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ALERT: United States Issues Terrifying Warning

The US has issued a new terror alert for all of Europe.

This bothers me since my son may be heading to Britain on business. In the last four weeks, there have been four separate terror attacks on Europe. ISIS is believed to be behind all of them. The warning covers virtually everywhere you would go as just about everywhere is a soft target for terrorists. It’s extremely worrying. If you don’t have to go to Europe, don’t. It’s just not worth the risk these days.

Spring and Summer are times when Americans typically go on vacation and Europe has always been enticing because it is starkly different when compared to America. But the refugee crisis has planted Islamists all over the place and they are planning attacks and carrying them out at will. People are dying… it should make all of us think twice about how we go about our lives. Cities that have been hit recently include Paris, Stockholm, London, Normandy, Nice and Berlin. We are also not immune to attacks here in the US, but they are far fewer here.

From Breitbart:

The U.S. government has issued a new terror alert for citizens travelling to Europe after the continent played host to four jihadi attacks in just four weeks.

The State Department cited terror attacks in Britain, France, and Sweden as evidence of Islamic State’s ability “to plan and execute terrorist attacks in Europe”.


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  • pappy450

    SO this is a “no brainer” Stay the hell in the U.S. and keep your hard-earned money HERE, instead of giving it away to a foreign country.There is much to see and do here in the U.S and you won’t be walking around with a target on your back

    • Carol Benson

      You forgot all the feel-good liberals who feel righteous by bringing groups of muslims here & getting them on welfare. Liberals embrace Islam but hate Christians & patriots. Go figure.

    • Gen11American

      Americans who travel to Mexico supply 1/3 of Mexico’s GDP, and they turn around and encourage their peasants and criminals to head north to America to burden American taxpayers. In my opinion, any American who travels to Mexico is a traitor to this nation rather than a patriotic citizen!

      • pappy450

        I agree…And the bulk of these “travelers” are “poor little snowflake” COLLEGE BRATS on MOMMY and DADDY paid “spring break” to get drunk and spend that money. Maybe the PARENTS should also be held responsible by providing the MONEY to do so. And we can’t forget that they are being indoctrinated by LIBERAL /COMMUNIST “professors” that ALSO encourage this behavior.

  • Pat Marshall

    Until they can start cleaning up their countries of these Muslim terrorist, I or any of my family has decided to not visit them at all.

    • Carol Benson

      Stay out of Detroit, parts of Texas, even Nebraska, Oklahoma (where a longtime resident was beheaded), even places like Idaho. A Sacramento, CA, publuc high school held “Wear a hijab Day; teachers were required to watch a video on Islam as a peaceful religion. Other US schools have forced children to memorize the Five Pillars of Wisdom & write about Islam.

  • Gen11American

    Unless the Brits and the Europeans get smart and oust all Muslims from every member nation in the EU, they are doomed to be overrun, and if that happens, they’ll deserve to be haunted by the ghosts of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, who finally ousted the last of the Moors from Spain in 1492. And unless the US gets smart and bans any further Muslim immigration to our country, with the sole exception of the Muslim translators and their families who have been aiding our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, the same horrible fate will happen to us, and George Soros will be thrilled he accomplished his evil goal..

    • Carol Benson

      The FBI says there are Islamic terror cells in every state but Alaska. Muslims
      are buying up property in rural areas like Katy, Texas, & start bullying the locals. Some American towns have given in to sharia law. A Detroit doctor was arrested for secretly doing genital mutilations on little girls. Things have gotten so bad that in Deerborne, Mich, muslims have made it so bad that the local police won’t go into those neighborhoods . A group of Christians protested & were beaten up while drputies just stood & watched. One Midwestern town has 6 city council seats–& muslims occupy 5 of the 6. Muslims brag about conquering the West in different ways: muslim refugees flooding areas, building mosques, bullying schools; by having big families (infidels not reproducing fast enough); terrorist attacks; expensive lawsuits file

      • Gen11American

        Your blog is so good, I suggest you copy and paste it to President Trump’s Facebook page. If you don’t care to do that yourself, I’ll do it for you. Just grant me permission first.

        • William Konrad

          Trump is fully aware of the situation, but for the moment is powerless to do a whole lot about it. We have what is called “freedom of religion”, we also have what is called separation of “church and state” politics and religion. They make no. distinction between the two and thereby have America by the balls. Their religion is the state. We either have freedom of religion or we don’t. The founding fathers didn’t see this one coming. The problem can only be solved in the most radical way, something most Americans, in their attempt to apply liberal concepts, are blind to the dilemma, and cannot see the problem.

      • William Konrad

        Say it isn’t so. We are such good people, we will stand idly by like the frog. He didn’t notice the water getting warmer until he was cooked. Nothing you or I say will change things, the fix is too radical for the left. When the influence is complete it will be too late to act. How can you be so Islamophobic? The signs are there for all to see, but many don’t want to see them. You have obviously been paying attention and for your efforts you will be seen as Islamophobic, and called an alarmist. Trump is the only high official to see and understand what’s going on and you can see the grief he is getting. Liberalism suggests you can’t believe the obvious.

    • William Konrad

      It’s a hard sell to a country that proclaims, “Send me your tired, you hungry, your poor” Terrorists easily qualify. Most people would rather just go along in believing we must be nice to everybody, even if they want us dead. As long as democrats control the narrative, the country is screwed.

  • rs1123

    Our first responsibility is to protect our safety – not others’ rights. We have a right to our own safety first.

  • rs1123

    Cultural diversity is an oxymoron. We cannot have cultures if we diversify them.
    The world has gotten too small… we need a repatriation of a lot of people back to their own native cultures. We will all be happier.

    • Carol Benson

      Listen to radio talk show host Michael Savage!

  • myfordtruck

    we got to do the same thing here too because on top of the Islam’s we have the Hispanic gangs and dope dealers

  • Petru Dans

    the west europe is LOST, thanks to communist Merkell!!!!

  • Carolann Enkhaus

    Have no desire to visit europe now that its not european anymore…some of the countries there have turned into the middle east or africia ..

  • the real Hadenough

    Not fake news.