Bannon’s Support For Trump Continues

After a massive argument between the President and Steve Bannon, Bannon stated “The President of the United States is a great man,” on Breitbart News Tonight.

Here is a partial transcript,

JUSTIN: First of all, I think [Donald Trump] made a huge mistake, Steve, bashing you like he did today on Twitter. That was devastating to me. I hope in the future you can forgive him for that when we come to 2020, because I’m sure he’s going to need your help.

BANNON: The President of the United States is a great man. You know I support him day in and day out, whether going through the country giving the Trump Miracle speech or on the show or on the website, so I don’t you have to worry about that. But I appreciate the kind words.

JUSTIN: Yeah, that just made me sick to my stomach, though.

  • DonRS

    Let me try to get this straight: did Trump initiate the difference between he and Bannon? No, he did NOT. “Justin”, (whoever he might be) seems not to have a CLUE!

  • URWorstNightmare

    From the stab your friends in the back club to the brown nosers society. Truly can’t ever recall the President being in the brown nosers society, however, his friends can all be fearful of joining that society if they stab him in the back.

  • theicecube

    I was wondering if President Trump maybe jumped the gun without waiting for Bannon to say whether or not what is printed in the book actually was his thinking or comments. When an author admits he made stuff up why would anyone believe anything the author says? Oh yea liberals eat this stuff up.

  • cathy

    I like, mas o menos, Bannon. I liked him a lot prior to this BS. President Trump is my type of man. Luego, from Costa Rica!

  • apzzyk

    Bannon just illustrates the problem that the GOP now faces – the only thing that has held the GOP in place is their anti- something orientations, which are not even that widely shared within the party so we see the ones that have been admitted by mistake calling what is left of the main stream RINOS – in favor of the most extreme single issue candidate, so we now have the minority Freedom Coalition actually controlling the House – they have just enough votes to tube whatever they choose to oppose, and they are only held in place by gerrymandering. Now Bannon wants to replace the RINOS with true Trump supporters. What we saw happen in AL is going to happen even more in the 2018 elections – Bannon will go in and support the most extreme candidates to oppose the more main stream candidates, and like Moore, they will probably be able to attract more votes in the primaries, but then loose the general elections, because there is still a significant segment of registered Republicans who cannot buy the extreme views of the nominee, much less the independents.
    But now in power where they could actually do something what we have seen emerge are the minor differences which keep the GOP from being able to govern. Some are actually listening to their constiuants – such as Sen Snow on the repeal of the ACA where it just took her and one more to defeat the bills to repeal. Now we also see some of the unexpected come forth to take the sides of their constitutants. Sen Gardner has been a loyal Trump supporter and even in his first term in the Senate has become a part of the Senate Leadership, but when Sessions announced that he wanted to go against our legal marijuana status in CO, finally spoke up in opposition to the Sessions policy.
    Sessions rightly claims that laws that are not enforced lead to disrespect for all laws, but one of the reasons why CO legalized recreational pot after legalizing medical pot (which would still be legal in all of the States where it is now legal) is because the law was not enforceable. The sick and in pain among us had found that it did have medical use even though Congress had found to the contrary before, and for those of us who had used pot recreationally before – when ‘Refer Madness” first became a cult film – had come to know from experience that the film was not a documentary, so it became the street dealers that were seen as a problem because they also dealt in other drugs. Now it is being found that one of the best treatments for opoid addiction happens to be pot – the reverse of what the Federal Government has preached for the past 50 years, so we have found by trial and error a possible treatment for an addiction that will and does kill people. But this leads us to a new problem of economics – our legal pot is more expensive than are the opoids, so will we have to use some of the tax money we now collect from recreational pot to provide free pot to addicts?
    Now the problem with Bannon is that he will be destroying the RINOs in the effort to get more Trump supporters into Congress. This is one of those strange things where Bannon’s patriot base seems not to have been raised to believe in the Constitution, and so Trumps efforts to please them have all failed the Constitutional challenges that they have faced. The next ones will be challenges to the Tax and Jobs bill. Cuomo announced that NY, one of the Blue States which would have to turn its tax base over to the big gummet of DC, did not have many of its GOP house members voting for it because it will increase taxes in NY. My totally off the wall suggestion to the Blue states whose taxpayers would pay more, is to simply revert to Territorial Status and not have to pay any federal taxes at all. In CO, where I have lived all of my life, our Territorial legislature refused to accept statehood because of the additional taxes several times before they finally accepted it. Now, where do we return our Statehood papers so that we can go back to being a Territory and pay no Federal Taxes again?

    • We stand for lots of things a few are jobs, equal justice, less regulations, pro American, a few that we are against is illegal immigration, antifa, alt left, BLM, Uranium one deal (all involved should go to jail) most of us are against pot because there is no way to restrict it from those under 18. We are also against incompetence in the federal and state governments.

      • apzzyk

        unemployment is officially below 5% – full employment (officiially) so why do we need more jobs? We really need better trained, with at least a BS, workers to fill the new jobs, so why not free education beyond HS? Would it be lack of profit? If all of the money that has been given in no strings attached tax breaks had gone to building factories and creating new jobs in the US, the midwest would be paved and we would be looking for new immigrants to fill the jobs. If the tribal leaders of the area that is Athens had not come together and used a probable slave to solve their constant problems of blood feuds between the clans, there would not have been Draco’s homicide law, which caught on quickly because the murderer would be taken to the Accropolis and thrown off on to a bed of sharpened sticks to his death. Worthless law? All of the regulations have had to go through the administative proceedures act to come into effect – the Congress did not even comply with this in the new Tax Bill – there was a reason to propose the regulation, a public comment period of at least 30 days, with a finding which could be challenged in Courts. One the Clean Water Act (Nixon) I am a first user of water from the Rockies that eventually flows into the S.Platte, from there the Platte, from there into the MO, and from there into the Ms. would you really like to be drinking my raw sewage – it costs me more than my water bill to process at my cost for your safety. Interferes with business – we could be dumping our raw fracking material into the same rivers for your enjoyment. Would it be pro-American to fully fund the VA Healthcare system? I only lost the sight in one eye due to treatment delays five years ago. My 2% cost of living adjustment does not cover the costs of my blindness – to save the taxpayers money. My malpractice Tort Claim based on similar past claims for similar damage will be in the 7 figures, but will not restore my sight. Immigration laws change, my Grandfather entered Ellis Island in about 1890 from Denmark and got instant citizenship – his labor was needed to build the new houses in CO. We now need migrant labor to get back to being able to grow our own farm produce – part of the imbalance in trade with Mexico – check that out in your store produce department. My parents worked at a Defense Plant in OR, which built Victory Ships to supply the troops fighting against the facists in Europe at the time, and now with the home grown ones, I wonder which side won. Bannon is the new George Lincoln Rockwell – the head of the American Nazi Party, while all govt attention has been on the ‘Red Scare’ – did you know that there is a court decision that shows that there were more infiltrators than there were members in the Socialist Party, and almost none in the KKK, who at the same time was in the business of killing civil rights workers and lynching blacks and bombing churches and killing little black girls? Most traitors wrap themselves in the Flag. Rockwell was a Lt.Cdr in the USN during WWII. I worked at a Nuclear Weapons plant on top of about 13 tons of Plutonium, and the reason why the US quit mining it was for lack of demand, and now the only demand it to harden the spent version on tipping projectices from large weapons – no civilian use at all. Would you be wiling to sell something that is worthless to you to any buyer even if the buyer cannot remove it from the US? I get buckets of sawdust from the saws in my shop that is just as valuable but no buyers. The former site of the Plant is now a National Wildlife santucary which will be too conatminated for human habitatiion for at least 200,000 years, but if you and others want to claim it, be my guest. Then there is BLM land. The BLM owns and manages the 10,000 square miles in AZ that is between border and I 10 which is a common illegal migrant route. Less than 1 inch of rainfall per year – so the whole area, except for the small settlements which have water are still open for homesteading under the Homestead law of 1864 – along the border where there is a dirt road for the border patrol trucks, the mumified bodies of agents who have left their trucks have been found, so if you and Bundy want it you can have it – the whole area might support one cow in a heavy rain fall year. Then, there is also the very hospitible Barry Goldwater bombing range between Yuma and Ajo that can be open for development. During Reagan Forest Service land adjacent to CO’s ski areas were opened to development over enviornmental objects, such as lack of water and lack area to treat sewage. Port a potties are still used close to the slopes. All against the will of the people who lived full time in the areas, so we had new condo complexes and new lodges that started and finally the insurance companies would not write new policies so these areas are still open for development – bring your own fire department and water. Now, the new Trump areas will be open to eco-terrorism too. Friend was putchasing agent for Peabody coal when it opened their strip mines in WY and MT, and had to order bullet proof glass for their vehicles – tires for their mining truck had tires shot out with AP and at over $10,000 each plus transportation and labor, and that lasted until the mines closed for lack of a market. Derilments of coal trains create messes, but are easy to do. Learned that in the USMC. Anything that has a demand has a supply. Am watching a documentry on PBS about the virtues of prohibition. My mom had a prescription for beer – needed to gain weight; grandma, out on the farm, made the illegal money that she used to buy foreclosed on property to buy houses in town for retirement income – grandpa got Social Security as soon as it was made the law of the land – the conservatives said that it was unpopular and have been trying to repeal it ever since. Now we have the Ryan plan on entitlements – SS, Vet pensions (a right under the 14th Amendment) earned govt pensions. If we go to DC to get the pensions that we have earned there will be more of us than with the Bonus Army in 1932. Conservatives are beautiful because they never learn from experience. In CO, before recreational legalization the best place to buy pot was school parking lots, now its teen use has fallen. We are getting medical pot immigrants because Congress was wrong and some states are still stupid. I began smoking pot in the USMC, and brought the seeds back and planted a hedge that I cared for right in the middle of Camp Pendleton. It was mild – more like having a couple of beers. I quit smoking when it was bred for higher potency long ago. When mom started getting too heavy, the Dr. prescribed cigs. I have chronic low blood pressure and the way I keep from passing out when I stand is smoking – for the past 65 years, while the non smokers in my HS class have died from lung related diseases. Go figure. Incompetence comes from lack of money, when I became VA disabled I could call in the am and see a doctor the same day; I was feeling a little bad a year ago and got the first available appointment for 30 days out – right after I got out of the hospital after a minor heart attack. A doctors appointment costs the taxpayers about $50, but a week in the hospital and 4 weeks in rehab must be less expensive. Reagan declared war on domestic spending – I went to work as an IT contractor for the General Services Administration which had been cut by at least 1/3, so we had a career regional administrator typing his own memos because of no secretary. The building and equipment of the government’s property did not get preventive maintenance, and the estimate was that it cost at least $10 to cover each 10 cents saved. My dad worked on the Civilian Conservation Corps crews that built the trails in Rocky Mountain national parks which have needed repair for years, so the big thing on the budge has become the rescuing of people from the un maintained trails and foot bridges – again suits against the govt for neglegence, or maybe even wrongful death. When a National Park is opened it is assumed to be safe for those who use it appropriately, but when a bridge that carried the person before will not carry you, that is an aged-out or negligence problem.
        With drugs, it seem that the Street Dealers PAC is still in charge. So long as there are stupid people like you to vote for prohibition we will continue to have increasing opiod deaths. You and Trump must have the same reality.

  • George Matyas

    The real problem in this country has been the elites that running it. They are in both parties and do their best to cause turmoil so they can control the people and keep power. The elites have controlled everything for the last 20 years and as a results we now have NK with a hydrogen bomb, Iran may have one too, and terrorist are everywhere. Its time for a change because nothing they have done has work well for the people of the USA or the world. Trump needs to go back to his promise ” government of the people, by the people, for the people”

  • pmbalele

    All the time Bannon was in the WH, I was wondering how people there could stand him. The guy does not brush his teeth, he is a lousy dresser and we are told his WH office smelled Vodka. Bannon was unfit to work with the Trumps who dress well.