Ben Affleck Accused of Keeping Harassment Quiet

“She fought back tears and told Ben Affleck”

One of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, actress Rose McGowan, will not relent on her attacks against Ben “The Buttman” Affleck, alleging the actor knew that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her yet turned a blind eye.

When the allegations against Weinstein first broke, the spotlight quickly found Ben Affleck and his long-time buddy Matt Damon due to their decades-long friendship with the movie producer, who catapulted their careers when his company Miramax produced the 1997 Oscar-winner Good Will Hunting. Despite knowing Harvey for 20 years, both Damon and Affleck suggested they had not known about Weinstein’s behavior … that is until fissures began to erupt in their accounts.

Shortly after Ben Affleck suggested he was ignorant regarding the sexual misconduct of his pal Harvey, McGowan quickly took to social media to castigate him as a liar. “‘GODDAMNIT! I TOLD HIM TO STOP DOING THAT’ you said that to my face. The press conf I was made to go to after assault. You lie,” she tweeted.

The vultures circling, allegations against Affleck then quickly morphed from lying enabler to fellow harasser, as evidence surfaced that he groped actress Hilarie Burton during an episode of TRL in 2003. Though Affleck apologized, more allegations against Affleck sprang forth, all saying he groped women at parties, even earning him the nickname “Buttman.”

None of this played out well for Affleck’s buddy Matt Damon, whose policy of “deny, deny, deny” was no longer working. Leading up to the release of his upcoming movie Suburbicon, Damon finally confessed that he and Ben Affleck knew of at least some of Weinstein’s alleged behavior due to Affleck’s past relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow, one of Weinstein’s accusers.

“I knew the story about Gwyneth from Ben because he was with her after Brad [Pitt],” Damon told Good Morning America. “But I was working with Gwyneth and Harvey on Ripley.”

Whatever way you slice it, both Affleck and Damon lied on some level.

Rose McGowan has now escalated her role from brave crusader to scorched Earth avenger. Speaking at a press event over the weekend, the former Scream actress said that Affleck not only knew Harvey Weinstein assaulted her, but that she came to him in tears shortly after the incident. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Declining to share any further details of the incident, McGowan said she went straight to a press event where she fought back tears and told Ben Affleck and her then-manager, Jill Messick, what had happened.

Ben Affleck has remained front and center in the promotional campaign for Justice League, set for release this fall. Warner Bros. has made no indications of pulling him from the film’s promos.

Shortly after news broke that A-list star Kevin Spacey allegedly propositioned a 14-year-old boy for sex 30 years ago, McGowan immediately blasted him on social media:

Bye bye, Spacey goodbye, it’s your turn to cry, that’s why we’ve gotta say goodbye. #ROSEARMY


  • pmbalele

    It seems the accused of groping and raping are right wingers or Republicans. We wonder how long this behavior has been going. Are these males not satisfied with their wives? Look who have gone down in their career as big shots: Roger Ailes, Bill O’rielly, Gov. Sanford, Eric Bolling, Gov. Bentley, Herman Cain and now Weinstein? But we are also hearing the bosses of the following grope women: Patriot News; Right Wing Voice; Fix The Nation, Patriot Viral News; American Liberty Report; TEA Party; Front Page Report; Conservative Free Press; Restore American Glory. And they accused the last administration of delaying processing their media as non-profit. I believe these right wing people seek these positions simply to prey on young office women. I wonder why women vote for these people. These are same people who tell us they follow Christian and Judeo family values. I do not think groping women is family value. Please do not vote for them next year.

    • Joe Williams

      Hmm,Harvey Weinstein actually is a life-long Democrat and major donor to left-wing causes. How dies this tie in with your finger- pointing propaganda ideas ???

    • jjmcl431

      Boy are you confused cupcake.

  • richard black

    and this suprises…..NOONE !!!!!

  • Maggietish

    Big surprise Affleck has always been a scumbag.

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    Affleck, sanctimonious scumbag!