HBO Host Accuses Trump Doctor Of A Cover-Up

In a recent airing of the HBO segment, “Real Time,” Bill Maher proclaimed the doctor who examined President Trump is only a small piece of a “vast, right-wing conspiracy.”

Bill Maher stated, “[T]he entire conservative establishment is lying for Donald Trump. When Tom Cotton (R-AR), the senator and … [David] Perdue (R-GA), the other one, they were in the room when he said, ‘shithole,’ and everybody heard ‘shithole,’ and we all knew he said, ‘shithole,’ and they came out and said, ‘He didn’t say shithole.’ The Homeland Security person perjured herself, said she didn’t know there were white people in Norway. His doctor lies for him. He’s 6’3″. He grew an inch, and he’s 239 pounds, got to lose a little weight, but he’s lying his ass off. Corporations are doing it. Walmart says, ‘Oh, thanks for the tax cut.’ And then we find out it’s not thanks to the tax cut that they’re raising wages. The economy is great. They have to compete. This is a vast, right-wing conspiracy.”