GOP Had A Tragic First Year

Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee just made the absurd assumption that President Trump and the entire Republican Party have had a “pretty poisonous first year” since everything was completed on a “partisan basis.”

Corker foolishly stated, “Look, we had a pretty poisonous first year. Everything was done on a partisan basis, just about.”

“So yeah, I think this created a lot of coming together of people who want to solve problems and think it will bode well over the next month or so.”

  • Jmanjo

    Well, duh, Corker should realize that it would look like that since the Democrats didn’t do a damn thing but pee and moan.

    • john

      Thank God that the Dems have not been able to get anything they want. It is sinful that all they could do is block progress of MAGA. I sincerely hope that Mr Trump gets another term, and that we do not get another anti-American Democrat for the rest of my life, or my kids’, or my grandkids’ lives.

  • Sandy

    Corker needs to get his head out of his A***, and support the President 100% not 5%

    • ledbalon

      thankfully this senator will be leaving office shortly. I voted for him once.. and held my nose. no one with cahones to stand up and run against him.. same with Alexander.

      • Reasoned thinker

        ledbalon — Is Corker leaving? Good news! I must admit I had missed that.

  • Jim McCormack


    • gvette

      LOL….he was sucking on something, but it wasn’t Mountain Dew!

      • john

        You did not get the cultural reference. “Mountain Dew” also refers to moonshine.

        • gvette

          I wasn’t referring to liquids!

          • john

            Then I completely missed your reference. What did you mean?

    • john

      Mr. McCormack, The Democrats do not love America. They are only interested in being re-elected, accumulating more money for themselves, and gaining political power. I have been thinking that their last Presidential candidate really was the best example of a Democrat. What do you think?

  • Stan Joy

    Yes Corker, the COUNTRY (NOT THE REP’s) had a POISONOUS YEAR !! And the Dems had a GREAT YEAR trying to destroy what “WE THE PEOPLE” had VOTED FOR!!! Never in my 86+ years have I seen such despicable, nasty, dirty, UN-AMERICAN, UN-PATRIOTIC actions against a TRULY ELECTED PRESIDENT of our Country!!!!!!!!! These members WILL BE REMEMBERED when next election comes around!! Folks, start NOW, lets look for YOUNGER CONSERVATIVE people to run & replace these people that were involved with this HATE TRUMP Group!!! Start NOW Folks, and please PRAY for our Country and for our President! God Bless

    • Jeanne Stotler

      Same here, I’ve lived in DC area most of my 86 yrs and this is the worse, about 2/3 of Gov’t. employees could be fired and not missed.

    • Reasoned thinker

      Stan Joy — You are absolutely correct! (I’m 75, by the way, and . . . likewise . . . I have never seen anything like this!!!) . . . also, I agree with your sentiments about replacing the “HATE TRUMP Group”) . . . as well as about PRAYING for our country AND for our fine President. My best wishes to you.

    • john

      Friend, I am right there with you.

  • rivahmitch

    I don’t recall him making any such comments when the Kenyan muslim/marxist and its Democommie House and Senate passed everything on a “partisan basis”. His preferred formula would result in a constant leftist/communist drift which the republic could not survive. Corker is another politician that should be removed from office and hanged.

    • Reasoned thinker

      rivahmitch — Fully agree . . . Corker is a underhanded type of guy . . . He needs to be “unelected” next time around . . . for certain.

    • Sal Petoia

      Political parties are helping to destroy America. Their main goal is to keep in power by discrediting their opposition. Caring about Americans takes second place. Government should be non-partisan where the people could vote for individuals on their own merit and what they will do for the country.

      • john

        Yes, and no. There are a few American patriots in office.

    • john

      How about run out of Washington tarred and feathered on a rail? He does not want what is best for our nation or the American People.

  • Kirk Kahler

    well thank god that this RINO will be gone soon !! he has done nothing to help make America great again ! he has stood with the democrats in just about every thing and that is not what America needs !!

  • Big Ed

    Looks like Corker is working his ass off trying to get into the McCain-Graham Club. He certainly has the right attitude. I’m wondering if he is losing his mind-I say that because I’m pretty certain he was in Congress when Obama was president. Does he not remember how many Republicans voted for the Obamacare monstrosity? He also doesn’t seem to remember that if Obama couldn’t get something he wanted through Congress, he just passed his own law, and it always contained exactly what he wanted-like DADA. The Republicans are now working their asses off trying to make legal the corrupt law Obama wrote to help his chosen voter base-Mexicans.

  • john

    This remark translated into English means ” WAH WAAH WAAH! We could not get what we want!”