Avenatti’s Client Can’t Decide If She Was Raped

CNN’s Jake Tapper recently asked Julie Swetnick’s attorney Michael Avenatti about the allegations she pinned on Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Partial transcript as follows:

TAPPER: So you’re talking about trying to get an FBI investigation. But I guess the question that Beth Wilkinson, Kavanaugh’s attorney, is asking, why don’t you and your client go to the police, presumably Montgomery County police or D.C. police?

AVENATTI: Well, we are certainly considering that, Jake, as of this moment. But look, this is a distraction by counsel for Mr. Kavanaugh. Let me ask you this question. We’ve offered to have my client take a polygraph examination. Why won’t Brett Kavanaugh take a polygraph examination? Why won’t Brett Kavanaugh allow his close friend, Mark Judge, who is very knowledgeable about what happened, very knowledgeable about these allegations. Why are they hiding Mark Judge from the American people and the Senate Judiciary Committee? Why won’t they bring him in to testify truthfully? We want—look, Jake, I want to be really clear about something. We want all of this aired and we want it aired publicly. And we want the American people to be able to decide who is lying and who is telling the truth. This should not be decided by a bunch of white privileged guys that are basically shaming sexual abuse victims.

TAPPER: So you’re willing—your client would be willing to testify publicly about her charges before the Senate committee?

AVENATTI: Yes, absolutely. But we believe first, the first step should be a full FBI investigation. Jake, let me ask you this question. Why is it that when the most heinous crimes appear or occur, I should say, on U.S. soil, whether it be 9/11 or Timothy McVeigh or the Unabomber, the FBI investigates in those instances. Why are the Senate Judiciary Committee and Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump afraid to afraid to have the FBI investigate these allegations?

TAPPER: I’m taking no position on it, but you haven’t taken these allegations to local law enforcement, which seems like a reasonable thing to do, as far as I know. I’m under the impression there is no statute of limitation for rape in Montgomery County, Maryland. So that is something you could do. You say you’re considering it. I want to ask you about your client’s sworn declaration. She details a horrific assault, saying, quote, in approximately 1982, I became the victim of one of these gang or train rapes where Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were present. Now she didn’t specifically say that Kavanaugh was one of the attackers. Is your client claiming that Kavanaugh raped her?

AVENATTI: I’m not going to have any further comment on that specific allegation. She’s going to detail that for the FBI and hopefully for the Senate Judiciary Committee, ultimately, in a public hearing. But I’m not going to provide any —

TAPPER: That’s a pretty big thing to hang out there. Are you saying Kavanaugh was present? That Kavanaugh was present in the room? He was in the line? He was in the party? I mean, just to say he was present is a really egregious lack of specificity when you’re talking about charges this horrific. And I’m not saying that I don’t believe them. I’m just saying, what exactly are you saying, or is she saying, that he did?

AVENATTI: Jake, I disagree completely with what you just said. Let me be clear about something. This is not my declaration. These are statements by my client. These are her statements about what happened, and let’s just eliminate that paragraph from the declaration, in its entirety, just for the sake of argument. Do you mean to tell me that the balance of the declaration still permits him to be sworn in as a sitting Supreme Court justice? No, it does not. The conduct that is littered throughout this declaration is outrageous. There are plenty of men and women in the United States that serve as attorneys and judges that don’t have this kind of conduct in their background.

  • Patrick Feeney

    Avenatti is a dirt bag!!

    • SZ939

      And Swetnik is a WHORE!

      • Joel Frank

        Are you referring to Miss Slutnik?

  • gomurr

    Avenatti: “I got nothing.”

    • SZ939

      Technically, YOU ARE NOTHING!

  • SZ939

    Mr. Avenatti – Which of the 57 Genders is your client? And who willingly continues to go to Rape Parties after realizing what they are?

  • Harpistjill

    Swetnick can’t decide if she was raped? I was RAPED and trust me, when you’re raped, you know it….there is nothing to DECIDE! It is these kind of women who bring society down! Women do get raped, and those men who rape should be ostracized. Rape not only injures the women, but it injures the men in her future relationships as well. Wrongly accusing men of rape not only injures the man, but it injures the women in his future relationships! Accusing someone wrongfully of rape should have STIFF PRISON TIME !

  • sashabee1

    The Senate judiciary found Swetnik’s allegation not worthy of further investigating, for a reason. She cited no other witnesses by name.

    • rob paul

      And even the liberal media couldn’t find anyone to corroborate her story.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      Just look at her record, she has been sued by former employer for false accusations

  • jjmcl431

    Her and her lawyer are full of Bull Shit.

  • John Arribas


    • Jeanne Stotler

      They don’t get you on National Tv and before the press everyday, don’t forget he plans on running for POTUS in 2020

  • Jmanjo

    Avenatti is as cheap and sleazy as a lawyer could ever get. He is more criminal than anyone he represents. He is a liar. He is a weasel.

    • Estell Newton

      That’s why the democrats hired him.

      • Maerzie

        Please name the “Democrats?” who “hired?” him, Estell??

        • Estell Newton

          Read the news. It’s all over the news

  • John R. Bloxson Jr.

    The only Gang Rape here was done by the DemoRat gang of Ten, the Mainstream Media, and the Arts and Entertainment Industries they all Raped Judge Kavanaugh’s Character without evidence and have tried him as Guilty even when the proof is against them. This is the most heinous act I have ever seen including my own experiences at age 11 as evil as it was is not any more evil then what these Alinskyites have done to this good man. Today I would not run for election, and I would advise anyone thinking about it to just say no. After seeing how the Libiturds gang raped Judge Kavanaugh over the last 3 weeks shame on the Liberturds Shame on the R. I. N. It’s, Shame on the mainstream Medias Bias Rush to Judgment!!!

  • parkslopedog

    Avenatti should be disbarred. He’s worse than a mafia consigliere.

    • from THE 3rd PATCH

      I’m beginning to think … maybe there are WAY TOO MANY “Avenatti” types….. in “Our” Government Offices.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I guess that the FBI is really slipping. With all of their inquisitor powers, and pre-dawn raids,
    they never uncovered this despicable crime ring? That is truly unfathomable!
    You mean to tell the people, that in 6 separate vettings, they never found this out?
    The FBI can probably tell you what I ate for breakfast. THEY never had an inkling, a whisper,
    a peep, about an alcohol/drug/rapist ring going down at Yale in the 1980’s? Not one woman
    or man EVER leaked this horrendous story? NOW this same FBI is suddenly credible to
    “investigate” this ridiculous claim? This would have been front page news back in the day.
    Why would this TERRIFIED woman keep attending these “rape” parties? Why did she wait
    until this moment in time to bring this up? Sorry, not buying it.

    • Estell Newton

      And how is it that Kavanaugh was in high school in California and In college at Yale at the same time> Both Alleged crimes took place in the mid 80s.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        WOW! What a crock!!

        • Estell Newton

          Do some reading. Or don’t you know how. It’s been all over the news.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            I’m agreeing with you, why are you angry and mean to me?

          • John Suppressors

            It’s not about Roe v Wade. That’s the cover story. What it’s really about is gun rights. They see a lot of crap being found unconstitutional and you can’t have total power with an armed population.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            The left wants to take away all rights for American citizens and let the
            hoards of foreigners come in and kill us.

  • gideonrockwell

    Avenatti is a low life back alley ambulance chaser of the type that give other lawyers a bad name. I can’t believe this idiot actually has a license to practice law. At this point it looks like the lounge lizard skanks are trying to cash in on the Demotard slander scam.

  • gvette

    These sluts are doing a lot of damage to other women.. Eventually no one will hire them.

  • Maerzie

    I think Avenatti is starting to get a big head, with nothing to back it up!

  • Richard Wadzinski Jr

    disbar and imprison this dirtbag avenatti the scumbag and throw julie sweatdick in prison too,,,

  • Dan

    Sounding more and more every day like a Jerry Springer show episode.

  • jumper

    This is a f-ing joke and so is CPL

  • Wade

    There is Karma. And it will come back to bite the Demwits in the arse.

  • Rich

    Let me see. Swetnick went to a party where women were being gang raped. Then instead of calling the police she went to 9 more of the same. This makes sense.