ABC Host Speaks On Behalf Of Young Republicans

Co-host Meghan McCain of ABC’s “The View,” stated “young Republicans” are not the type of people who are going to “stand for” evangelical groups’ anti-LGBTQ “crap.”

While discussing the Family Research Council President, McCain said, “Tony Perkins is someone who – obviously the head of Family Research Council but for some reason I didn’t realize he’s really extreme when it comes to being an anti-gay hate group. He endorsed ex-gay conversion therapy in 2016. He claims transgender policy has made restrooms into crime scenes. He said LGBTQ soldiers have made the military look like, quote, ‘a parade that looks like a bar scene in Star Wars,’ so, really respectful to our troops.”

She continued, “I always worry about what is up and coming in the Republican party in my generation. Let me tell you. Young Republicans aren’t going to stand for this kind of crap. They just aren’t. I just think the last siren song of his power is with President Trump at this moment, because he still appeasing his base in a lot of ways, especially with speaking out at the Right to Life march but I don’t see these people being as nearly as relevant in the next election cycle.”