Euthanization of Mentally Ill Rampant in Belgium

Advocates keep supporting the idea of euthanizing people and babies who can’t defend or speak up for themselves. These killings are happening particularly more in Europe where babies born with down syndrome are disappearing randomly and mentally ill people are given lethal injections.

One country in particular that is leading the charge in killing mental patients is Belgium. Here, euthanization of the mentally ill is considered to be okay as long as the patients complain of “unbearable and futile psychological suffering”. Some medical experts who oppose this said the following when calling for action:

Euthanasia because of unbearable and futile psychological suffering is very problematic. It is about people who are not terminal and, in principle, could live for many years. Therefore, extreme caution is appropriate both clinically and legally. The essence of the case seems to us that in estimating the hopelessness of one’s suffering, the subjective factor cannot be eliminated …

The law does not indicate the exact criteria for unbearable and psychological suffering. Any complaint about any carelessness in this area will only end in a legal ‘no man’s land’.

More and more, no matter how many criteria there are, it depends simply on how an individual psychiatrist interprets or tests them, aided by the doctor’s own assumptions and the patient’s account of his symptoms.

  • C. LeSaint

    America should euthanize the liberals since liberalism is a mental illness!

    • coleche

      There’s also some rinos calling themselves progressives. Progressive means liberal in politics.

    • Dallas Cheked

      Not necessarily liberalism, but “leftism”, which is 180° out of phase with reality!

  • Buckeye conservative

    It’s about time – – we keep making the species less and less able to survive. America should follow. Good for Belgium! P.S. C. LeSaint is a genius.

    • Ladypyro

      I can understand your point scientifically. We see it in nature all the time, the sickest and weak are taken out by the apex predators.
      How ever human beings are gifted with compassion as well as other feelings, like a mother’s love for her child. I find it difficult to imagine how I would feel if my disabled child was taken from my arms and “euthanized”. At that point it becomes very personal.

      • Wumingren

        I believe Hitler was into euthanizing all the mentally and physically unfit citizens to ensure the supremacy of the “master race.” Leftists are so fond of accusing conservatives of being the fascists that they themselves are.

        • Ladypyro

          That always makes me laugh when they say that. It’s to bad that they haven’t really studied Hitler’s rise and demise, the unsanitized version. They’re to caught up with the Hollywood version. Hollywood is as corrupt and full of pedophiles and rapists as the left is.

        • Joe Williams

          You are sadly correct with​ your statement. In the Third Reich all prople, which did not fit the prevailing doctrines were endangered by euthanasia and in lesser cases sterilization. Due to my research in the Third Reich I was able to view classified documents and even film footage of such crimes against​ humanity. Even Romanies (Gypsies) were targeted and killed for the good of the nation.
          Besides the name of Hitler’s party translates as the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. This is definitely not a name for a conservative movement. Yes they were Socialist Progressives indeed and ideologically close to Stalinism. Isn’t it time for a reality check, when it comes to political affiliations ?

  • Kent Powers

    At least we could get rid of liberal democrats, it could be non-racist, non-gender, equal for all & the rest of us could live much better, quieter, in peace, & enjoy life in a free country again.

  • John Savell

    The left will be pushing for this in America soon as well.

    • Terry Butts

      They already are we have seen several stories from states that passed EUTHANASIA laws where insurance companies now refuse to pay for treatment for certain diseases but will pay for the EUTHANASIA of these patients.

      • John Savell

        I was unaware of that. I knew they were trying to pass a law in Colorado that made doctor-assisted suicide legal. The left has no value for human life, and why not, since most of them atheists. It is obvious when you look at how many hundreds of thousands of babies are killed every year, then you look at the violence the left has been spreading across America. Remember NAZI Germany did the same things with eugenics. They killed the young and the old and the sick and the mentally ill.

        • Terry Butts

          A simple search turns up several stories like this one.

          Basically deciding based on ECONOMICS while ignoring the fact that as long as their is life there is a chance no matter how small someone can beat cancer people have in the past.

        • Sharla Duiett Atkinson

          Physician aid in dying (PAD), or assisted suicide, is legal in the states of Washington DC, California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington; its status is disputed in Montana.

          • John Savell

            You are absolutely correct about the government enslaving us. I wanted to have a shirt or bumper-sticker made up with a picture of Lincoln, under which it said, “One man freed the slaves, and next to it a picture of Obama, saying “the other one enslaved us all.” As soon as Obama took office, he used that patriot Act that he hated so much as a senator to grow government exponentially. His agencies, who do not answer to Congress, were given more power to pass crippling regulations, his judges he appointed are all far-left political activists, hiding in judges’ robes, his executive orders were meant to do one thing-bypass Congress. He made the government huge and our freedoms have been dwindling away. luckily Trump has been trying to shrink the government, but it is difficult with all of the Obama holdovers and the politicians on both sides that do not want to lose their power.

        • Tenerani

          Some of US do not want to become a sickly burden on our families!!!!

  • John Williams

    Welcome to the world of “socialized medicine,” AKA obamacare. The fools who see obamacare as a right also open the door for someone else to decide their fate, remember we warned you about “death panels,” and the left poo pooed it by saying it was right wing scare tactics, well fools, when someone besides your doctor makes the decision based on economics, rather than need, you can call it what you want, but you are still just as dead. Very recently, we see more coming out of the much touted, by liberals everywhere, European socialist healthcare system, the denial of services to people who do not fit the bill decided by SOMEONE other than a doctor. More death panels anyone, ask the parents of little Charlie Gard how the death panels work. Visit the following link and before you loons get up in arms and try and blame it on some off the wall right wing site, you might check the source. Socialized medicine at it’s finest, if you can honestly see it going any other way with obamacare, you are a fool.

    • Beverly Parrott

      They forget all the mass people coffins and the death panels he bought. Here in Oklahoma now if elderly swallow to many pills like people with demitia or drug addicts they only pump or give charcoal to kids only now. My mom had dementia and did this and they did nothing so we didn’t know this at time and she looked fine walking and talking and 5th day without the pumping or charcoal they’re bodies shut down and die. So my mom died with 8 living children and 43 grandchildren and great grandchildren. They didn’t care it tore our family apart.

      • John Williams

        But yet, there are people who doubt any of this and only see what they are told to see. Lemmings all.

  • rs1123

    Let’s euthanize those who are demonstrably a danger to others. Child abusers, animal abusers, rapists, and murderers. Just put them to sleep. After a few years our nation will be a much safer, better place.

  • Richard Gieser

    This policy would certainly make a big dent in the Democrat voter base in the U.S.

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    I would encourage those in Hollywood , and Governor Brown , Polosi, Reid, Finestine, Biden ,Hillery, and all the people who run Seattle,Illinois, and all the eastern statesto go there for a long visit.

  • Richard Waugh

    WOW, there wouldn’t be any democrats or libs left if we did that in this country.

    • A_patriot

      And that’s a rather scary thought. We NEED each other. Nature needs balance and as much as we may disagree, we have to at least listen and consider what the other ideology has to say on any given matter. Were we to rampantly euthanize those with an opposing viewpoint, we truly would be guilty of Fascism.

  • generalJed

    Countries like the Netherlands and Belgium routinely euthanize the old, sick, and mentally ill, but refuse to execute murderers and convicted terrorists. Socialist Int’l only allows murderers to be sentenced to 15 years in jail, no ,matter how many people they kill. Violation of gun lawsby ordinary citizens is another matter!

  • A_patriot

    And if we keep on the current path we’re on, guess where it’s heading …

  • Joecolt

    The Alternative to Trump is Insanity, Can we Apply this Here? Take a Look?

    Liberalism is a Curse on our Country, it is Completely Un-American their Policy’s do Nothing for the American People, Not to mention add additional Cost to the American People, in every way shape and form. Our Country seems to have Been Infiltrated By Un-American Outsiders, Socialist/Communist, Dissidents who Have Found a Weak Link in our Politics to exploit, the Devastated Democratic Party. All Any Normal Americans have to do is take a good look at their Agenda? Block, Obstruct, Resist, in Short Rebellion, Next look at each Issue they are Fighting For, That all Goes Against Our Country, Our Flag and Anthem, Open Borders Massive amounts of Unknown Illegal’s Millions upon Millions who have never Taken the Oath or Pledge to this Country, Un-Vetted Refugees from the Middle East War Zones, with ISIS Terrorist stating they will Infiltrate, and Recruit to Kill Americans, We have No Clue how many Sleeper Terrorist already entered our Country, From our Open Border or these Refugees, On top of all that they Are Creating Sanctuary City’s and States to protect illegal’s and Criminals in all Categories, Criminals who Commit Crimes in one State then Run to a Sanctuary State for Protection, Even against Federal Prosecution. Does this not sound like the Undermining of the very fabric of our Country? Lets take a look at what seems Minor compared to the Above but fits the Profile, Tearing down Statues of our History, Calling everyone who Does not Agree with them Racist and with Violence to make their point. The Democrats and their Party have been Hijacked by much more then one Group, Antifa, BLM, Socialist, Communist, and so on. With one Goal in mind to see America Fail. What other Explanation could their Be??? Real Americans need to take a Hard look at where our country needs to go into the Future. It Definitely is not with this Rebellion and the Democrats. Our Children and Grandchildren need a Better Future then what the Democrats and Liberal’s have to offer. PS: Antifa has just been Caught by the FBI Colluding with ISIS Terrorist, Fact MSM is not Covering it?

  • Andrew Sears

    Since all muslim invaders claim mental illness after raping, murdering all local citizens, all Christians, all Jews, then I say nothing more

  • Greg Arena

    More idiots weighing in

  • Snufy

    Yet they are opposed to vicious criminals being given terminated.

  • parthenon1

    Sounds like a Democrat plan and I wont disagree if they use it on themselves. And I wont challenge them on abortion on demand unless these same people believe in capital punishment for 1st degree murderers, especially bad rape etc then I wont say anything bad about them. I dont agree with abortion but thats my situation and I dont expect everyone to agree, but I think the question still should be worth considering !

  • Carolann Enkhaus

    How about we euthanize the trannies because that Really is a mental illness and even those who
    complete their medical and surgical transformations still have a high rate of suicide

  • Terry Butts

    This is how Hitler started out his plan to eliminate the people he felt were a BURDEN to society we all know how far he took it and those following the same path he did should be seen for what they are HITLER WANNABEES that think only those they accept or can be their SLAVES should be allowed to live.