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Elijah Wood: Hollywood Full of ‘Organized’ Child Sex Abuse

Actor Elijah Wood claims that Hollywood’s entertainment industry is rife with sexual abuse of young boys and girls — and that senior figures within it have been protecting pedophiles for decades.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the Lord of the Rings star — who began acting in Hollywood at age nine — claimed that “organized” sexual abuse of children has taken place in the entertainment industry and compared the situation to that of notorious British pedophile Jimmy Savile.

“You all grew up with Savile — Jesus, it must have been devastating,” Wood, 35, told the Times, referring to the late BBC DJ who allegedly sexually abused more than 50 young boys and girls in the 1970s and 80s.

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  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Hollywood, politics, most likely the BIG Anything world is rife with these scum. satan truly is the prince of this world.

  • Strange, he never said a word about it, until everybody jumps on the bandwagon. I call these people hypocrites

    • Dale

      I believe he’s spoken out on this before. But, as usual, unless a plethora join him, it goes nowhere.

    • Name

      But when people do say something about it, like about the body count of the Clinton crime family, (46 plus), or about Obama’s crimes, or about Cuomo’s crimes, or about the judiciary’s crimes, (case-fixing), or about prosecutors’ crimes (false convictions of innocent people), nobody is acting on their crimes. The FBI stands down, the DOJ stands down. What’s more? Even now, AG Sessions recused himself from “all Clinton matters”. A culture of cover-up.

  • PBHayes

    Nothing new to learn here. Hollywood and the so called entertainment industry has been a nightmare for many for a very long time. Sad how all of these female victims went right along with the sexual abuse to land some part in a film and never said a word.

  • C. LeSaint

    Hollywood is a demonic enclave that needs to hear the Word of God, turn from their wicked ways and accept Jesus Christ as Lord!!

  • Alice House

    And, so is washington dc, and most other big cities with rich/politicians with an eye on our young ones!