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McConnell and Ryan Hit New Lows

The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Republicans are increasingly dissatisfied with their leaders in Congress.

Only 36 percent of Republican voters say they are satisfied with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, while 59 percent are dissatisfied, according to the poll.

McConnell suffers the most, as 25 percent of Republicans have a negative impression of the Senate Majority Leader while only 17 percent have a positive impression.

Trump, however, still earns 83 percent of support from Republicans, despite his deal with Democrats on funding the government.

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  • kassa1

    both Ryan and McConnell or nothing but prostitutes of the one world order big money. MacConnell had made the comment before that he would destroy the Tea Party and I heard that on TV one night, and Paul Ryan he’s nothing but a little coward who speaks out of both sides of his mouth !

  • 4Pip

    Yes,you are right both of them have taken money from Soros,so now they answer to him and Hillary. Soon I think we could be in for a surprise when they go down,they will fail dramatically. After the way O treated them I would have thought they wouldn’t get caught up in the NWO. I guess money is more important to them than self-respect, I couldn’t look myself in the mirror if I took an oath and then broke it,they broke it just as if it was a stick.

  • 81537

    They’re too arrogant to quit. A way has to be found to “fire” them. They will never let President Trump win anything. They have been anti-Trump since before he won. I sure wish they would get out and take the dirty four with them. Mc Shit, Collins, Murkowsky, Flake.