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Trudeau’s SURPRISING new take on Trump

Despite being just 2 weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump has accomplished many of the campaign promises he made to the American people.

What has become increasingly clear is President Trump doesn’t plan to waste any time, taking few breaks between rolling out new policies.

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source: http://www.allenbwest.com/mlee/canadas-trudeau-surprising-take-trump

  • We the People of the United States of America have a new sheriff in town, and it’s not likely he will put up with the idiots in power! They should be wary of where they step!

    • proudV

      It is time to let the Police do the job we all pay them to do, Riots and the misery they bring must stop, And Liberals should be told Americans have had enough of your Whining and crying like the children you are. Democrats are truly evil and some of the stunts they are pulling are unbelievable. It took Trump being elected to see that 8 years of Obama and his bullshit have made Liberals lazy and Stupid, And even dangerous. Free food and no borders makes sense only to Liberals. Get a job and leave us the hell alone!!.

  • Bill Smith

    He is doing exactly what the People wants him to do!He will run the ship as he promised he would!

  • free trip

    He want to open wall is his own choice. We, USA has very high debt now we have to take care our own
    problem first. If you cant even feed your own family how can you helping others specially while these refugees some of them encourage have 6 or 7 kids. Our own roof is leaking now no more public walfare funding can be given . we have to strengthen ourselves first
    to see if we maybe can help in future time.

    • will rodgers

      With four wives age 11 to 40 it is easy to quadruple the procreation rate over a normal Christian household with one wife. The only way to win this battle is to stop them at the border, and keep them ot of America

  • will rodgers

    He’s doing his job despite the fact that puny bitter bad acting demokraps are throwing up roadblocks where they can, and soros is paying thug rioters to destroy property and intimidate law abiding citizens.

    • Howard A Milor Jr.

      I believe that Soros will regret his crap

  • voncile fullwood

    Trudeau needs to roll out a few new policies himself …can’t see how Canada puts up with your crap we put up eight of the same crap with Obama,so finally the people wise up that didn’t put in someone else in and would not demonize America with the Muslims with pen and paper and their executive orders