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Well-Known Democrat Reveals Alarming Connection Between Obama and Islamic Extremists

Talk show host Bill Maher, despite being a “proud liberal,” is one of the few on the left who understands that Islamic extremism poses a real threat to society and has been trying to raise awareness for this issue among his fellow liberals, without much progress. He was recently joined on his program by Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), a Major in the National Guard who helped train the Kuwaiti army in counter terrorism procedures.

Maher questioned why President Obama and those in his administration refuse to criticize or even acknowledge Islamic extremism for what it is, choosing instead to blame it on poverty or “thrill seeking behavior” and re-naming it “violent extremism” — removing the Islamic component altogether.

Gabbard responded with the assertion that in Syria, the Obama administration is,

Essentially working hand in hand with Islamic extremists on the ground there who are working to overthrow Assad so that they can take over and establish their Islamic caliphate.

It’s this philosophy that gets in the way of us being able to accomplish our mission and defeat those who are threatening us.

Not using the right words obscures reality.

It goes to the problem of not really recognizing there actually are things that are right and wrong.

Gabbard also warned that Obama’s efforts to support an overthrow of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad essentially strengthens the extremists who pose a much more serious danger. In removing Assad, Obama will “open the door wide open for them to come in and take over some very superior weapons.”

Maher pointed out that each time the U.S. has supported the ousting of a “bad” leader in the Middle East — Gaddafi, Hussein, Mubarak — that someone worse has always moved in to take his place. “It just doesn’t get better,” Maher said. “People just don’t seem to have that understanding that the choices are not between good and bad, they’re between bad and worse.”

Do you think Obama’s decision to send 50 troops into Syria was a good decision, or do you agree with Gabbard that “if you’re sending troops into harms way but you have not clearly identified and delineated what the mission is or who the enemy is” that you have a serious problem on your hands?