ABC Host Speaks On Behalf Of Young Republicans

Co-host Meghan McCain of ABC’s “The View,” stated “young Republicans” are not the type of people who are going to “stand for” evangelical groups’ anti-LGBTQ “crap.”

While discussing the Family Research Council President, McCain said, “Tony Perkins is someone who – obviously the head of Family Research Council but for some reason I didn’t realize he’s really extreme when it comes to being an anti-gay hate group. He endorsed ex-gay conversion therapy in 2016. He claims transgender policy has made restrooms into crime scenes. He said LGBTQ soldiers have made the military look like, quote, ‘a parade that looks like a bar scene in Star Wars,’ so, really respectful to our troops.”

She continued, “I always worry about what is up and coming in the Republican party in my generation. Let me tell you. Young Republicans aren’t going to stand for this kind of crap. They just aren’t. I just think the last siren song of his power is with President Trump at this moment, because he still appeasing his base in a lot of ways, especially with speaking out at the Right to Life march but I don’t see these people being as nearly as relevant in the next election cycle.”

  • George Durdin

    Megan McCain should not presume to talk for all young Republicans or for Republicans for that matter. She fits right in with the leftist hags on the View

    • Al Wunsch

      Megan seems to be either ignorant of or intolerant of the Christian viewpoint.

      • mcgyver35

        Probably BOTH

  • ROB

    Swamp creature just like ole dad

    • Reasoned thinker

      Rob — Absolutely correct!

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      She certainly got her dad’s genes .It seems being a lowlife runs in the family !

  • Rick

    That’s right, Democrats keep dismissing the Young Republicans and using Race or Homphobe or any other slanderous name you can come up with. They see right thru you and your lies that’s why their Republicans

  • mcgyver35

    If they don’t think about homosexuality the was Tony Robbins does then they are NOT true Republicans (conservatives). They are infact liberals.

  • BILL

    Why does Megan McCain think she knows what Republicans think?

  • Veronica Lasko

    Just one “blasted” minute, WHO says Republicans are “HATERS”???? Just because some of us{maybe MOST} are Bible Believers and Followers of Jesus Christ does NOT mean we hate ANYONE!!! We are to love even those who hate and abuse US!!!!

  • twerry bemo

    Megan is as stupid as her father, and like her father is a true RINO.

  • dstudie

    McCain is just like her stupid traitorous lying father. She has no morals, no scruples and no dignity. She will prostitute herself for the highest dollars. Never trust anything this liar says. She is part of the left’s war on America and Christian values. I firmly believe she is just another Soros puppet like her filthy father.

  • ConservativeMe

    Megan is just like her traitor and coward father john , nothing but a RINO & CLOSET LIBERAL… NOT SURPRISING as the apple rarely falls far from the tree.

  • Rachel

    Megan is full of crap

  • Rodney

    Meghan McCain and Republican/Conservative ideology is NOT synonymous. Much like her father, she bends to whatever wind is blowing.

  • disqus_3MEvLTGTn0

    Left wing McCain went through here republican conversion therapy a requirement to be on the mosque view

  • Evil little anti Christ bitch, I hope there a LOT of Young Republicans who come along and shoot down her vile rhetoric. If she had her way there would be only one totally putrid, dem/socio/commie/GLOB/totalitarian/Antichrist party running our government. Like Father like daughter, SCREWED UP FREAKS!!

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Piss off, you speak for no one but yourself. Take your perverted agenda, sit on it and spin. Take your traitor daddy with you.

  • Big Ed

    Megan McCain has the blood lines to be able to really tell what young Republicans are going to do. Her daddy has been a strong predictor of what Republicans want for the last thirty-five years. He knows exactly what we want, he just can’t find himself doing what we want. Many young Republicans are Christian-clearly McCain and his brood know nothing of Christianity. Conceivably, a young Christian Republican may question the notion of homosexuality, and transgenderism, and the thirty or forty different genders (how ever many we are up to now). If these young people come to believe that the country can only thrive if society returns to God, we might see a lot less of the aforementioned abominations, and including abortion.

  • Alan Wakefield

    If Ms. McCain is trying to split the Republican Party, her attempt is obvious and useless. Who is fool enough to jump off Trump Train? EVERYONE loves a winner, and President is a WINNER by any measure you care to appy. So, all I can say to Meghan McCain is “You’ll have to sell your crap somewhere else.” I suspect your garbage will go over big in the “swamp” with your swamp rat friends.

  • Linda Whiteside Thompson


  • Raquel Salientes

    Meghan McCain should stop claiming she is a Republican. She’s out of touch.

  • Estell Newton

    The young people I’ve talked with are just as disgusted with all this bull crap as the older people. She needs to talk with real people not the tv.

  • Defins

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She’s a douchet bag. That’s a female douche.

  • shut up ms mccain. ok???? please switch parties already!!

  • Mister Vice

    She speaks about Republican “evangelicals” being an “anti-gay hate group”. Is it not possible anymore to be “against” something (as in not advocating homosexuality because the Christian Bible says it is immoral) without it being automatically categorized as “hatred”. For Christians this is contradictory because the Bible requires us to love homosexuals although their behavior is sinful. This is nothing new and Christians are sinners as well…with one huge distinction. We all have sinners in our families and workplace and many we consider friends. We are called to love our neighbors as we love ourselves…homosexuals included. We must draw the line at getting too close to the sinful lifestyle of the world.

  • jim jones

    She doesn’t speak for ANYONE with any morals!

  • Lori

    Chip off the old block-big mouth know it all, just like her lying treasonous dad, thinks she has the right to speak for others, because she knows it all ,she should get with her daddy and go away, far away.

  • randolph.poole

    Gee, what a surprise. This is the daughter of RINO #1 John McCain…who would have thunk?

  • John

    Rino just like dear old dad. Buy the way, a noted Harvard psychologist said transgenderism is a mental disorder. That should rule out military service.