Sneaky Obama Rule Lets Banks Seize Your Life Savings

Sneaky Obama Rule Lets Banks Freeze & Control Your Life Savings!

This dangerous new regulation (Obama’s Money Market Fund Reform) was slipped in by the former President at the end of his term.

The sneaky law has Americans fearful the government might order banks to freeze accounts – including IRA/401(k)s – and take your money to solve their own problems.

Don’t believe it? Consider these facts:

3 Shocking Ways Your Hard-Earned Savings is at Risk:

#1 Banks can freeze your account and NOT honor your withdrawal

#2 Banks are allowed to “change” your account value

#3 Bank fees under this rule add up to a bank “bail-IN” ripoff

Decrees just like this have allowed governments to turn against their citizens before. Retirement investors in Cyprus and Greece woke up one day not that long ago with their savings wiped out. Unbelievable!

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