Democrat Explains Why He Boycotted Trump Inauguration

Georgia Democrat, John Lewis who was recently on ABC’s “The View,” has finally given his explanation as to why he boycotted President Trump’s amazing inauguration.

His co-host, Joy Behar asked Lewis, “Now, you boycotted the inauguration, I remember this. You didn’t go to that, and you skipped a civil rights museum opening because Trump was going to it. I certainly can feel — I feel it too. I don’t want to be anywhere near him. But there’s an argument to be made that, you know, can you pass up an opportunity to actually have a conversation with the guy because he is in a particularly powerful position at the moment? What do you think?”

Lewis answered, “Well, I felt strongly during the inauguration, the so-called inauguration that I couldn’t be at home with myself if I had to participate or be part of it. The movement taught us to withdraw from evil. And I never felt that his election was legitimate.”

  • fbair1

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  • Allie Davis

    Trump’s election was illegitimate?! After no proof of birth Obama that is hysterical!

    • jim

      explain why Trump is illegitimate yea so what took the clown 4 years to come up with a forged birth cert. explain that you fool

  • allen blaine

    Lewis is the evil one. Always using the race card as an excuse for everything. Shame on him, a grown man.

    • Doris Will

      I think that John Lewis never listened to Rev, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He certainly doesn’t speak for MLK. MLK was a minister who believed that every effort to have communication between blacks and whites to understand each other to promote respect, peace and love. Dr. King would have never walked away from evil, he would have stood his ground and used it as an example of why evil must be over come with love! That was his message! He never passed up an opportunity preach His Peace. Christians of all colors understood the message. Now if you want to see and listen to MLK see Rev. Alveda King, She has no malice, speaks only of love and understanding. That was MLK.

      • Cecil Highsmith

        Double Amen

        • Ursus_Indomitus

          Me too. See above.

        • Doris Will

          Thank you. It is really amazing how all of these racists attribute their stupid acts to MLK. He would be ashamed of them.

  • jphintexas

    Angry people like John Lewis are the reason our government is in such chaos. If one looks at the picture associated with this article, you will see an angry man. The inauguration was legitimate and like him or not, Mr. Trump is our president. Media people, like Joy Behar that are in the spotlight, spread poison and discord while doing NOTHING constructive. To me, these people are nothing more than cowards. They are not liberal, they are cowards.

  • John Williams

    “And I never felt that his election was legitimate.” Exactly my thought for obama, but that made me a racist, amazing how that works, he is not racist and I am, for exactly the same reason.

    • DaveyJ

      Obama was a token black serving as President to appease the Wiggers!

      • Helen Hollingsworth

        The Dems have an m o to put up a minority or a woman so you can’t open your mouth to critique as that would be racist…

      • TheRealLibertarian

        He only claims to be black when it was convenient, everyone seems to forget he was half white. Wonder what his mom would think of him chastising whites. And I’d like to point out that John Lewis hasn’t done a damn thing in 40 years as an elected official, only reason he is still in office is because he plays the race card and is still riding MLK’s coat tails.


    This guy is not only angry, he is a TOTAL IDIOT. HE and people like him are the very reason the black race has the problems they have. He is to freaking stupid to realize that TRUMP is the ONLY President who is serious about helping blacks and IS HELPING BLACKS by providing MORE JOBS for EVERYBODY. That, Mr. Lewis is the way you help BLACKS get out of POVERTY. That, Mr. Lewis is the way you help EVERY RACE get out of POVERTY. Time to QUIT BITCHING you DUMB ASS. This is 2018, not 1962.

    • Cecil Highsmith

      I’m from Atlanta and Lewis just like Maxine Waters is nothing but another race war baiting idiot!

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Chris Rock says black people’s problems are black people.

    • Doris Will

      Perhaps you should learn about the Civil Rights Era. You should get a copy of “Mississippi Burning,” Google: Whites and Blacks worked together, whites and blacks died, labor laws were changed. segregated schools were integrated, College admission standards were lowered to get more blacks into colleges, don’t tell me about 1962 I was there.

  • rivahmitch

    I don’t care why that imbecile does anything it does.

  • bob

    Assholes like John Lewis like to ” complain ” about everything BUT he’s been in office since 1987 & what does he have to show for it.
    During the Clinton & Obama years ( a total of 16 years ) what did he accomplish for the people in his district in Georgia ?
    He bitches about everything a Republican does, but then instead of having a seat at the table to discuss & possibly SOLVE a problem, he acts like a fu*cking 5 year old & says
    ” if I can’t pitch, I’m taking my ball & bat & going home”. Only an ” immature asshole ” takes this kind of attitude, & shows how he can’t negotiate or discuss anything that’s good for the country.

  • DaveyJ

    Lewis has accomplished absolutely NOTHING since he has been in office! And his boycott is about what he should have done since he was in office as he has NOTHING to contribute!

  • He didn’t go because he is a racist plain and simple.

    • Cecil Highsmith

      Not only that but he like Maxine Waters their both babbling idiots and they think be their black the world owes there a free pass! How on earth do they remain in Congress both are totally worthless!

  • gvette

    He probably didn’t think there was going to be any free food!

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      He heard Popeye’s wasn’t going to be there.

  • RightVote

    John Lewis, the FACE and the HEART of an ANGRY BLACK MAN! Sad.

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Fugly too. Inside AND out.

  • Helen Hollingsworth

    If you gave him a golden apple he still would spit it out…he is like a donkey…maybe less intelligent…I am sick of being polite to these angry losers… Joy Behar must really only get off on putting Republicans down..must be her background of the teeming hordes of lowlifes….

    • jim

      Joy needs something long and hard and then maybe she will be normal

  • Frank Roselli

    IF this man cannot respect someone HIGHER than He how did he get elected?
    the President has and IS working his “butt” for good reasons in both private and public 71 (like other workers)he was not supposed to be working at all!! and for No
    salary and may not be collecting His retirement funds. please shut your mouth and open
    your brain!

    • jim

      Lewlis got to close to PIGLOSi and more stupid rubbed off what a bunch of shit birds

  • Big Ed

    Sorry, but I never missed Lewis at the inauguration and I doubt that Trump did either. It’s sad too, because his intention was to withdraw from evil and he ended up taking it home with him. The fact that he admits a belief that Trump was not a legitimate president shows that he, like all of his cohorts, went insane when the final election results were announced. I’m trying to decide if I would have voted differently to save his sanity-nah.

  • Medic RN

    Welcome, Sen Lewis, to your full seat at the American table and your generous portion of the American pie of opportunity. Thank you for finally ending the Civil Rights Movement by demonstrating your freedom to boycott our presidential inaguration. We are now, all, free at last! No longer the color of our skin but now, the content of our character.
    Hey bro? Get a job.

  • Robert Dimmock

    This guy is a home grown RACIST and a perfect example…

  • ronportsmouth

    He got it backwards, evil can not endure to presence of good. The evil goes bat ass crazy, as people have witnessed in the last year with the Deamoncrats, and the liberal media. They be Bat Ass Crazy!

  • carl

    Lewis got a bad education.

  • robinked

    “The movement taught us to withdraw from evil.”
    Then this Dem needs to find some New Skin cuz He IS Evil Personified!!!

  • Kenneth Bailey

    If the left would get their heads out of their azzes they might get with program. They need to realize that Donald Trump is their to make government work for We the People like it was designed to. Demorats and rinos your cash cow is drying up.

  • Bobby Cooper

    WHO GIVES A DAMN why john lewis boycotted Trumps inauguration. LOOK AT HIM. Trump is kicking butts and taking names. And moreso no matter WHAT you guys say or do you cant stop him from goin to the top. The Dems bank acct is about broke. Youall are sinking and no ones going to throw you a rope. Now if he was gay,or a minority you wouldnt even be reporting this. But THANKYOU. I mean for real. Because of all this propoganda ive learned what news NOT TO WATCH.
    GIVE ME A CALL and i can get you on where im at when youall close your doors

  • Al Wunsch

    That’s an explanation? We know what the dems think. In effect, if you don’t vote dem you don’t count. I hate to think about what the U.S. will look like 10 years from now if people like the current dem party members (at least the ldrship) or people like those who sent the emails that are part of the discrim suite against Google are an example of the our society at that time.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Who cares? #sickaniggas

  • Janis

    Okay, did it ever occur to this idiot politician and Joy that he represents all his constituents and that it is more likely than not that at least one of them did vote for President Trump. When you put your own personal beliefs above the beliefs of at least one of your constituents, it is time to hang it up, pal. BTW, Donald J. Trump IS the President. Get over it. There is nothing you and your liberal Dems can do about it. Just like you cannot change the menu selection the lunch ladies put out for you in school. Live with it.

  • andyescondido

    When did the fact trump is an idiot in chief get excepted by the right? How can any decent human being back this creep? Look in the mirror creepy white racist looking back?! Yeah thought so but go ahead and keep backing this nut and see where the country goes. SAD that stupid can’t be fixed and Hillary had it right when she said only deplorables would vote for this guy! Lo and behold they are still hanging on to their conviction till death before saying I WAS WRONG THIS GUY IS A CREEP!

  • Judie

    This is your racist!

  • TheRealLibertarian

    Isn’t it ironic that these people don’t want to be around our president? Seems they don’t want to be near someone who casts a shining light on their glaring hypocrisy….

  • Frank Matejcic

    John Lewis is racist. Typical liberal as long as everything is going likes he believes it should O.K. If goes against his beliefs than protest, riot, act like a child. Conservatives keep plugging along waiting for change or making change legally. Liberals use executive orders or refuse to except facts. Trump is legitimate president and Lewis denial will not change that. It makes Lewis look like the lesser person for not accepting facts. Only president to steal election was Kennedy.

  • steve reid

    You sir by definition are a racist.