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Calais Resident Reveals What Life is Like Under Muslim ‘Migrant’ Occupation – Is THIS What America Can Expect?

Calais was once a beautiful port city in the north of France. You may have heard of their famous ferry crossing between France and England as well as the Channel Tunnel. But in recent months, Calais has been overrun by tens of thousands of migrants who have turned their migrant camp into a horror residents call, ‘The Jungle.’

These migrants who hail from North Africa and the Middle East, are almost entirely young men. And since their arrival, the crime rate in Calais has skyrocketed. The Muslim migrants, as the lady Simone describes in the video, have created a situation in Calais that is almost unbearable.

“And I cannot tell you how it happened, but from one day to the next, we found ourselves with thousands — I say thousands — of migrants. Actually, at the moment there are 18,000 in what they call ‘The Jungle.’ Yes, 18,000.

There are riots. They come to the town center by 2, 3, 4 thousand… Everywhere. They bash cars with iron bars, they attack people. They even attack children.

There are rapes, there is theft. It is unimaginable what we suffer. They enter private houses when the people are at home. They just enter. They want to eat, they help themselves.

Sometimes they also bash the people, stealing what they can and afterwards, what they cannot take they destroy.

And when we want to defend ourselves, we have the police on our back.

They demonstrate because of their conditions, but the more one gives them, the more they demand. They never have enough. Never, never, never.

When one comes across them, it’s, “Give me the mobile.” If you don’t give it to them, you get beaten.

And don’t count on the police for help — I told you they don’t even accept complaints any longer.

If one wants to demonstrate, one has the police on one’s back… The government has abandoned us.

If we don’t act…we are finished. We are dead.

Simone also pointed out another insidious aspect that continues to cause problems: the ‘No Borders’ activists.

According to her, these activists are “the worst rabble you can have because they are the ones who push the illegals… to create havoc.”

Does it make you wonder why the Democrats are in such a hurry to bring thousands of these people into the heart of our country? Does it concern you?