N.K. Threatens America With Nuclear War

An article published in a North Korean state newspaper raised the chilling threat of nuclear war over recent bombing drills in South Korea by U.S. forces, it was reported Sunday.

According to Fox News, the commentary, titled “U.S. Military Provocation under Fire,” was originally published in the ruling party’s Rodong Sinmun newspaper on Sunday and was republished by the state-run Korea Central News Agency.

The threat came one day after American B-1B supersonic bombers dropped inert bombs over South Korea in a joint exercise. Fox News described the drill as “a show of force” to counter North Korea’s firing of an ICBM.

“The U.S. warmongers sent a formation of B-1B strategic bombers to south Korea to stage a nuclear bombing drill aiming at strategic targets in the DPRK on Saturday,” the article read. “Unlike the past drills they openly took pictures of bombing flight and opened it to media.

“Timed to coincide with that, the U.S. imperialists infiltrated Aegis destroyer USS Mustin into Korea’s East Sea from its mother port in Yokosuka, Japan. It sailed more than 120 miles past the economic waters of the DPRK to conduct a spy mission.”

According to UPI, this isn’t the first time the North Koreans have accused the Mustin of violating its waters on a spy mission. Last month, KCNA claimed that the Mustin “trespassed more than (120 miles) into our economic zone and wandered around while conducting espionage and taking decisive action to create a serious military provocation.”

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  • pappy450

    I guess this little sawed off RUNT can’t take a hint that the U.S. (and our allies) could wipe his BUTT off the face of the earth in minutes, and turn his tiny country into a wasteland. He had better get it through his thick skull that he ISN’T dealing with that PU**Y OSCUMBAG NOW, and stop thumping his little chest before he ends up roasted.

    • BruceB

      Quite correct. We would only need one or two bombs to totally wipe out North Korea. We know our weapons and delivery systems work properly.

      • metheoldsarge

        I’m sure you know the spin on that. We would be bombing a little country into the stone age. In the eyes of the world we would be made out to be the big bad bully.

    • Leni Koska

      If the decision is made I would take him out. His people have suffered enough from that family.

      I wonder what he thought when he realized that he was in our cross hairs for over an hour.

      If we nuked NK the Chinese and Russians would react. Don’t forget that the radioactivity would go all over the place. It could end up in our backyard depending upon wind currents.

  • William Konrad

    He may be deranged enough to start an ato negotiate with immic war, that may be the way our civilization is destined to end. It is possible that the little tyrant has no regard for life or the planet earth. What could he possibly expect to gain from his nuclear ambitions and tauntings. He must be aware that he can be obliterated in the blink of an eye. He may also be insane, in which case he should be destroyed.

  • doureallycare

    Well if China can’t get their pudgy lap dog in line, I know someone that can! What is this game he is allowed to play? Are we waiting for a dissident in his own party to take him out? I think they are all scared to death of this creepy excuse of a leader! And YES! I believe he is insane!!!!

  • Klaus Bertram

    I have been saying for years , We don’t shoot enough people. Actively being engaged in regime change was a American specialty until the CIA was called off. Human intel was king and our execution usually was flawless.

    His cordon of sycophants will quickly step back and applaud any nation that takes that maniac out. But that is only because they themselves are to cowardly to do the deed.