Democrat Forms Conclusion From Lack Of Evidence

Representative James Clyburn (D-SC) was recently questioned by Buzzfeed, where he was asked if he believed whether or not the videotape which is described in the Steele Dossier truly exists. Clyburn simply states he hasn’t seen anything to disprove the existence of such tape.

Clyburn responded to the question saying, “Oh, yes, I do. I have not seen anything that would make me come to any different conclusion. … There’s a lot of smoke here. And when you see this much smoke, there’s fire somewhere. And we’ve got to put it out. We cannot allow it to continue to smolder.”

  • Junius Graham

    Does “Jim Clybburn” believe that his relat6ive in Sumter, SC that was investigated for dealing “Cocaine” was innocent? Clyburn is no different than “Mad Maxine”Waters! Look at the Person and their actions.

  • Tom

    Who votes these morons into office? Not only is he scary stupid but what about his electorate?

  • George

    Stupid votes for Stupid…always!!

  • Rodney

    How typically liberal of the master race baiter. Draw conclusions without evidence as long as it supports the narrative. I think the smoke Jimmy is seeing is from the smoke of his burnt gears of his mind. You cannot have smoke without evidence of coals smoldering. Thus far, the smoke is all coming from the ass burnt liberals who didn’t get the candidate they wanted.

  • Joseph Morgan

    They are getting to the verge of being complete STUPID ignorant A##HOLES, if they haven’t already proved that they are STUPID A##HOLES already.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    There is a lot of smoke and the smoldering fire is going on in the Obama/Clinton forests.
    We keep on finding more and more hot spots in their evil direction starting with those emails
    of Hillary’s all 33,000 of them. We are finding out that Obama set up the wire taps in the Trump
    campaign. WE heard from Strzok and Page about their terrible bias. We have Rosenstein and
    his holding back the documents about the scope of this “investigation”. There is a whole lot of
    burning corruption on the part of the Demonrats and establishment RINOS. How about the FISA
    warrants based on the fake dossier paid for by ………………wait for it……………….Hillary Clintooon!

    • kbmiller

      Yep, amazing how they know Hell LIAR y deleted 30,000 emails, but NO SMOKE there !!! These FOOLS make me sick.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        She and her cronies did not have to go under oath.
        They destroyed black tooths, computers, etc.
        She had bleach bit going on. Everyone pleading the 5th.
        Comey/Lynch/Biily boy covered her sorry big pantsuited butt.
        DWS colluding with her IT hacker guy for the Pakistanis.
        Crickets………………………….Nothing to see here folks.
        Gets away scot free.

        • kbmiller

          Yep, and the DumbA$$O CROOKS pretend like any of that never happened.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Swept under that big ole dirty rug!

  • DonRS

    Rep. Cliburn “forms conclusion” is a joke. His conclusions are the one’s given to him by his plantation owners!

  • Broos

    Trying to prove a negative : What. A DEM A$$ $0UL !