Actor Quits Show After Sexual Harassment Allegation

Jeffrey Tambor actor who plays the lead role on Amazon’s “Transparent,” say’s he will not be returning for the series fifth season. This information comes right after Tambor was accused of sexual misconduct against transgender actress Trace Lysette.

“Playing Maura Pfefferman on Transparent has been one of the greatest privileges and creative experiences of my life,” Tambor said to Deadline.

“What has become clear over the past weeks, however, is that this is no longer the job I signed up for four years ago.”

“I’ve already made clear my deep regret if any action of mine was ever misinterpreted by anyone as being aggressive, but the idea that I would deliberately harass anyone is simply and utterly untrue,”

“Given the politicized atmosphere that seems to have afflicted our set, I don’t see how I can return to Transparent.”

  • Nick Hinton

    ok then, next!!

  • Jeanne Hogg

    If it isn’t true about this man he should not leave but fight.

    • Terry Butts

      In today’s media climate unless you are among the likes of Bill Clinton accusation equals guilt with no way to prove you are Innocent instead of requiring actual PROOF the accusation is true in many cases without even PROVING the accuser ever met the person they accused.

      Inappropriately using the “where there is smoke there is fire” phrase they have even FIRED people proven innocent in court when the accuser(s) broke down and CONFESSED to making the whole thing up just to PUNISH the person they falsely accused for not doing something they wanted.

      For example a school teacher several years ago accused by two girls in his class because he would not change the grade they earned into a passing grade making claims he did things that would have left physical evidence of the crime no such evidence was ever found yet they still took the case to trial on just the accusations and lost when the CHILDREN making up the lies finally confessed the whole truth that it was just their way of punishing him for not changing their grades.

      The SCHOOL still fired him because USING the “where there is smoke there is fire” line they implied that even when they confessed nothing happened that they made the whole thing up that SOMETHING had to have happened anyway or they would never have made the accusation.

      In other words EVEN with the accusers confession IN COURT they and the media still carried on as if he had been convicted. The media even trying to imply he somehow COERCED them into retracting the accusation.

      • Jeanne Hogg

        This is why this media rampage is so dangerous.
        Sexual Harassment is barroom behavior in the work place
        Sexual Assault is forcing yourself on another such as touching pushing against etc. without consent.
        Sexual Predator is violence and rape toward another
        In a court of law legal justice needs more than he said she said.
        The problem is women and men can be guilty of lying. I can see where a setup could be orchestrated to harm another. On the other hand I can see where it could be real.
        The courts are where these things should be judged. Not in the media or by politicians with an ax to grind.
        They have laws concerning sexual harassment are on the books already.
        I really don’t understand where they are going

        • Terry Butts


          As for where its going so far it seems they want to flip the Innocent until proven guilty part of US law back into the guilty until you can prove your innocence used in the past as well as by many governments today.

          • Jeanne Hogg

            The media has always convicted by its bias. They have destroyed people’s lives with their bias. I do believe there is an agenda behind all this. It’s like I woke up one day and a guy I don’t know named Weinstein was Attila the Hun in the harassment circle. Then the pink hat crowd came out saying me too. It’s like a new epidemic we have never seen before has arrived on earth. We have had laws for a long time against this. The judge in Alabama is part of the agenda I believe. The politicians just do not want another outsider. His lawyers spoke about their investigation yesterday and what they have found out. Lawyers do not have the luxury of lying. It sounds like maybe he didn’t do these things.
            Especially the lady claiming sexual assault.
            A court of law is where these things go if necessary but I agree it’s become guilty until proven innocent nationally. I think it’s a smoke screen for something else we are not looking at somewhere. I have never seen the media talk of nothing else for weeks on end. If it starts to die down another me too comes out. What really gets me is how do we know who these women are and what their agenda is? Money trumps honesty a lot of the time.

          • Jeanne Hogg

            This is what they want you to think. In reality only a courtroom gets the luxury of deciding. This seems to be a choreographed epidemic of sexual misbehavior. The statue of limitations probably have ran out on most of these accusations. But the destruction it causes peoples reputations if it isn’t true is awful. The media is out of control but they hide behind the 1st Amendment. I think there is an agenda going on but don’t know what it is. This has become redundant.

          • Terry Butts

            True only a court can legally determine ones guilt that however does not stop the media from destroying peoples lives by simply implying they are guilty to influence politics to suit the media’s agenda.

            Just as in the example I gave from a few years ago where they still fired the teacher it did not matter to the school what the TRUTH was only what the MEDIA made it seem to be even with a full confession from the accusers that it never happened.

            The school and media still acted as if he had been convicted in court.

            One even using the “where there is smoke there is fire” adage implying they felt any accusation had truth to it even when the false accusers confess they lied that nothing actually happened.

            The only reasons I can think of for the false accusers in recently promoted by media accusations to be
            claiming it happened so long ago is specifically because the statute of
            limitations are past so it will not wind up in court where actual
            evidence would have to be produced causing the truth to be revealed.

            For example If one actually looks at the specifics of the allegations made against Moore none of those making the allegations have proof the events they accuse him of ever happened and only two have actually accused him of things that would be crimes and one of them had a 1999 divorce presided over by Moore and refuses to allow the evidence she claims as proof her yearbook supposedly signed by Moore just before Christmas of 1977 to be analyzed by forensic experts making it seem more of an attempt at revenge over the divorce ruling than a valid accusation.

            When I went to school yearbooks were not handed out till the last couple of weeks of school and that was a long time after Christmas. In fact most of the allegations are he shared ALCOHOL with women of LEGAL AGE in that state at the time and one that simply “FELT UNCOMFORTABLE” that he asked her out on a date none of which is inappropriate or illegal or a lot of people are going to be in trouble. Yet the democrats and others demand he resign over the accusations even when there is no proof any of them ever actually happened.

            Meanwhile the same people actually DEFEND democratic politicians even when there are PHOTOS of them actually grouping women inappropriately even citing the fact Clinton never resigned so why should they have to.

            They only get away with hiding behind the 1st Amendment because to many judges in the past and some to this day have failed to comprehend it does not protect blatant lies, libel, or slander done on purpose to harm innocent people its intent was to prevent the government from punishing people who GAVE OPINIONS and shared TRUTHFUL facts. Remember before America was founded and the first amendment was written the previous government would ARREST people even charge them with treason simply for disagreeing with the kings opinion, complaining about taxes, or telling the truth about something a noble did that was inappropriate.

            From the judge that ruled news “just another form of entertainment” when upholding the wrongful firing of a reporter who refused to air a story they knew was false when the station wanted to INFLUENCE an upcoming election by using the story to play on the emotions of the audience a few decades ago to the judges that continue to rule in favor of media in libel and slander cases because they think anything goes under the “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” that they have decided the first amendment protects rather than SPEECH that it actually was intended to protect.

            At the time of the founders speech meant, written words, spoken words, and pictures not the burning of (insert item) in “PROTEST” or vandalizing someone’s property or physically attacking them they allow today so long as it was not done to promote or defend America or Christian beliefs all under the guise of “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION”.

  • Dealerdeb1

    One more freak gone. I can’t say I’m sorry to see these miscreants go

  • baitmando

    Typical Hollywood sicko.

  • DonRS

    The sad thing is this kind of behavior was tolerated, possibly even accepted on a very broad basis. There is no way, due to the pervasive nature of such behavior, that it is possible to have been unknown! Turning a blind eye made it acceptable! But then, that is the environment that arises when God is removed from the culture, replaced with materialism and self-gratification – the fundamental basis of the coalition of Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Progressives/Democrats/Feminazis/FakeNewsMedia/Hollywood/Entertainment.

    • mustangsallyann

      Ever hear of the ‘Casting Couch?’ Of course it’s been accepted ever since the days of vaudeville. If everyone involved in these practices are ever held accountable, Hollywood would have to replace 90% of their entertainers, crews, bosses, etc.

      • DonRS

        Everyone has heard of the well known casting couch!

        Young naive sweet things weren’t taken advantage of – it was a place for “bartering” – sex for opportunity. Both parties involved were very aware and willing participants! You can bet BIG MONEY that a large number of today’s “leading ladies” and current “wanna be’s” made the same or similar “deals”! It is very hard to feel any sympathy for either party. In other circumstances, its called PROSTITUTION and its WIDELY tolerated!

        SEX SELLS. Check out the “Red Carpet” at the endless number of self-congratulatory events. The “starlets” are parading around in ever more daring outfits known as “screw me” dresses – the plunging necklines and wide cut arm pits and the crotch and thigh slits approach meeting at the waist. Naive? NOT!

        • mustangsallyann

          I’ll never forget watching an interview with a younger Lucille Ball when she said our generation (I’m a bit younger than her children) was puritanical when compared to hers. It seemed to be code for our not wanting to go where she had. She was one of the most honest and candid actor I’ve ever seen interviewed to this day. What was sad was how easily they accepted the price they paid. My dad paid for me to have private acting lessons and I quit midway. My soul wasn’t for sale so I knew I’d never go anywhere if I didn’t change, and that was never going to happen with me. If it’s not pleasing to God, I don’t want anything to do with it.

      • sadnana

        It’s true. I’ve known someone in the industry for years and have always been amazed at their casual acceptance of the status quo, where sexual favors are expected either as inducement or reward for parts and other jobs. It’s interesting to speculate how that would change if the preyed-upon all refused to accede to these demands. But most of them are too desperate for fame and fortune to do that.

        • mustangsallyann

          As we see, fame doesn’t ever bring the happiness they think it will. Only God can give the true happiness we need.

  • EC

    This is a prime example of the left pushing so hard that they finally end up attacking themselves. Baseless accusations were fine with them all these years as long as the accused were on the right. The mindless feeding frenzy was nothing more than a social bonding activity for the libs. Suddenly, the libs now find that they’re eating their own, and it’s throwing their little world into chaos. Oh, the unfairness of it all…

    • mustangsallyann

      They couldn’t be more deserving. Now maybe performers will do what they do best and stay out of our political preferences. Scary would be if they all decided to run for political office while trying to establish new careers or what they call, ‘their second act’. LOL

  • ldazzle

    He must make his parents proud…

  • Doris Will

    That was a guy? Making a move on a female when he’s dressed as a woman? They are turning the world inside out for That. When I get into my dotage, please make sure I don’t get stuck on that side.

  • Joe S Hill

    These accusations have now become serious witch hunts-the kind that can be started by one simple accusation by either an irate individual, or any woman out there with an axe to grind! Jeffrey Tambor is a well noted actor, and he’s certainly played in better things, like in ABC’s spinoff of “THREE’S COMPANY” called “THE ROPERS” in 1979, and the lawyer who went raving crazy in Columbia Pictures’ “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”, with Al Pacino, also in 1979. but for the man to play a Tranny character is pretty damn gross! but to become the latest victim in these accusation scandals is just, “questionable”. i’m not saying that these accusations are ill-founded, especially in wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, while the disgraced movie mogul has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment. but over the coming weeks and months, people have just gone totally nuts, as this bullshi! has just run amuck! Mr. Tambor may or may not be as marked as the accusation alleges, and in the case of such charges, solid proof has to be varified or they just don’t hold much water in court! and given that liberal Hollywood is using these complaints to weed-out all liabilities with zero tolerance, it still sounds very fishy and suspicious! if these accused actors are to be singled-out, then it should be done by advising them of their legal options and rights. Jeffrey Tambor also said that the working atmosphere has become heavily politicized on his former “TRANSPARENT” TV series, so that at least, is a valid observation on the accused actor’s behalf!

  • Joecolt

    The Democrats, Liberals, Hollywood and the Music industry are Exploding in Sexual Misconduct, Not that Most Americans did not Suspect as much, But Now that People are Coming Forward to expose these Sick Insane People, I wonder how many Democrats will be so willing to listen to these Animals who Knock our President, These are the Same People who fight for Open Border Illegal’s, Un-vetted Refugees tainted with Terrorist, Sanctuary City’s and States that are Releasing Criminals back on our Streets, All of these Issues Cause the American People Pain in every way shape or Form, from Wages, to Jobs, to Healthcare, our Deficit, and much more, but most of all America’s Safety. Not to mention look at the Groups of People who the Democrats have Partnered with since they lost the Election, Socialist, and Communist, who no party in our History would have anything to do with, BLM That Speaks for itself, and this is their best Antifa Who by the Way have just been caught in Germany by our Intelligence Colluding and Training with ISIS Terrorist to attack our President and our Country and Democrats and their Fake Media Defend these Groups. This is not the Democratic party anymore. Who Are these Disgraceful People??? Is Liberalism some kind of Alien Attack?????????