Company Debuts New “Antifa Style” Jacket

It’s called the Alpha Industries “M-65 Anarchy” coat and its hideous.

Barneys New York has come out with an insanely expensive “M-65 Anarchy” Antifa jacket which is said to be “military inspired”. This jacket is screaming super liberal and anti- Trump. It is also conveniently priced at a very capitalist cost of $375.

The jacket was mocked all over the internet and people were considering it to be just a joke. Surely enough, in 2017 nothing is ever a joke anymore and it is being sold on the Barneys New York Website.

The company who makes these hideous jackets, Alpha Industries, told the Daily Dot they are trying to target Millennials.

Alpha Industries spokesperson said,

“We have seen resistance to power and authority become a trend in our current pop culture and society, often expressed through fashion… Since 1965 the M65 field jackets have been a favored method to graphically express one’s opinion. We developed the Barneys M65 anarchy jacket to encompass the artistic and graphic expressions of individuality.”

  • George Martin

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all…….

  • Media Scrutiny

    How lazy of a “Millenial” do you have to be to not go out to a store, buy a similarly styled jacket, get a few Sharpie makers and do it yourself, saving about $300 in the process?
    Besides, where are these “Millenials” going to get $375 to begin with? According to Bernie Sanders, they’re all broke with College debt and still living with their parents…

    • Paul Omlor

      From Soros

    • denise valley

      if they can afford this pick of crap, they don’t need scholarships, save it for someone who has a brain.

  • Keith

    I hope the Capitalist Pigs sell 50 million of these to the Useful Idiot Communists.

    • Paul Omlor

      Absolutely, that will make them better targets.

      • Keith

        Good point. Let’s suggest some reflective paint, just for safety of course.

  • theicecube

    Wonder if it has detachable urine pouches (bags), baseball bat holsters and is reversible so as to be used as a go out for lunch get together after a hard evening of protesting, rioting and looting.

    • Paul Omlor

      The urine pouches are in their hoods with a small hose that they suck on to get their tasty head rush drink.

  • Rick3

    Fuck Barneys’s for glorifying the anti-American neo-fascists in ANTIFA. This is comparable to selling a Hitler costume or Jeffrey Dahmer’s silverware.


      Got an idea just walk in to that place and light a match.

    • Terry Butts

      Or that business that tried to sell an outfit to look like that anti tech bomber several years ago in a failed attempt to capitalize on his crimes. Or maybe this is this the same one can not recall its name.

  • Rick3

    At least purchasers will be easily identifiable so when a sniper wastes them, he won’t mistake the target.

  • Paul Omlor

    Just shows how unintelligent these punks and out liberal taught teachings are. A little color would be nice, how about a Rainbow flag? California leads the pack when it comes to stupid people.

  • denise valley

    WOW! Barney’s of New York! I pray with all my heart and soul to God you go under, that extreme Karma comes your way for ALL of you. You are so full of HATE, it’s people like you, that causes problems, your, your own worst enemy. You can’t be American. I hope everyone boycott’s your store, but the world is full of assholes, so….

    • JBenat3006

      They will be heroes in NYC! Watch people on the street interviews! Dumbest people in the world! They just re-elected Big Bird for Mayor! What does that tell you?

  • theicecube

    Look,…A Liberal late-night-work jacket. Tax deductible.

  • Joe Williams

    So, how can be a mass-produced uniform-like garment express individuality ? Only completely gullible idiots would believe such a marketing nonsense. It is about as individualistic as brownshirts were or even the Democrats’ own “original” Klansmen….

  • Paul Kalmakoff

    The ugliest jacket (?) I have ever seen!
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…what a bunch of bullshit!


    Just get an Army coat and a marker and draw that crap all over it but that would be too hard for those idiots.


    Also I suggest that if you see someone wearing this….KICK HIS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rs1123

    They need remote-activated TNT sewn into the lining.

  • John Price

    expression of individuality ,,,as they all wear the same jacket ,, to lazy to mark up their own jackets ?

  • Babsan

    Communist Elite Rich fatsos at Barney’s can keep their s–t to themselves

  • General Patton

    Resistance to what?? Prosperity??, FUCKIN IDIOT REGRESSIVES!!!

  • re06tired

    Antifa will be the first to smash Barney’s windows to protest the store capitalizing on their organization

  • kassa1

    Beings how ANTIFIA Is considered a terrorist group who is lined up with Isys, then the cop should arrest them on site with one of those jackets on or blacks voted sweatshirt with a face mask on.

  • Raquel Salientes

    Go ahead and sell these jackets. Anybody who wears them is an idiot, and a double idiot for paying such an exorbitant sum for it. Go ahead, waste your money, duuh!

  • Joecolt

    Barneys Un-American Stance Needs a Huge Boycott, I wonder if they Know The FBI just Caught Antifa in Collusion with ISIS Terrorist In Germany?????

    It Seems Antifa Operatives from here Have been Caught Meeting with ISIS Terrorist Operatives in Germany and Being Trained by them, in Acts Against our President and our Country????? What The Hell is Going On in our Country with the Democrats and their Liberals???????????? We need to start Building more Prisons and Insane Asylums, And Start Filling them with Our Politicians in the Democratic Party first.