will leave no part of our lives unaffected:

…grocery stores will not be able to restock shelves… truckers will be temporarily stranded without the ability to pay for gas… the gas stations themselves will likely run dry…

The stock market will not escape the growing wave of crisis as prices swing wildly, and investors desperate to sell suddenly find there are no buyers.

Despite the fact that many of our richest elite are well aware of what’s going on… sadly most Americans are not being informed of this threat by the media.

Why the Media Won’t Listen

Not that we should be surprised. From the first world trade bombing in 1993 to 9/11 we were almost alone in warning that the threat of terrorism was just beginning. In fact, we wrote: “the bomb at New York’s World Trade Center [is] just a small taste of what’s to come.” Meanwhile a Harvard study confirms that the mainstream media barely covered the issue.

I fear that that very same refusal to see the warning signs has infected our media right now. They are so focused on damaging Trump that they have missed what I consider the most important financial story of my career.

Look, I’ve already invested a lot in precautions for my family, my wealth and my business. I’ve put a video online helping you to the same. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to flee the country, or become a “prepper,” or buy gold. That’s not what this is about.

What You Need To Do Now

But you really do need to find out what’s coming…Even Warren Buffett – the guy who makes more money investing than almost anyone – is now keeping $85 billion on the sidelines …That should tell you something. Just watch the video I put together. It’s that simple.

The higher ups in this country know what’s happening. Today, I’m issuing this announcement so you can get informed.

Just click here to see my message. There’s no sign up required. You can watch it for free. But be aware that you may find its content controversial. This is not for anyone who is easily frightened.

Simply click here or press below…