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Democrats challenged by Trump over rumors of Government Shutdown.

“House Democrats want a SHUTDOWN for the holidays in order to distract from the very popular, just passed, Tax Cuts,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “House Republicans, don’t let this happen. Pass the C.R. TODAY and keep our Government OPEN!”

Republicans are still trying to come up with a solution to prevent the shut down.

“I don’t see a shutdown happening,” Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows said in an interview on CNN. “We were negotiating into the late hours to make sure that we at least have 218 votes on the House side and send it over to the Senate hopefully as early as today.”

The latest plan is to extend the funding through January 19.

  • ErnieLane

    Lots of Republicans do, too. Like, me. Shut it down — the important stuff gets done, anyway — and see who’s “nonessential.” Then, eliminate every one of those positions.

    • ledbalon

      yup there are a lot of non essential folks in the government. Turns out its pretty easy to downsize most all of the departments in government

      • E Scott Hollingsworth

        Also I would start with the 2 tops in every dept in every state.

  • rogerhickssryahoocom

    hell they might as well they arent doing anything anyway. a tax cut which could be beneficial to all middle class people was ignored by the whole democrat party, dont tell me there arent any poor democrats. if you dont like the bill vote against it but we are not paying you to set on your ass and just complain . we can do that for free.

  • MaranathaMark

    I have wanted to “Shut Down the Govt” for years. The Dems believe that every time the Govt. shuts down it gets blamed on the GOP and that’s a bad thing! The Truth is, the “Govt. Shutdown” is only for elective services and NON-ESSENTIAL services that are shutdown. So Shut it down. I DARE YOU!!! Don’t threaten us, DO IT! Shut the oppressive thing down! While I like the tax cuts we got, there was a LOT MORE than needs to be done, like REAL SPENDING CUTS in the Federal budget! I hear a bunch of Obama hold overs in the EPA are resigning or retiring, I hope that’s true and when they leave, do away with their position! This Federal Government is 10 Times bigger than it should be, and needs a SERIOUS pruning!!! Shut it down. GOP politicians – grow a pair and shut it down and then own it by saying you did it and will keep it closed until we get real spending cuts. Hold tight, cause the Big Govt Dems will eventually cry uncle, if the Establishment GOP will stand firm!


    Go ahead, Shut it down. The Democrats will Own it this time, and won’t be able to blame anyone but themselves. Just another opportunity to find places to prune back dead wood.

    • GomeznSA

      They will indeed “Own it” but the repubs and DJT will still get blamed, and that will happen as long as the lame stream media plays their blame their blame everyone else tune.

  • Robert Pescatore

    The Democrats are the party of liars and lies and they couldn’t tell the truth if it stared them in the face so if they shut down government they will be responsible for it and it should backfire on them in the mid terms.

    • GomeznSA

      “they will be responsible for it” BUT they will blame DJT and any and all republicans that they can. And the sad part is that there are far too many of the sheeple will ‘agree’ with them, especially after the lame stream media screams that the ‘evil’ DJT and company are to blame. You are correct, they should pay for it in the mid term elections, but they probably won’t. I hope to be proven wrong but I won’t hold my breath
      Ask most folks who was responsible for the last ‘shutdown’ and most will say it was Ted Cruz. ’nuff said.

      • Moe

        Your getting upset because your tying to use common sense to interpret liberals, remember you cannot fix stupid, stupid is stupid. They do not want Trump to be successful or to expose the crimes Obama committed against this nation. Their delusional with hate and only ignorant of facts when you compare Trump to Obama.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    I was watching this leftist woman on FOX going on about 2020? Im sorry my hind sight is 2020 and she was telling democrats not to call anyone deplorable. The last 16 years we have had talk about government shut downs and we the people could care less. You dont do a god damn thing for your money in the first place. I said this the last 3 possible shut downs go ahead. Go home and watch porn on your own computers, and on your own dime. We the people dont owe your daddys any favors. Go cross your eyes and dot your Ts somewhere else. Im begging Trump to fire your worthless asses. You will find out what it was like to tell graduating classes what to take so they can get a job when they are through with college. When they get out the job market has passes them by and they remain at home in their parents basement, with the exception of you government lumps. Shut it down its time to get rid of you special interest groups youre a joke. You want to call us deplorable when we pay your freight. Its time for you to understand what its like to have to eat box Mac & Cheese. Buy Top Ramen by the gross hoping you can afford to put an egg in it. Why would democrats complain about tax cuts when youre on the dole in the first place. You democrats go on about millions being without health care for the first time. Well the illegals and dead beats got health care for the first time because of Obama.
    That was the rub wasnt it because you dont contribute anything to society except debt in the first place do you. The community hospitals are full of you dead beats tax payers wait it line behind. The democratic party is dead what you have is a facist take over. They are giving away our country and I hope one of the things they give away is you. Its obvious that our government shouldnt be in charge of alot of things least of all handling our money.

  • gene smiith

    hese people of both parties should be deeply ashamed and embarrassed by their behavior.
    Their job is to work for the benefit of the COUNTRY and too bad if doing the best for the people interferes with their own efforts on their own behalf…..they are hired hands, they should do trheir job