Migrant Stabs Bouncer at Gay Nightclub

A 34-year-old bouncer at a gay nightclub in Cologne was stabbed over the weekend by an Iraqi asylum seeker after he refused him entry at the door.

The attack occurred early Saturday morning at a gay nightclub in Cologne called Iron on Schaafenstrasse just over a mile away from the Cologne cathedral, which was the site of mass sex attacks on New Year’s Eve in 2015/2016. The 21-year-old Iraqi tried to gain access to the club with two of his friends, aged 17 and 21, Kölnische Rundschau reports.

After his 21-year-old friend was rejected by the bouncer for unknown reasons, the Iraqi migrant took out a knife and stabbed the 34-year-old in the back twice and then fled the scene. The migrant was later caught by police and has been arrested. It is likely he will be charged with assault and causing grievous bodily harm.

The management of Iron conveyed their shock at the incident, posted on their Facebook page, but were sure to say the migrant who had attacked their bouncer was not a North African, or “NAFRI”, but was an immigrant from the Kurdish area of Iraq.

The term NAFRI was highlighted during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne as police used the term to denote migrants of a North African origin that they suspected may cause trouble. As a result of using the word, left-wing activists and Green party politicians in Germany expressed outrage labeling the police’s actions as racist and said authorities were engaging in racial profiling.

The Iron bar went further writing, “this unfortunate incident in no way justifies that individuals or families who have fled from war and terror, be criminalised here, stigmatised or discriminated against”.

The gay club is not the first bar in Germany to have issues with migrant patrons. In November 2015, a German nightclub in Bad Tölz was the subject of protests from pro-migrant activists after ejecting migrants from the club who they say had been harassing their female clientele.

A year later in November 2016, a bistro in Waburn was the site of migrant violence after several Somali men refused to pay the €17 bill for their drinks. The five men told the owner, “We are Somalis, we do not pay,” and became aggressive and were told they were banned from the establishment. A short time later, the migrants returned with iron bars and smashed several of the windows of the bistro.


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