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Judd Apatow: Trump ‘Descending Deeper’

Hollywood heavyweight film producer-director Judd Apatow said during Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in Beverly Hills Wednesday that after eight months in office, President Donald Trump “is not showing that he’s learning as a president how to behave.”

“I think we’ve revealed how horrible people can be,” the Girls co-creator said. Variety reports. “And I think through social media, we’ve energized the worst of a lot of people’s instincts. So I think it’s more of a Pandora’s Box that’s going to get worse and worse.”

Apatow — a frequent critic of Trump, who compared his election to being “raped” — likened the president to a flawed character in one of his films or TV shows.

“For storytelling, you always want to start with somebody with a problem and try to see if they can learn something from it, so you want your characters to be flawed and the more flawed the better,” the comedy guru said.

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  • Show me some psychosocial credentials. As we used to say in the marine corps this guy couldn’t find his ass with both hands tied behind his back.

  • JimZimmerman

    Who gives a Fuq what Judd thinks. He is a movie producer not a Psychologist. President Trump is PRESIDENT Don’t like it Leave.

  • Jeanne Hogg

    Gee I’m glad he is such an authority. Is he like Weinstein? Idiot!

  • parthenon1

    Behavoir is in the eye of the beholder !!! I love how he is saying what he is thinking as most of us do in real lfie daily ! He attacks bad spending of tax payer $ as if it was his own money, he is determined to stop reckless illegal alien entry into the country and the prompt shipment back of these people to their home countries, to show North Korea and the world we are no longer being Mr. nice guy and letting little piss ant nations mess with us I hope hi destroys that nation ! And to help eliminate career elected congress people and senators with term limits. To eliminate the cess pool called the swamp that is DC and to take the buying of our government by donors, set 1 yrs salary for the office as the amount legally8 spent in campaigning, no more selling of chairmanships to the highest bidder, all that does is give donors a way to sway government legislation later on !

  • All the usual American caviar commies–& principally the Hollywood deluders of the general public–are being ordered to step up & do their part in [trying] to take down President Trump in their usual delusional, hateful way. What he says is so inane & untrue that the only possible reaction any sane person could have is to tell him to blow his stooooopid comments out his shorts.

  • Bernie

    Pfeeww….For a minute there I thought he was talking about Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy!

  • Ed Price

    And who is Judd Apatow? And who gives a care what he thinks? Just another demented lib looking for a vehicle so he can be somebody. Since Trump has been the punching bag of late, why not pile on. Liberal assholes will never learn – the more you punch, the harder he punches back.

  • Randy Abravaya

    It is so utterly ridiculous to listen to the Hollywood reprobates. They spout such crap and they believe their own psycho babble. You all let Jerry Brown do what he wants and you go along with it. You deserve what you get. This should be an interesting 8 years…..

  • Laurie Ann Forrest

    OMG! Who the hell does he think he is! He can’t be serious! A producer….that qualifies him for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Old saying seems appropriate here…’IF YOU CANT DAZZLE THEM WITH BRILLIANCE, BAFFLE THEM WITH B.S.!!! Crawl back into your hole of obscurity little man, your place in the sun has come and gone! Better learn to enjoy the shade!!

    • Bushmaster0369

      Laurie, what a great post! You made my day. Thanks

  • ch

    And you are an expert how? I don’t even know who you are so why should I listen to what you profess to know. What is GIRLS and who cares about Vanity. You talk about being raped, that was under obama’s illegal reign

  • KS_girl

    Oh please….

  • Dennis Smith

    Hollywood is full of know it all idiot’s that what to tell the rest of how to live our lives.They need to sweep there own front porches first.Were your peoples pay checks and don’t ever forget it .Without us you people are nothing.God Bless President Trump! Your options stick just like your butt holes.

  • gvette

    Hey Judd, if you want to run your mouth, run it where you used to. Around the snotty end of Barry’s dick!

  • Fuck this stupid punk and his Hollywood friends who all have shit for brains.

  • Ginger

    It’s amazing how the left has so many comments for President Trump, yet remain silent on Harvey Weinstein.

    • ipsd48

      ………..and the Awan Bros

  • gene smiith

    We have here what has become the standard of the Industry>>>> A liberal blow-hard with nothing at all good to say about our President, and wouldn’t it if he did for fear of angering the rest of his Buffoon, make believe, Ego driven clowns who know little or nothing more than what is written for them to read and maybe on a good day, memorize.
    STFU Judd….no one, outside of your own spit circle, gives a damn, or even believes, your nasty comments



  • kassa1

    Hey Jud enjoy your big mouth right now because your time is limited as the right is about fed up with your shit and will be coming looking for you and your scumbag pals with you,and it’s way beyond time for that.



  • rightsright

    I beg your pardon, it is the rest of the United States that needs to learn how to behave. the president is just fine. Wonderful that he is keeping us informed since the Media under the direction of HOLLYWOOD, TELLS NOTHING BUT LIES TO US AND ABOUT “OUR” AWESOME PRESIDENT WHO IS STANDING UP FOR US. THIS IS A NEW TWIST IN AMERICA. TO HELL WITH THE GLOBALISTS, BILDERBERG, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND THE TRILATERAL. SOROS, JARRETT, OBAMA AND THE REST OF THE DECEIVERS HAVE YOU HOODWINKED UNLESS YOU, too want a third world country. Go read a truth, they are hard to find, but if you really search beyond the takeover of America groups, it is there. Maybe kneeling in a real Church sanctioned by God, will do it for you! God Bless President Trump and the United States of America!

  • jjmcl431

    Judd…if you mean by “not learning how to behave” that Pres.Trump won’t do things the way the liberals and far left want then you haven’t grasp that that is why he won and was elected. If people wanted the liberal and far left ways to continue they would have voted Hillary, Billary in.

  • yuccaman55

    Well Elmer Judd thinks trump should be like his homey burrrrraaaaock and go on all the late night, day time lib crap talk shows, something no other dignified president knew was how to act like a real president. Like you all said he’s just a Hollywood harlot.