Democrat Bashes Hannity

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) recently appeared on CNN where he suggested Sean Hannity be fired from Fox for having ties with  Michael Cohen.

 Connolly stated, “Today’s announcement that Sean Hannity was the third client, to me, deserves a lot of attention. Sean Hannity has been among the lowest of the low, wrestling in the mud of birther conspiracy, Seth Rich conspiracies about the young man who was murdered here in Washington, that maybe that was a different kind of murder — all kinds of conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. Distributing false and fake news left and right, and now what we learn is, as he’s defending the president’s lawyer on television, he has a conflict of interest and ethical conflict of interest. He is one of those clients. He never revealed that. And I think that is a big stain on certainly Mr. Hannity, but also Fox News.”

“I think they ought to fire Sean Hannity. I think he is so into this, like a pig in the mud, he can’t get out of it, and I think he deserves to be fired. His word could never again be trusted given the fact that he consciously did not reveal this relationship.”

  • ROB

    Hey dummo, Sean Hanitty is the only tv host along with Laura Ingraham exposing the people who are really guilty of crimes. The deep state is being exposed and it is a refreshing breath of fresh air. Yeah I don’t blame you for being critical because before it’s over yo suck buddy barak hussain obammer will have to answer for his sins too. And Sean is pounding them every nigh, exposing the crimes of the deep state. Refreshing.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    they need to find out how to Receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.It is time to receive Jesus as your personal Lord and
    Savior. Once received seek the Baptism in the Holy Spirit which was
    promised in all 4 of the Gospels to imbue us with power from on High.
    See Isaiah30’21” You will hear a voice behind you saying this is the
    way, walk ye in it. Description of receiving what God has promised is
    also in the Old Testament (Ezekiel 36’25-27, ” I will remove your heart
    of Stone and give you a heart of flesh [born again], I will wash you and
    make you clean [water baptism} and I WILL PUT MY SPIRIT IN YOU TO CAUSE
    Socialism does not work. The Only way it would work is that every human being were perfect. The one thing that prevented our first society, the Pilgrims from starving to death who had practiced Socialism were 2 scriptures,”If you don’t work you don’t eat”, “Any person who does not take care of his own family is worse than an infidel.”

    • Robert Pescatore

      I totally agree.

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        They need to read “23 Minutes in Hell” by Bill Weiss, “My Time in Heaven” by Richard Sigmund, “Within the Gates” by Rebecca Springer” and see the DVD “Raise from the Dead” which can be obtained from Christ For All Nations for about $15 about a minister who was not only dead for several days but was embalmed but the Lord still raised him from the dead whether they believe the ministry or him or not.

  • Haus

    Can I be the first to tell Rep. G. Connolly to pound sand? this is completely weak and without standing or merit. he needs to have a plexi-otomy so eh can read without having to open his mouth.. An open mouth with this man signals he is lying.

    • Noah Jonas

      How do people like Connolly even get elected?

      • Dealerdeb1

        By lying to idiots that want free stuff

  • Wobbly Warhead

    Consider the source. ROFLMAO!

  • Danny S.

    Mr Connelly, if anyone should be fired for associating with known liers, anti-American socialist ,haters of our constitution and religious beliefs.
    By the way I believe Seth Rich was murdered by someone from the DNC maybe it was even you. Also if Obama was born in America I was Elvis Presley’s little brother!!!! Remember Obama said he was born in Hawaii? Well is he said it it was probably a lie!!
    Hannity’s reporting so far is responsible for 14 FBI upper level indictments or forced demotions. Hannity has done more in the last year for the American people then you’ve done in your whole political career Mr Connelly.

    • Can ya sing us an Elvis tune…

    • Dealerdeb1

      I think HRC put a hit out on him and Brennan took the job

    • Jim Rowley

      Good Danny S.!! I’M WITH YOU!!!

    • rad77red

      miss ter Connelly you are one of the biggest { PIGGEST } problems in the SWAMP !! you need to pipe down before they investigate YOU !

    • Maggiemae

      A huge AMEN to ALL you’ve written!!!!

  • Connolly, almost have the so called Main Street media is in bed with the democrats! How about asking there stations to fire those or is it because Hannity is the most popular on the nightly news and commentary news stations.

    • It’s nice to merely spew out accusations, William, but can ya back it up with some substance in the spouting off of, “almost have the so called Main Street media is in bed with the democrats.”

  • Barbara

    If they fired every Democrat who was connected to “suspicious” activity there wouldn’t be a DNC. The corruption in that party is sinful. I too believe Seth Rich was rubbed out because he knew too much (the Clinton way). Hannity tells it like it is!! That’s why he is the #1SHOW…The truth will prevail!!

    • Robert Pescatore

      Barb the Democrats are just liars and the party of lies, they couldn’t tell the truth if it stared them in the face.

    • Noah Jonas

      I believe the Clintons had Seth Rich killed, and all three Clintons had a hand in it. If Bill and Chelsea were smart they would both make a deal with prosecutors and testify against Hillary before she drags them both off to prison with her.

  • Mister007

    That proves the democrats are nuts, just because he used a lawyer they don’t like.

  • Barbara

    Another thought…Hawaii became part of the US on August 21, 1959.So Obama was NOT born in the US…that would make him 59 if he was born if Hawaii was part of our country!!!

    • Dealerdeb1

      Your common sense is ignored by the lying Democrats. My question is why didn’t anyone do a background check on him before he ran? facts count

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    Connolly-Have you ever had a Friendship with a Person that just might be a Lawyer??So should you drop out of your Government Job??Because I mean you’re in a position-Where you Also talk to a lot of People.By the way-Are you sure you’re a Republican??Because your Acting like you’re on Democrates side-Maybe you should Switch-Your Party.????

    • Robert Pescatore

      I agree completely.

    • Noah Jonas

      With a face like that he has to be a Democrat, He looks like the love child between Al Schumer and Nancy Pelosi,

  • richard black

    pot calling the kettle black ???

  • parthenon1

    This Democrat probably doesnt get his name in the news as much as he would like so he had to comment and show his ignorance

  • generalJed

    Democrats have a lot of nerve, claiming that they have one ounce of ethics. If they had “ethics”, they would admit to being lying, plotting communists and following the Communist Manifesto in their every day attempt to turn our Republic into Venezuela or Cuba or worse.

  • rottenrollin

    Blow, Conolly

  • Robert Pescatore

    Judgment is coming upon all people whether Democrat or Republican White or Black it is coming because We have turned our backs on God which is the person that made America great in the first place so I advise all people to get saved and turn to Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord and watch him work to restore America to greatness. As far as the main stream media that is in cahoots with Democrats you will have your place in the lake of fire and separated from God so watch out.

  • Richard Wadzinski Jr

    i demand this idiot BE FIRED AND PUT IN PRISON, THIS FOOL Gerry Connolly A demonrat who has ties to the rotten DNC, Barry Soto Hussein obozo, killary & bill, CHUCKIE SHOOMER & PUGLOSI TOO along with many other DNC clowns ,scary looking gerry needs to be gone,,,,how dare he the fool.

  • Noah Jonas

    Gerry Connolly should clean around his own back door, aka CNN Commie Tapper, before attacking one of the few honest news people in the business who truly loves our country. The good people in Virginia know that it was Connolly and the Dems who took away their jobs

  • Noah Jonas

    Does Congress have even one member who is not a lawyer? 99% of lawyers are lower than whale dung,

    • iwojimafan

      Do you know what a lawyer is? A thief with a license to Steal

  • john jones

    connolly is why dems are connected to the word dumbness. who ever voted for this idiot should have to take a mental fitness test.

  • JoAnn Graham

    LOL he should be fired for gaving ties to dem party and all their money laundering

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    This guy looks like a barrel of laughs, doesn’t he?
    Attorney/client privilege should have been preserved.
    So what if Cohen was his attorney. It concerns Connolly how?
    I am so sick of the left trying to silence any conservative voice.
    Bashing others is ALL Demonrats stand for. If they couldn’t
    bash Republicans they would be speechless. It must be terrible
    to wake up every morning, hating, berating, and just be in a funk
    24/7, 365 days a year. It must be exhausting! “He looks as happy
    as a graveyard on a wet Sunday”, to quote a line from Bob
    Cratchet’s wife. LOL

  • Joseph Morgan

    Good picture for a wanted poster! Where he should be for his participation in
    trying to destroy this GREAT COUNTRY. What has this POS done except line
    his his pockets with so called support money! All the while he looks down his nose
    and laugh that the suckers that keep him living the lap of luxury, “THE ELITES”.

  • Dealerdeb1

    Are we not free to associate freely with anyone we choose? Are the Democrats suggesting that right should be abridged as well? This bunch of morons need a real lesson in the Constitution and the bill of Rights. Just who the F do they think they are? I think they should be fired for associating with corrut people in their party and for terminal stupidity and hypocrisy

  • Christopher Tabin

    Hannity has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Cohen period! all the people over at CNN have their dicks where their heads are at! they cant prove shit, because they cant report shit! and that pissant congressman from Virginia is the biggest shit for brains there is!

  • merrill

    just like connelly mother a pig on the corner,with a matriss on her back

  • Jim Rowley

    Republicans need to gt out and vote in the mid-terms.
    We need to keep control of the House and Senate or these
    nitwits will take us in reverse again!
    Also Sessions needs to get a ‘CLUE’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rad77red

      AMEN !!!!!!

  • Doris Will

    Just what is going on in the House? How did this commissar ever get elected to office in any state in this country. Do we still have the RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH? Are we still innocent until proven guilty? If a person hires a lawyer who defended every Mobster in the country, does that make the client guilty of anything before a trial is on a Docket? Did this clown shuffle down to CNN say that Obama is colluding with the Russians? When Hillary was colluding with the Russians. Did he demand that Comey and McCabe be locked up when they were accused of Colluding amongst themselves to to railroad President Trump’s administration. Did he demand charges against everyone connected to the Uranium One deal with THE RUSSIANS? Did he take an oath to uphold The Constitution of The United States, of course you did! As far a Mr. Hannity goes he has a Opinion Show, and he is free to express opinions. CNN is a news channel that has been peddling Fake News for 2 years, but you go running to them to spew your anti American garbage. If I lived in Virginia, I would be embarrassed to have you represent me.

  • John

    If “guilt by association” is the evidence someone should be fired or taken out of position or perhaps even taken to court, then all of you Democrats are guilty, if you’ve ever, EVER had ANY contact with any of the Clinton’s or Obama, or Holder, McCabe, Comey, Lynch, and others!

  • Dan

    Sean Hannity is a private citizen, why should he have to divulge who he might be using as an attorney? Why are Democrats so mentally unstable? We certainly know they are hypocrites and always are proven to be guilty of whatever they’re accusing their opponents.

  • Edward Delahoussaye

    All Dems are Scum,how can any sane person ever vote Democratic,never ever never vote for Scum Dems…..

  • JoeS

    Shaking my head…..why is this news?

  • Mo

    Typical Demoncrap move, spew hatred towards anyone who calls them out for their double standards. One has to wonder what kind of skeletons you could find in his closet if one was to investigate him?

  • John Velisek