Dem Wants ‘Assault Weapons’ Off Streets

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) spoke to senate over the recent Florida school shooting. Nelson stated to senate, “At some point, we’ve got to say enough is enough. At some point we, as a society, have to come together and put a stop to this.”

He added, “To those who say now that it’s not the time to talk about gun violence because it’s too soon, we don’t want to politicize right after a tragedy. That’s what is said over and over. Then I would ask, when is the time?”

“How many more times do we have to do this? How many more folks have to die? When is enough going to be enough? So let’s don’t hide from it. Let’s have the conversation about this right now – not just about mental illness, and that’s part of it, not just about protection at our schools, and that’s part of it – let’s get to the root cause, let’s come together and help end this violence. Let’s talk about that 19 year old carrying an AR-15. Let’s do what needs to be done. And let’s get these assault weapons off our streets.”

“Let’s just not talk about it. Let’s do something about it. Let’s make what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School a pivotal moment in this country’s history, not because it was one of the largest mass shootings – but, hopefully, because it was the last.”

  • Rosco1776

    Maybe instead of a pussy hat, he could wear one of these! Your only going to take the guns away from law abiding people, the criminals will still get them and what is an assault weapon? Every weapon can be an assault weapon depending on the person holding it. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.

    • Frank Poniatowski Jr

      Where can we buy that hat?

      • RC

        Frank, I hate to tell you this but it wouldn’t do much good. All there is between the democrat’s ears is solid bone.

  • Stephen Howe

    Dims are idiots. “Gun violence.” CRIMINALS cause violence. Terrorists cause violence.

    If Dims were in any way sincere they would insist that every convicted felon caught in possession of any gun would go to prison for 10 years, and any crime (no matter how slight) committed with a gun would tack an extra 20 years (unparollable) onto the sentence for the actual crime.

    • stadalberts

      You said it, sir.

    • Suewa

      Explain why other countries have been able to dramatically reduce gun violence while the USA keeps caving to the greed and willingness to accept murders by the NRA. If the criminals and the terrorists have great difficulty accessing guns then the guns can’t do what they are intended to do – KILL. The NRA along with the gun industry want anyone to be able to purchase any number of any kind of firearms and any amount of ammunition to feed those weapons. It is and has always been about money.

      • George Matyas

        Yes your right, greed actually legal drug greed, this has nothing to with weapons and everything to do with complete control of the world population by a few that have a god complex.

        • Suewa

          The NRA and the gun industry are not interested in selling guns? They want to sell drugs? Who is trying to control the world population with drugs?

          • Daniel Gray

            And the anti drug laws have worked so damn well haven’t they Stupid Suewa?

          • Suewa

            Drugs are also medications that have genuine positive consequences when prescribed by physicians and used properly. I would vote to de-criminalize drug addicts while criminalizing those who are not physicians and selling drugs illegally. The purpose of guns is killing. If a gun is used for its purpose then death or injury is the result. We have some weapons that are used in armed combat against the enemies of our country who have declared war on us or are invading the country. Those weapons require steady, sane, well trained individuals who have no criminal backgrounds, and understand the safe storage of those weapons so they are very difficult to steal or be accessed by a child. Because the consequences of the use of these weapons capable of killing many people in an extremely short time they must not be in civilian hands no matter what age. Have we come to a time when our vote must be very thoughtfully used. Our armed services will be thoroughly trained to use such unbelievably destructive weapons that could not possibly be entrusted out in the civilian population. Should Warren Buffet have the ability to deliver an ICBM with a nuclear warhead from his back yard? So no civilian should have access to a weapon capable of ending dozens of lives in less than 5 minutes.

          • Daniel Gray

            Oh really? Then you had better put your car in storage or better yet sell it as a car can do exactly that as clearly shown in Paris. And according to the FBI crime report of 2016 cars kill far more people in one two week period in the US then guns do in 5 years, hell TRAINS kill more people in one year then guns do in 5. strike 1

            And you are going to try and tell us that you cant go out and buy any kind of drug you want on the black market? All you have to do is “touch” a drug with something like rat poison and you can kill hundreds of people very easily. strike 2

            And you seemingly ignore the fact that the Supreme Court ruled that owning a gun is a constitutional RIGHT. And the latest decision US v Mass, states that the 2nd protects ALL forms of guns and that to “infringe” means to violate another persons rights, something you CANNOT do under the Constitution. strike 3

            Do you even bother to read your lack of intelligent posts BEFORE posting them? Hit the showers as you are done.

          • Suewa

            Please, calmly take your time and read my responses. I do deliberately try to establish communication between those who have different opinions from mine. Of course, the Supreme Court ruled on the individual right to own a firearm and in Justice Scalia’s majority response he did qualify that right by saying it was not a right to carry in any manner and for whatever purpose. The 2016 Massachusetts case was about a stun gun with some rather confusing results.(at least to me – call me stupid if that makes you feel better. I taught school 30 years and I have been called much worse. ) Another 2016 case out of California was not taken up and it concerned a challenge to open carry. You wrote of a 3 month old case with which I am unfamiliar. Surely all of us are concerned with ending the ability of anyone to burst into a school, church, restaurant, theater already firing a weapon that can cause such a massacre. The Aurora theater shooter bought a ticket, went into the theater, sat down a few minutes, slipped out the exit door to the outside and kept it slightly ajar so he could return armed with his AR15, in a bullet proof vest and helmet firing into the audience the minute he opened the door. If every person in that theater had been armed do you think they could have prevented that tragedy? The police were there, according to reports in 90 seconds. Still 12 died, 70 were injured. The Sutherland shooter just burst on the scene, shooting and undoubtedly there were armed persons in that church. Sandy Hook- he shot open the door rushed to a classroom and in less than 5 minutes 20 children, 6 educators dead. Years ago, 1993 I believe, Killeen, Texas, Lubys cafeteria, shooter plows pickup through door, begins firing, more than 20 dead in a few minutes. Must we live with people around holding guns prepared to go into combat any second because we will do nothing about the 1 million of these kinds of guns presently in civilian hands and the many more that the gun industry wants to sell with no questions asked? Children cannot learn, nor can teachers teach in such prison yard atmosphere. Daniel, I do not feel anger toward you. or anyone else that does not share my persuasions. Reading the extremely almost irrational, sometimes obscene responses I am reading would indicate that all these intense gun owners could easily shoot without thinking.

          • Daniel Gray

            I did read your responses/posts and my replies to you stand. If you dont know what you are talking about then please do us all a major favor and hush.

      • Stephen Howe

        You are in error…just as much PER CAPITA gun crime in UK & Australia…only the criminals have guns there.

      • Terry Butts

        Explain this IDIOTIC belief when even the founders of this nation who BLATANTLY said that it is about CIVILIANS PROTECTING THIS NATION FROM TYRANNY. You can use the SAME argument against FREEDOM OF SPEECH etc. that it is NO LONGER NEEDED because we have a GOVERNMENT to protect us but people see just how stupid it is when there is no EMOTIONS clouding the reality.

        1) GUN FREE ZONES have a 100% TOTAL BAN on civilians owning guns the HIGHEST RESTRICTION POSSIBLE anywhere.

        2) The entrances to the GUN FREE ZONE could easily have been controlled if they WANTED to actually enforce the ban instead of relying on CRIMINALS OBEYING THE LAW.

        3) EVEN the victims are outraged at the MEDIA and politicians pushing their agenda demanding more laws that would have DONE NOT ONE THING to stop the crime or save lives.

        Do you blame AMERICA’S gun laws for the shootings in Canada, UK, France etc. because that is the same as blaming places with LOWER CRIME RATES for the crime in places like CHICAGO, NY, Rhode Island, CALIFORNIA etc. that have the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.

        In fact in one of those states they even attempted to punish a UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICER for daring to have his SERVICE revolver as REQUIRED BY LAW because the RESTAURANT he stopped at was run by an ANTI GUN nutcase that attempted to comply with some CRIMINAL who was TERRIFIED that the GUN was going to jump out and attack her they bought all the lies many of which you PARROTED in your post that GUNS are somehow responsible.

        GUNS do not kill anything they are tool that can be used for everything from GATHERING NEEDED TO LIVE FOOD to STOPPING CRIMINALS like the one at the school if even ONE ARMED GUARD would have been at the scene to respond there would not have been 17 dead children.

        Laws are crafted not to STOP CRIME or PREVENT CRIME they are there to outline to people what punishment they will face if they COMMIT crimes. To argue that guns must be BANNED to PROTECT people from being murdered by one (despite the literally thousands of other more destructive weapons used by criminals) is no different Than

        1) Demanding MONEY BE BANNED on the grounds it would ELIMINATE robbery since it is by far the most sought after target in robberies.

        2) Demanding that CARS be banned after all who could steal cars if NO ONE has one.

        we could go down the list for pages spouting the SAME premise that TAKING AWAY A TOOL THAT IS MISUSED by a FEW criminals most of whom ILLEGALLY ACQUIRED or BUILT ONE THEMSELVES would somehow STOP the crime.

        The shooter could have easily used a BOMB instead of a gun they are a lot easier to make and the ingredients can be found in nature or right at the corner store.

        I suggest you look up that MASS STABBING the media barely mentioned more people were STABBED to death on that train than were killed in the school by a SIMILAR CRIMINAL who chose a gun instead.

        MILLIONS of people LEGALLY OWN guns NONE OF THEM have committed or supported the commission of any crime. The NRA is an organization that is made up of US CITIZENS created when the GOVERNMENT first started trying to return to the PRE REVOLUTION version that felt it could RESTRICT peoples rights when they GET IN THE WAY of some politicians agenda.

        Do some actual research learn the REAL reason behind every gun restriction from the one that PROHIBITED my native American ancestors from having them to the ones that bared FREED SLAVES from having them to the NFA that only stopped people not rich enough to pay the BRIBE to the government from having them those laws had NOTHING to do with stopping crime or PROTECTING the people. Not one of those laws prevented a single death or crime committed much less ones that involved the criminal using a gun.

        MURDER has been illegal since before this nation even existed if making a law BANNING anything PROTECTED people or STOPPED the crime from happening there would be NO MURDERS at all because it has been a crime for CENTURIES.

      • cal3301

        Actually, other countries haven’t. Look at Russia and Germany that have the strictest gun rule around. The only country that has is Israel. The 2nd Amendment that guarantees our rights to own a gun has nothing to do with money and neither does the NRA. I am so sick of small minded people like you. Your thinking fits in with Castro and Hitler. They took guns away from their people. Our country is as free as it is because no other country in their right mind would attempt a war on this continent, because of the guns that the people have over here. Our forefathers gave us that right to prevent a totalitarian government…..
        Alexander Hamilton: “The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed,” adding later, “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government.” By the way, Hamilton is referring to what institution when he says “the representatives of the people”?
        James Madison: “(The Constitution preserves) the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.”
        Thomas Jefferson: “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”
        George Mason, author of the Virginia Bill of Rights, which inspired our Constitution’s Bill of Rights, said, “To disarm the people — that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
        Democrats and like-minded people might dismiss these thoughts by saying the founders were racist anyway. Here’s a more recent quote from a card-carrying liberal, the late Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey: “Certainly, one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms. … The right of the citizen to bear arms is just one guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America but which historically has proven to be always possible.”

      • RC

        You would do well to get your head out of the sand and pay attention to what’s happening. The Socialists (Communists) want the entire populous of this country absolutely helpless to defend themselves. That way they can overthrow our government and create a COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP. It’s a proven fact that when the brainwashed idiots show up at a school or church intending to kill as many as they can, if just one person is armed in the group being attacked that terrorist idiot loses interest in what he’s doing. You condemn the NRA. That organization gas been around for over 100 years and there weren’t the wholesale murders until those communists masquerading as democrats were in power. If you want to blame someone take a good look in a mirror and blame yourself and others like you.

      • dittybop

        Why shouldn’t I, as a law abiding citizen, be able to buy any type of gun I want, or as many guns as I want? A little piece of paper called The Constitution says I have that Right!

      • Scrivner

        ” If the criminals and the terrorists have great difficulty accessing guns then the guns…” Then they would just rent a large truck and….Then they would buy a pressure cooker and a bunch of household chemicals and… Then pick up some hammers and knives at the local hardware store and…do I really have to go on?

      • GomeznSA

        Deep breath – now I’ll try to ‘edumacate’ you -there is No Such Thing as ‘Gun Violence’ – guns are inanimate objects, violence is a human act. The reality is that the USA ranks extremely low on violence RATES – especially if you take such peaceful cities as shykago, bodymore and a couple of others out of the equation.
        Please list even one murder committed by the NRA – it is an organization.
        Guns are intended to fire bullets – it is up to the user who wields it whether that bullet punches a hole in paper (target shooting) or strikes a person – either in defense of ones self or an innocent, or to intentionally murder someone. IOW – it is the sole responsibility of the user what that bullet strikes
        NOPE, the NRA nor any part of the “gun industry” wants just “anyone” to be gun owners. The NRA is the largest and most successful organization that has ever existed that espouses safe and legal gun ownership.
        I know you have already made up your mind but perhaps my reply will wake someone else up.

      • Daniel Gray

        They have not liar. According to Interpol and the Home Office in England, London is the most dangerous city in Europe with a 1000% increase of “hot invasions” (breaking and entering while the home owner is actually home) as well as shootings and stabbings and hit and runs and gang wars.

        Maybe you need to pull your head out of your dark and stinky as a LOT of central and south american countries far exceed us in the death counts, and so do quite a few eastern European countries as well.

      • rivahmitch

        perhaps because our American tradition is NOT one of serfdom and obedience. How is it now working out for the Swedes and the Germans with their governments allowing a muslim invasion bringing high levels of crime and violence while the native citizens are defenseless.

      • shavager


      • Stephen Howe

        Sadly, criminals BY DEFINITION don’t obey the laws. All more gun restriction laws would do is create a huge black market for guns, exactly like the war on drugs has done, as well as Prohibition. So only criminals would be able to acquire and own guns…and “gun violence” would continue unabated, if not worse.

      • Lou

        Just so you know, because you obviously did no research before you expressed an opinion, Australia forced their citizens to turn in all their weapons and guess what? Huge upturn in crime in the country. Especially home invasions. Russia has had mass murders but their government squashes any mention of them. But we have a Constitution that allows for anyone to express an opinion on anything and for a news media to report anything about anything. Just remember, without the 2nd Amendment, this country would have been invaded during the early part of WWII. However the Japanese commander Isoroku Yamamoto, knew that “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” In addition, you would not have the 1st or 3rd Amendment with out the 2nd. So, it is NOT about money, you fool, it is now and always has been about freedom. Sorry if that offends you. Actually, no I am not.

    • dittybop

      I agree with you 1000%, but for this to happen, local law enforcement would have to turn the perps over to Feds. The federal laws call for mandatory sentences, but then the local DA and AGs can’t have a dog and pony show, that ends in a plea bargin, but they still get to say they got a conviction, only on a lesser charge! It’s all smoke and mirrors!

      • shavager

        Disagree, we need to keep LOCAL law enforcement in control of enforcing our local/state laws unless an act constitutes a federal crime—IF the local authorities want to abdicate their authority, then STATE legislatures need to step in.Any FELONY such as convicted perp with unlawful possession should go to STATE for MANDATORY prosecution and sentence. Former Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly railed about making all gun crimes a FEDERAL action–what else do we need Federal government controlling? Might as well abolish state lines, turn it all over to the Feds–then wait ’till you see what happens. Those like Chicago and Baltimore, NYC that want to continue their ‘dog and pony’ shows by allowing the same corrupt politicians and parties to dominate them—DESERVE what they get.

      • Stephen Howe

        Actually…do you know what group OPPOSED such common-sense enforcement? That’s right. The NAACP. Guess why? Right again. Because they KNOW who the most frequent perps of violent crime are.

  • Keith

    Bill never misses a good tragedy. Democrats love to spread this worthless bullshit whenever there is a Democrat Shooter killing people.

    • bobvelon

      Rather than taking “Assault Weapons” off the streets how about we remove the source of the problem, “Democrats” That would do us all good…We do not own assault weapons and the sooner they figure that out the better……

      • tunnelrat

        It chaps my a$$ every time I hear the term assault weapon. These elected idiots are supposedly educated and they don’t know the difference between an automatic weapon and a semiautomatic weapon. We have elected fools as representatives and can’t see why our country is in shambles. The liberals have drug us so far down we can’t see the daylight anymore.

    • Suewa

      Whether the shooters are Democratic or Republican. Let’s make it impossible for anyone other than law enforcement or military to access weapons that can kill so many people in such a short time.

      • Aron Adler

        Why would police need to kill people rapidly as you say? If your fantasy plan worked, the criminals wouldn’t have these weapons so why would police need what you call military weapons? Are they at war with us? The semiauto rifle has been around over 100 years. I have a 1912 semi. You’re confusing magazine capacity with a form of firearm. As there are tens of millions of mags that hold over 20 in existence any law would only affect people who are not a problem. Those who would obey the law and turn them in. In Florida, concealed weapon permit holders commit felonies at a much lower rate than law enforcement. More cops go to prison than concealed permit holders so to say police are some reverent group…….the least violent and criminal subset seems to be lawful firearm owners. The school shooter is the rarest criminal and he was reported to the tho. 1 phone call to the school to follow up would have led to a visit and warrant and he would have been stopped. Stop the criminal as going after his choice of tools just means he will find another

      • RC

        Such a “wonderful” idea. Who’s going to defend the populous when “law enforcement” and military come to take you from your home and put you in a concentration camp? Seems to me a man named Hitler did that back in the 1930’s. Now they plan to pass a bill prohibiting 18, 19 and 20 year olds from owning firearms. Still they can vote and serve in the military defending our country. None of it makes any sense. If they can’t legally own a firearm, after knowing the safe use, it might be a good idea to raise the voting age and age of consent back to 21 years old.

      • Keith

        I will not live in your world. You just described North Korea. I have seen what happens to disarmed people. Over just my lifetime over 30 million were killed by Police and Military. And that’s not CNN Fake News, look it up.

      • Daniel Gray

        Guess you ignored the recent 8-1 US Supreme Court decision

        that says that ALL guns are protected by the 2nd Amendment. Now just how the hell stupid are you going to make a law that wont violate this ruling?

        • Suewa

          If you are writing about the 2008 supreme court ruling Justice Scalia’s opinion was that the 2nd amendment was and I quote “not a right to keep and carry any weapon in whatsoever manner and for whatever purpose ” Scalia left us to grapple with what constitutes a protected weapon. A group of gun enthusiasts here in my very conservative community went to a local shopping mall with their AK47s and AR15s openly carried on their shoulders and entered a restaurant. The owner did call police because customers were nervous and leaving. After a time the “pistol packers” did leave and just stood around with a “standing my ground this is my God-given right” attitude. There really wasn’t any law as I understand to force them to “back off.” A church shooter killed 9 people just half a block from my home. Despite being discharged from the service because he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic his family could not get law enforcement to disarm him, He had behaved in a threatening manner even scaring his neighbors. I wonder if the FBI had acted in some way in the case of Nicholas Cruz they could have disarmed him. There are areas of this country where the sacredness of the 2nd amendment is more important than human life. Checking many sources of statistics will prove over and over again that fewer guns of any kind equate with fewer gun deaths. With 1/5 of the world’s population we have nearly half of all the civilian owned firearms. Most of those weapons are owned by about 1/3 of the population.

          • Daniel Gray

            LOOK AT THE FREAKIN DATE MORON! This decision was just released in the last 3 months meaning I am NOT speaking of the 2008 decision. GAWD why dont you use the internet and a library to educate yourself instead of being proud of your stupidity?

            And again you are so full of BS that your eyes are brown. According to the BATF over 83% of the homes in the US HAVE A WEAPON in them. Thats a far cry from the left wing BS claim that 2/3rds do not have a weapon.

  • usmcSergeant

    Wrong, Democrats want ALL guns off the streets!

    • Frank Poniatowski Jr

      Wrong, they don’t JUST want them off the streets. I think we all want that, yes? They (at least most of them) want them gone from every aspect of American life. No hunting, no target shooting, no self defense…..that is the goal, and it’s why the NRA, imperfect as it is, is needed so badly.

      • Suewa

        Hunters want their “recreation” to include killing animals that have done no harm and are not needed for food. They use the “beauty of the outdoors” , the “comradeship” with friends and children, the challenage of stalking and outwitting the animal by killing it. Listening to a group of hunters I heard them all finally admit it was “the thrill of the kill” that motivated their hunting. And some of these hunters were teaching their own children this thrill of killing. Is there any mystery to why though not every gun lover and hunter has been a mass killer, on the other hand EVERY mass killer has been an almost obsessed gun lover and hunter?

  • stadalberts

    Oh, good God Almighty, Bill Nelson, Florida’s very own Taliban lover and anti American politician. How this guy keeps getting re-elected time and time again is beyond me. He is the poster child for term limits! Freakin’ loser…. One has to wonder what goes on in his voting district…You hear that BILL?????

    • steve

      The senator spoke about AR-15s, a (semi-)automatic weapon, that can shoot a dozen or more bullets at a time — similar to assault weapons used in the armed forces. He didn’t mention handguns, which can fire only one or a couple bullets at a time — unfortunately we need those for self-defense in many areas. It’s time to put a noose around necks of NRA leadership, who only want to sell all types of weapons, and oppose any and all common sense restrictions on who can buy them. Money rules! and too many of our federal and state politicians feed at the trough of the NRA.

      • Terry Butts

        “The senator spoke about AR-15s, a (semi-)automatic weapon, that can shoot a dozen or more bullets at a time ”

        1) NO semi AUTO can fire more than ONE BULLET PER TRIGGER PULL just like any SEMI AUTOMATIC GUN none of them can fire a DOZEN BULLETS at a time the MILITARY use FULL AUTO capable guns NOT the civilian SEMI AUTO model.

        The mechanism in a CIVILIAN AR 15 is no different than in the majority of SEMI AUTO .22 target/hunting rifles/pistols that have been around for over 100 years.

        2) He stated ALL SEMI AUTO guns in his rant not just the ONE model type the POLITICIANS and MEDIA made popular with their lies about its performance.

        If someone can pull the trigger on a pistol it can fire just as fast as any other SEMI AUTO they pull the trigger on at the same repetition rate.

        “AR-15 Operation:
        Action: .Gas-operated Direct impingement design with a rotating bolt
        Cartridge: 223 Remington, 5.56×45 NATO Round
        Feed System: 20-30 Round detachable magazines or 40-50 round box magazines
        Muzzle Velocity: 3,200 feet per second (975 m/sec)
        Cyclic Rate of Fire: Up to 800 rounds per-minute on full-auto versions
        Maximum Effective Distance: 400 to 600 meters
        Sight: Adjustable Front Iron Sight and rear day/night iron sights
        Weight: 2.27 kg-3.9 kg (5.5-8.5 lb)
        Magazine: STANAG design which was adopted for use by NATO in the early 1980’s after the introduction of the 5.56x45mm cartridge.”

        So if someone had one of the NOT AVAILABLE to the general public FULL AUTO Military versions it would still take over a second to fire 12 rounds a fire rate NOT achievable with a SEMI AUTO civilian model. It makes no difference if fires 12 rounds a minute or 12 rounds a second if the victims are UNARMED and it takes 5 minutes to 3 hours for a response from AUTHORIZED by government to be armed individuals to respond.

        Not everyone lives in a LARGE city where the police are just around the corner and can respond in 5 minutes some actually live hundreds of miles from the nearest police department where it takes hours to get help. Trying to GEAR LAWS around big city issues applying them to people who’s nearest neighbor is a 30 minute drive on the false claim it will stop crime is idiocy.

        The NRA is made up of US CITIZENS not gun manufacturers. OBEYING the constitution is not FEEDING at any trough.

        Read what HITLER actually stated and SUBSTITUTE NRA where he said jew and you will see exactly what you sound like to people who can think for themselves based on REAL facts instead of the false media/political propaganda about the well over 100 MILLION law abiding citizens who own guns and HAVE NEVER HARMED ANYONE AND HAVE NO PLANS TO SO but are not going to be DEFENSELESS like those children were in the GUN FREE ZONE where the 100% ban on civilian ownership of guns was imposed on the HONOR SYSTEM in the HOPE criminals would also obey it.

  • Hermit375

    firearm is a tool it can’t think or move on it’s own – a person has to make the choice to move it — why isn’t the person in the spot light? it’s no different than a drunk using a car and doing wrong you don’t blame the car ??? Or a knife – ball point pen – hammer. what happened is bad so you try to take away guns because you think things will be all rose pedal nice the only persons you’ll hurt are the millions of honest gun owners who have done nothing wrong.. criminals don’t follow laws or rules./. get off your soap boxes and quit beating your chest about more gun laws try enforcing the ones on the books already

  • Steve W

    Democrats all for simplistic (and ineffective) solutions that feel good, keep the dollars and votes coming in. In other words follow the Liberal/Progressive/Democrat Agenda. Little interest in real practical solutions. In the school shootings this would be to harden the schools and actually begin to keep track of the antisocial students.

  • Sue Lynn

    As soon as criminals know they are taking weapon off the street they will also know they will be the only one’s with these weapon’s!! Then how are we going to protect ourselves? There are not enough police to protect most of us now. Unfortunately they are leaving the profession right and left because of all the idiot’s tying their hands and not letting them protect themselves, or us!!!! Crooks will always have guns no matter how many laws are passed. It is impossible to get even a fraction of criminal guns off the streets. Guns don’t shoot themselves….. The only solution I see is either armed guards or armed teachers!!! Mental illness is the root of the problem and apparently that slippery slope is impossible!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron Long

    Assault weapons??? Anything that you are attacked with is an assault weapon, even a water balloon. As far as guns go what exactly is an assault weapon??? Watch out because what is called an assault weapon today will continue to be changed. And can someone explain to me just why someone under 21 should not be allowed to purchase a weapon? The voting age has been lowered to 18. Drivers licenses in most states are 16. Has there been an increase in shootings with rifles or handguns by citizens under 21? I don’t think so, This is another foot in the door trick by the Progressives. Age has nothing to do with reason.

    • Suewa

      No one other that law enforcement (that’s debatable) or the military should have access to a weapon and ammunition that can kill dozens of people in a few minutes. NO ONE whether 18 or 80. IF these weapons are so much “fun” to shoot then perhaps they can be kept and used VERY SECURELY at a firing range.

      • Ron Long

        Hello, thanks for the response. Fully automatic weapons have been outlawed and strictly controlled since the 1930’s. There are shooting ranges that have those for rent and use at that range, it is expensive and not my cup of tea. My point is that if they outlaw semi-automatic weapons because a person can put out a high rate of fire, then next week they will try to outlaw pump action weapons for the same reason, and so on. Outlawing these types of weapons is not the answer. It is an exercise in futility.

        • Suewa

          Then why are lives saved in other countries. Why do we have 10 people per 100,000 population die by firearms each year, Japan less than 1 ( skilled, sane, people after a waiting period can be armed, but not with weapons that can kill dozens in minutes – I know absolutely nothing about guns and don’t care if the weapon is called a teddy bear or a revolver – and yes the Japanese AND the USA have our stabbers, and bludgeoners but the gun takes care of most in the USA) then the UK has about 3 per 100,00 and you can find the stats and you know the issue is an irrational devotion to guns and money in this country. Our stats are more than 88 guns per 100 people , the UK 6 per 100. Oh, I forgot the poisoners, those that smother etc. , the chair killers who hit people over the head with chairs, even books, pokers, vases…….Oh Ron, beyond doubt during the 10 years we had the assault weapons ban( or guns that go pop, pop, pop, pop over and over before needing to be reloaded – I don’t care what their name is nor do I care to learn anything about an object that has no use but killing and I’m glad I don’t) we had dramatically fewer mass killings ( as defined by more than 4 at once). If your stats don’t show that then look further.

  • John Brown

    These weapons are very good for what they were designed to do, Kill People. They are great on the battle field and/or the target range, BUT NOT on the streets of this country. The only invading force we face is coming out of Washington and the best weapon for that is the Voters at the Ballet box.
    In the mean time fight for the First Amendment rights and enforcement of the First part of the 2nd Amendment.

  • bitterclinger

    Yes. Let’s make this school shooting a pivotal moment! End gun free zones right now! We protect our money, our politicians and our airlines far better than we protect our kids, they are all provided with armed guards, its time for armed guards in all schools. That is the only thing that will put an end to these kind of attacks. Infringing on the rights of honest citizens will change nothing, except maybe to make us even less safe.

  • Maggietish

    Nelson is suggesting gun reform so he must agree to the fact that anyone who is guarding him whether it be secret service or private bodyguard will not carry weapons. He wants to put the American people at jeopardy for every lunatic in town and not give us a way to defend ourselves that he should be able to put himself in the same position

  • greg edwards

    i do not no what kind of rifle the kid used but if it was AR -15 that is hard to hide on his person.he was better off with a handgun.some adult saw this kid and should have stop him.his parents new something was wrong and did enough about the kid.someone older than him gave or sold the gun to him and did nothing about it.last ,i been writing about how to stop school shootings but schools do not care about school safety.they would spend the money on football or raises for the teachers

  • kiltlad

    I watched/listened to what he said. He actually said. “We need to get all semi-automatic rifles
    out of the hands of civilians. Only law enforcement should have them.” This is what the Dem’s want. All semi rifles and then all semi pistols. You give them an inch and they will take the whole yard.
    I’m just saying…

    • Terry Butts

      The thing that should scare people most about this is that it sounds so much like Hitlers law where only the ones the GOVERNMENT allowed could have one allowing him to DISARM those he planned to exterminate.

      Take away the specific direction against Jews and replace it with those who own the types of weapons he wants gone (such as NRA members) and it sounds scarily like what the DEMOCRATS have imposed in some areas and are trying to impose nationwide.

      They are even using the same excuse that it is to PROTECT the people from violence when NONE of the existing restrictions protect anyone even making unprotected GUN FREE ZONES criminals target without fear of encountering an armed victim that will fight back.

    • RC

      You got it! If we all are disarmed or can only own something like a muzzle loader why would the cops need anything more? The Democrats (Socialists, who’re nothing but Communists in disguise) want nothing but to control us instead if represent us. They don’t give a tinker’s damn about the school kids being killed. All they want is for us to be helpless and under their control.

  • George Matyas

    I will agree to get rid of my weapons ( guns only) right after all politicians resign and we have new election with new non politicians running for office.

  • le3845

    AR-15 is not an assault weapon-period.

    • Suewa

      Whether it is called a margarita, a cream puff, or a Barbie doll, it is a thing that is capable of firing 154 bullets in 4 minutes and killing 20 children and 6 adults and no one has a “constitutional right” to possess such a horror. Those are the Sandy Hook stats.

      • Terry Butts

        How does Sandy Hook apply to the CIVILIAN version of the AR 15 they REPORTEDLY found AFTERWARDS in the vehicle?

        When it happened the SURVIVORS that were interviewed stated he used TWO PISTOLS to commit that one it was hours later after that they announced that an AR 15 was found behind the seat in the vehicle WHILE SHOWING VIDEO OF THEM REMOVING IT FROM SAID VEHICLE after that the MEDIA spouted nothing about what the victims that survived had stated and ran with the false claim he used the AR 15 at the school.

        The US CONSTITUTION is about the CITIZENS of this nation being able to provide ARMED RESISTANCE to TYRANNY that means using WHATEVER weapon is needed to fight even an ARMY if need be.

        This FANTASY that the government OWNS the people and can RESTRICT or TAKE AWAY rights based on FEAR is FOREIGN PROPAGANDA started nearly as soon as this nation KICKED OUT the last tyrannical government in 1776. There was even a POLITICAL party DEMANDING a return to BRITISH RULE of this nation.

        How long after the 2nd amendment is IGNORED by the TYRANTS spouting the propaganda you parroted do you think you would be able to post anything without governmental permission or worship whatever religion you believe if the government DISPROVES of it teaching that people have GOD GIVEN rights the GOVERNMENT can not remove.

        They are already BRAINWASHING college students into thinking they need to have their SPEECH approved by OFFICIALS and get a permit before they are allowed to exercise that right. Even REVOKING already issued permits when they feel THE THREATS OF VIOLENCE FROM LIBERALS warrants the SAFETY precaution of CENSORING the speech.

        Know this when MORONS spout kill the nra they are talking about MURDERING MILLIONS OF US CITIZENS who have NEVER HARMED ANYONE for nothing more than REFUSING to allow the LAW OF THIS NATION be overturned and giving TYRANNICAL power to politicians who feel they have a right to MICROMANAGE everyone’s life in the name of PROTECTING them.

        The UN small arms treaty that these events are being used to IMPOSE through local restrictions clearly states its ONLY PURPOSE is to ensure that no civilian can put up an armed resistance. It was authored by nations with a history of MURDERING THEIR OWN CITIZENS over religion, politics, race, etc. it is not about PROTECTING them from anyone, it is not about STOPPING CRIMINALS.

        Even in France they have MASS shootings despite having the SAME RESTRICTIONS in place for nearly a century that they are trying to impose in America today on the FALSE claim it is about stopping crime.

        The NFA was not passed to stop crime it was past to essentially copy HITLER in his law that gave the government TOTAL say in who could defend themselves so he could DISARM the groups he then began MURDERING.

        Every nation in history that has disarmed any portion of its CITIZENS has always followed by mass “execution” of those citizens that includes RWANDA and the US massacre of NATIVE AMERICANS so when we hear once again the RHETORIC that DISARMING us is about PROTECTING us we remember HOW the government defined PROTECTION in the past.

        We already have politicians spouting their desire to put different groups into CAMPS like hitler did over not being POLITICALLY correct or exercising their RIGHTS when it comes to HEALTH,religion,business etc.

      • le3845

        Actually you are incorrect, we do have a “Constitutional Right” to own a weapon. You can label anything thing that kills a weapon of horror. The real horror is the idiots that are being raised today, force fed nothing but violent videos, movies and indoctrinated into the new socialist Orwellian society and lack of mental health laws or laws not being enforced. A gun is an inanimate object, like a car and if mishandled by an idiot, can become a horror. Stop equating these morons who decide to carry out their insane rampages with law abiding responsible citizens. I’ve been in law enforcement way to long and have seen horrors you couldn’t imagine or digest and these shootings are a symptom of a sick society.

  • Terry Butts

    How about explaining how the ALREADY RESTRICTED SELECT FIRE assault weapons are on the streets?

    Oh that’s right he means the NORMAL HUNTING WEAPONS that are semi automatic not ones that are actual assault weapons.

    If we strip the COSMETIC attachments that have no bearing whatsoever on its function the AR 15 is no different in functionality than the very common .22 caliber hunting/target guns used for decades long before someone decided to add a CHANGE to the way it looks and create an AR 15.

    Furthermore the recent shooting and nearly all of the others happened in MARKED AREAS that have a 100% BAN on civilians possessing guns how is any more laws to PUNISH the criminal for violating after such an incident IF they survive to be prosecuted supposed to somehow change the fact they ALREADY PLAN TO BREAK THE LAWS AGAINST MURDER etc. and all the other gun restrictions passed on the same FALSE PROMISE that “no more shootings will happen if we just get x passed” well X has been passed repeatedly that is why there are THOUSANDS of gun restrictions that criminals VIOLATE WITH EVERY CRIME they commit.

    The anti gun groups either IGNORE that they did get it passed or declare that OTHER JURISDICTIONS have to impose it as well as if the fact they can not or choose not to enforce the existing 100% ban in the gun free zones is the fault of even OTHER STATES with lower crime rates that allow more people to protect themselves.

    • RC

      I’m with you in what you wrote. Looking back over 20 years there was a guy named Patrick Purdy. He had been arrested on SEVEN felony firearm charges. Liberal judges in Los Angeles downgraded the charge to misdemeanor every time. Seems to me they should have seen a red light somewhere when he started “legally” arming himself with rifles, handguns and ammunition. He went to Stockton, CA and killed I don’t know how many grammar school kids on the playground. If we need gun control I think it might be a good idea to start with those lazy asses who’re supposed to be checking backgrounds. They should either do their jobs or be looking elsewhere.

      • Terry Butts

        Checking backgrounds would only do so much for example the one who shot that one politician a few years back every time the police were called over his violent behavior they just released him to his parents on the promise they would get him psychiatric help because he was a MINOR no record of his violence was kept.

        So when he was caught just hours before the shooting violating a law that prohibited him from having guns in the area he took them to practice the background check showed no violent history for him and they released him with just a warning.

  • Nikita63

    Nelson and all democratic fools and are worse than that, they are oppressors and more loyal to the U.N. and its attempts ongoing to disarm ALL American CitizensTO FURTHER IMPLEMENT THEIR HEINOUS AGENDA 21. The terrorist, sociopathic attacks are NOT COMMITTED BY LEGALLY COMPLIANT , ADULT CITIZENS AND FEW IF ANY OF THOSE PERPETRATORS HAVE EVER BEEN MEMBERS OF MUCH VILIFIED AND EXCORIATED NRA AND OTHER RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS. THE FBI IS MORE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PARKLAND SHOOTINGS THAN IS THE CRUZ KID THOUGH HE DID THE SHOOTINGS FOR GOD ALONE KNOWS WHATEVER REASONS! THEY KNEW HE WAS A POTENTIAL THREAT FROM SEVERAL SOURCES INCLUDING A FACEBOOK POSTING BY NIKOLAS CRUZ SAYING HE DESIRED TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL SHOOTER. WHAT WOULD ANY OF YOU DO KNOWING SUCH INFORMATION WEEKS BEFORE THE EVENT? WELL, THE FBI DID NOTHING; AND IT WAS NOT THE FIRST TIME! Back in 2013 and prior to the Boston Marathon bombings by the Brothers Tsarnaev, the Russians had told the FBI to be aware of training these brothers had taken and that they were of potentially inimical intent. After some investigation, they did NOTHING! What is needed is cool headed Common Sense remedies to these threats. That includes metal detection units and surveillance of Every school , those teachers who feel the need and have no objection should be allowed to carry concealed once properly trained to do so and qualified, and/or security personnel provided. It will be costly but, that is far better than allowing schools to be defined as “gun free zones ,”as they have since 1990 which OBVIOUSLY has had the direct opposite of the intent of the original legislation . If every student has to be searched physically prior to entering school grounds, so be it! After all. if one travels by air, these precautions are ALWAYS taken AND THEY HAVE BEEN MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE THAN THE OLD SKY MARSHALL PROGRAMS AS THE SAD FACT IS WE LIVE IN A WORLD MADE UNSAFE BY TERRORISTS AND POLITICIANS. Looking at the pragmatic reality, it is often DIFFICULT to discern the difference between them; and a good part of the reason for THAT, is the utter lack of Common sense, or the willingness to TAKE EITHER RESPONSIBILITY OR ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE POLICIES THEY FORCE ON US. And,for those who would end the 2nd Amendment altogether: Hitler did achieve total gun control and shortly after praising it in a Munch speech in 1935, began the road to slaughter world wide that was WWII and in which 60 million people died….6 million of them helpless Jews slaughtered like sheep as they had no way to defend against their own government, Do not think such cannot happen here. It can and will: BUT ONLY IF YOU LET IT!

  • Martin

    Get rid of this idiot.

  • cal3301

    I’ve written this before….. The 2nd Amendment was never about hunting. It was for the right of self preservation against the possibility of a tyrannical government forming and for use in self defense. The type of gun does not matter. Hunting is for putting food on the table. Our country is as free as it is because we do have gun owners in it. I know of no foreign country that would risk fighting a war over here. What has occurred with these mass shootings has nothing to do with guns but the mental health of those that got hold of one. We have plenty of gun laws on the book that needs to be followed and agencies that need to keep better data base information when one is doing background checks.
    When airplanes were used as a weapon we didn’t ban flying, did we? We got TSA! That is also what is needed at the entrances of all schools to keep them out and teachers that are proficient in conceal carry that can take down a shooter. We are not the only country that is dealing with this. Just google Russia and Germany. We should really take a look at Israel, because Israel is a good example of what they did to prevent it and we should follow that type of system.

  • KayO

    They need to get the assaulters off the streets-not weapons. Anything is a weapon.

  • Ken Mathews

    Most gun murders occur in 5% of the counties in the US. They do not involve automatic weapons that have been legally purchased. Within the 5% of the counties with High Gun Violence, it is only a very small portion of the county that has gun violence. Most if not all of those areas are consider Liberal Areas. Why not do something about those areas first?? When the Left talks about mass shooting, they are referring to any shooting that takes place where more than 2 people not including the shooter are killed.

    98% of high number mass shootings take place in Gun Free Zones. Wonder why. Mass shooting are stopped by 3 different methods.
    1. Killer runs out of people as is the case when 2 or 3 people are killed
    2. Killer runs out of bullets (rarely happens)
    3. Someone else (civilian/police) violates the gun free zone with a gun and kills or drives off the shooter.

    Security Guards in Gun Free Zones remind me of the TV Commercial for security system. Bank Security Guard tell the customer during a robbery. “I don’t stop robberies, I just warn people one is happening”.

  • Stanley F Pietrzak Jr.

    We can never have too many weapons nor too much ammo. The 2nd amendment is not about hunting, but is about defending/protecting oneself, one’s family, property, State and Country from the forces of Tyranny both foreign and domestic. to do this we need/require the most advanced weapons made today including FULL automatic weapons and large capacity magazines. Oh, by the way, a AR 15 is not an assault rifle. It is only a modern sport rifle and is only a semi auto rifle. Now an M 16 IS an assault rifle, FULL automatic capable of firing about 800 rounds a minute (note: a AR 15 can not fire anywhere close to this rate). As a military officer I should know. Also, as any military person will tell you, you want ALL the fire power possible for defense. Dr. Pietrzak, Captain, US Army, Vietnam era vet

  • GomeznSA

    If josh sugarman had copyrighted that term when he invented it and charged royalties on the use of it, he would be a really rich man today.
    Can that dim from Florida please explain what an “assault weapon” is? There is a true definition of what an “assault rifle” is but the other has a very ‘slippery’ definition. I have yet to see one (whatever it really is) on my street nor any of the others I usually travel……………….

  • daGunny

    As an escort for the media and having worked with politicians, I can positively say, most of them couldn’t tell a shotgun from a rifle and less then 12% of the legislators have served in the military. With that being said, with the greatest encyclopedia of military terms, down I-395, idiots like Sen. Nelson can’t even tell the difference between assault weapons and an ARmalite-15. All they have to do, is call someone at the pentagon, Marine Headquarters or any of the Army offices in the Beltway, to define the difference between an assault weapon and an ARmalite-15. My M16 had a selector switch to make it fire like a machine gun. M-14 had a selector switch that gave it machine gun like performance. That being said, I have a .22 rifle that can fire as fast as an ARmalite-15, but it isn’t an assault rifle, just like the ARmalite-15 is not an assault rifle. Just cause a rifle looks like an assault rifle, doesn’t mean it is one. The M1Guarand and M1 .30 caliber carbines were the assault rifles of 6 and 7 decades ago, but they cannot match todays military assault rifle, nor can the ARmalite-15. It is an effective rifle for a lot of things, but not a rifle I would take into combat. That being said, ARmalite rifles are being used to distract the uninformed from the plain fact that legislators would rather make more laws, that don’t cost them a thing, then spend the extra money on adequate support for local law enforcement and re-habilitating and reviving a failing mental health system in this country. Finally, they are covering for the mistakes of the FBI and failed systems like Florida, which closed down most of it’s mental health facilities and put those they considered non-threats on the streets and the criminally disturbed mental patients in prison.But, kids like Cruz cannot be committed or arrested even after over thirty complaints against him because of weak baker act laws, and no place to put him. Sen. Nelson wants to punish the law-abiding fire arm owners because he know most of us may be conservatives anyway and he wants to be re-elected by looking like a hero and savior. Of course, the media is only interested in continuing its feeding frenzy with more and more emotionally charged stuff than print or broadcast objectively, even the famed, brave Wolff Blitzer probably couldn’t define an assault weapon if you asked him. But, he earned his Washington Post, by being miles away from the actual war zone, reporting from his hotel balcony while building were being bombed in the difference. I’ve escorted media types on Marine Corps bases, most of them couldn’t tell you the difference between a pistol and a revolver. And, those non-veteran legislators are even worse. They’ll play on your ignorance to get what they want. Thomas Jefferson best described it: “A government that fears an armed populous is a government to be feared.” I challenge all but the veterans in congress to adequately define today’s modern assault rifles or weapons. And, what is an armalite rifle? Perhaps Senator Nelson and others should stop catering to their “pet constituencies” and “Pork” and put the money where it belongs, in adequate law enforcement funding and improved mental health programs, institutions and find out who is also culpable, when the FBI fails to follow up on all the incriminating leads Cruz left. I am disgusted with our manipulative, ignorant legislators and we can no longer call outlets like CNN news media. They are no better than some of the smut shows like the View!

  • Freedom

    Until the school boards and parents pull their heads out of their asses and start securing entrances and exits with armed security the murders will not stop no matter what kind of gun laws you employ. Take away the AR-15 do you really believe the murdering will stop ? It won`t stop and the only people you are hurting is the LAWFUL GUN OWNER, And YOUR OWN KIDS!!!

  • gideonrockwell

    The only assault weapons you will find are those either in military armories or in the hands of heavily vetted and heavily taxed class 3 owners. Any others were brought across the border that Demotards like Nelson are so adamant about not securing with a proper wall by those poor DACAs all of the Dems are stomping hankies over. The AR platform is the most popular firearm in America, it is also the Modern Hunting Firearm. It comes in numerous calibers for every purpose from varmint shooting, to target competitions, to elk hunting. The LIbertards are using the same tactics they tried in the late 60’s through the 80’s trying to lable handguns as Saturday Night Specials. The left is using the old Soviet tactic of two steps forward one step back. As I have said many times the Bill of Rights was drawn up by the Founders as an affirmation of God Given Rights to mankind that no person hall tamper with. Time to run all of the Socialist out of the Education System that are rewriting our history and indoctrinating our youth to the ways of Marx and Mao.

  • fcutch

    Why don’t they talk about the Federal Bureau of Idiots failing at doing their job. Complaints were made, the signs were there, the writing was on the wall. They flat out f_ _ ked up

  • Daniel Gray

    Hey NUMBNUTS! There was shootings even WITH the “assault weapons importation ban” from Billy Bubba so it proves this wont work. So you keep spewing your BS and we will keep laughing at you when you fail.

  • Kirk Kahler

    this guys ass is talking cuz his mouth knows better ! 1st people kill people ! 2nd more people are killed by knifes than long guns by huge numbers ! people kill more people with there hands and feet by real big numbers over long guns ! when are the democrats going to stop pushing lies ? when are they going to stop trying to disarm all of America ! democrats are pushing the lies that here in America we are number one in mass shooting but the truth is we are not even in the top ten ! and then there are the country’s the democrats use as a role model for gun control have more than we do hmmmm makes you think why they are going after our guns ! the democrats agenda is to take all of our rights a way but first they have to disarm all of America that way we could not fight back or defend our self’s from those that want to rule over us !!!

  • Dan Mattingly

    How about when you learn what a true assault weapon is and, quit trying to “demonize” a semi automatic rifle. Idiots trying to make a case that have no idea what they are talking about. There true agenda is to unarm the law abiding citizen and let the crooks run rampant with them. Makes the job of introducing a “Venezuela” type Socialist/Communist style of government much. much easier. It would remove the Constitution and give them the ultimate power they so badly want. They consider the people of this nation dumb and stupid. We can’t take care of ourselves or our children. Only they know how to. With all their corruption they are way worse off then we are.

  • rivahmitch

    Just another little a-hole Democommie who wants our guns so that we won’t be able to resist later when it and its fellow communist cohorts come to take everything else we have later to buy votes from its favorite parasites.

  • twerry bemo

    Nelson is an idiot, the constitution grants us the right to carry weapons, and for that matter, the politicians have exceeded their authority by making ANY restrictions on guns. It is time for we the people

  • shavager

    Unless the AR-15 is chambered for a NATO round–it is a .22 RIFLE! The only difference is a pointed bullet that’s slightly longer than common .22 long rifle bullets, the cartridge has more powder for power and accuracy BUT IT’S STILL A .22 RIFLE SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE!!! Congress NEEDS to understand—NO Congress, NO President, NO Supreme Court can change the U.S. Constitution! They can’t change a PUNCTUATION MARK, a LETTER, a WORD, a SENTENCE, a PARAGRAPH or ANY RIGHT contained within that document!!!!! WHAT part of ‘the RIGHT of the PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” don’t they understand???? ONLY the INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN can surrender his/her rights upon CRIMINAL conviction or Court adjudication that the INDIVIDUAL is a threat to self or others. WE REFUSE TO SURRENDER OUR RIGHTS!


    DEATH penalty for MURDERERS!!

    leftist libTURD democRATS “think” nothing of MURDERING over one MILLION preborn babies still in their mothers’ wombs EVERY YEAR!! But they are “HORRIFIED” about 17 murdered teenagers!!

    Just call them late term 68th trimester abortions, then it would be OK!!


    NOWHERE in the 2nd Amendment does it authorize so called “gun free zones”!

    Text of the 2nd Amendment:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    And you gun grabbers conveniently disregard what the 2nd Amendment ACTUALLY

    What part of “…[t]he right of THE PEOPLE to keep (have/possess) and bear (CARRY) Arms, shall not be infringed.” do YOU NOT understand? The right of the people means, THE INDIVIDUAL has the right, NOT referring to an army (collective right).

    Video 4:16 explaining 2nd Amendment: /watch?v=rEqGBOt32NM

    Research what was meant by the founding fathers when they referred to “A well regulated Militia”. Back then, they meant EVERY able-bodied man who knew how to handle a gun (meaning well trained) WAS the Militia!

    You must remember that the founding fathers used the meanings of the words when they wrote them, NOT THE MEANINGS USED TODAY!

    Considering the fact that if a man wanted his family to have MEAT, he had to go HUNTING to KILL an animal, USUALLY WITH A GUN/RIFLE! (You DO realize that
    back in the 1700’s, there were NO grocery stores with REFRIGERATED meat
    displays, where the woman of the house could go to buy a steak or roast to fix for dinner that night!?!?) SO MOST men WERE well trained, therefore WERE “well
    regulated” the Militia!

    “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

    Great explanation of the 2nd Amendment begins at approximately the 25-minute mark.