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Jaguars Owner Taunts President Trump

The owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars is once again attacking President Donald Trump, this time saying Trump is only criticizing the NFL because he is “jealous” of the league.
The president continues to criticize the league for allowing protests against the country to be staged during the playing of the national anthem and for the league’s refusal to put an end to the protests. But while most team owners have remained fairly quiet about the controversy, Jaguars owner Shad Khan has elected to strike out repeatedly at Trump.

Once again, the Jaguars owner tore into the president in an interview with USA Today’s Jarrett Bell on Wednesday saying that Trump’s criticism of the NFL is a “very personal issue with him.”

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  • wuw4

    He’s a foreigner. Perhaps he does not understand the significance to Americans. It’s a pity though because Sha Kahn spent a lot of time and money winning over the very conservative, military around Jacksonville. His name is mud now.


    SHAD KAHN???

  • jims-blog

    He can kiss my ass

  • parthenon1

    Put a burqua on him ! He might not be a woman but put one on him anyway and gag him under the veil ! If he doesnt like it send him back to rag head land !

  • JohnB

    Oh sure. Trump is jealous of the NFL. Pffft. What a laugh.

  • denise valley

    oh Sha dear, you really are a STUPID A**, jealous? Really, of you? It must be all those SUPERBOWL TROPHIES you’ve one! Get a dictionary, and look up the word RESPECT, it’s what Presidents, soldiers, Veterans, and Americans show towards our Flag and our Anthem. Even in other countries they show RESPECT, towards their, flag, their President, their own anthem, and their people do too. I know it’s VERY difficult for someone like you to understand that, but, do try, since you make a lot of money off American people, even though your comprehension is extremely low. I believe in Karma, and you should too, so do be careful with that MOUTH of yours, it can get you hurt, or maybe even worse.

  • DonRS

    Kahn must jest! To be jealous of the despicable NFL players, owners and NFL’s head BOOB, Roger Goodell, one would have to be a fool! Trump is NOBODY’S FOOL, as every claim he makes turn out to be CORRECT!

  • Philo Eastwood

    This Muslim is a lousy NFL owner and probably a sponsor of Islamic extremism. He should be investigated by Homeland Security and the CIA. #MAGA

  • Keith

    This is what mass Brain Damage gets ya.

  • Robert Morrow

    Jealous of what? How could anyone be Jealous of low mental Jocks whose only claim to anything is bump heads and fight over a little ball. Their contribution to the world is nothing, for they build nothing, grow nothing or make nothing to better the life of anyone. To me they are self centered egotist idiots and a waste of good space.

  • Real American

    Good god….that Jaguars owner is a certified idiot.

  • Jmanjo

    Trump has more money than those players. Trump respects America, its flag and anthem! This guy is a jackass!

  • I’d say a TOTAL boycott of the Jaguars is in order….. Then they’ll only have a few measly lib-tards to support them!

  • 1josephg1

    Hey sha! A pos like you tries to trash Mr. Trump. Typical member of the nfl. national fools league.

  • metheoldsarge

    Shad Khan is nothing more than as shameless grandstander. The NFL ratings are still falling and the spectators at the games keep getting fewer. If the fans aren’t buying tickets, spending their money at the games, or buying products from their sponsors. It will eventually have a negative affect on their paychecks. Shad Khan should be reminded about what side of the bread his butter is on. If Shad Khan and his blow hard prima donas want to make political statements, I am sure the liberal media will be more than happy to give them a platform. The playing field is not the place to do it.

    Politics does not belong in these events. Politics has ruined The Oscars, The Emmy’s and The Miss America Pageant. Now money and politics is taking its toll on Sports. I haven’t gone to a professional sporting event in years. If I want to watch them, I prefer to do it in the comforts of my home. At home I can turn them off or not turn them on at all, and I don’t have to pay those outrageous prices for tickets along with the hot dogs, popcorn and drinks.

  • Paul Clinkunbroomer

    This guy is one of those fairy tales where the mouse takes on the elephant…to get attention for his failing football venture….

  • Rich

    If he dosen’t respect our country send him back where he came from

  • Robert D

    That’s it, just keep yanking his chain Sha Kahn, he WILL take away your federal tax breaks and the money that you get from the Federal government to subsidize the NFL stadiums. Go ahead. Just keep biting that hand you idiot. Let’s see who has the last laugh.

  • George Rosell

    … Shad Khan you are a foreigner what you are is nothing like being the President of the best Nation in the World. You sir, are a looser just like your team. If you had any brains you would do like the Owner of the Cowboys team is doing. He is a winner and his team will do much better than your team. Learn to be a True American Show respect for our Anthem and our Flag. And if you do not like what is going here in America Get the Hell out of America and take your worthless team with you. Don’t come here and criticize our President