Hungarian Prime Minister “NO REFUGEES”

Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary, is ready to go to battle with Brussels and the EU over refugees.

The Hungarian nationalist says if the EU tries to relocate more refugees in Hungary, he veto and block it.

Good for him!

From Breitbart

The outspoken Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, has drawn a line in the sand with Brussels over the question of immigration and national sovereignty, promising a veto if the European Union (EU) attempts to coerce Hungary into taking in more migrants.

In a live radio broadcast last Friday, Orbán told interviewer Éva Kocsis that he is opposed to transferring any further decision-making authority to Brussels, especially regarding areas that impinge directly on Hungarian sovereignty, such as immigration, the fixing of taxes and wages, and Hungary’s border fence.

In his critique of “the Brussels bureaucrats,” the Prime Minister insisted that he is not “anti-Europe” but wishes merely to halt the EU’s creeping arrogation of further powers to itself and to maintain the current relationship as it is.

“So when we say, ‘Stop, no further,’ we’re simply defending the status quo,” he said.

For instance, if Brussels tries “to force the relocation programme on us at our next upcoming summit – which is due sometime in June – I’ll exercise my veto,” Orbán continued.

“I’ll refer to the fact that Hungarian voters have made it clear that they don’t wish to delegate this power to Brussels, and we wish to decide on who we should live alongside,” he said.


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