LGBTQ Dems Fed Up With Trump

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) gave a speech recently at the Human Rights Campaign. During her speech she insisted that LGTBQ society would be overcome with anger because of President Trump and the GOP’s “arrogance and bigotry.”

Gillibrand proclaimed, “When President Trump looks at our transgender troops as valueless and when his party tries to demonize this boy and every other like him this arrogance and bigotry will provoke a fury in me that will not subside and I am not alone. Every time hate has shown his face marching down the streets of Charlottesville, asking for ID’s on buses and trains and even sitting behind the resolute desk you have shown up you have stood up and you have fought back.”

She continued saying that to pass The Equality Act a new President would have to be selected. “We know this president will never sign the Equality Act, to ensure the civil rights of LGBTQ Americans. He has neither the decency nor the empathy to do so,” Gillibrand said.

She also said, “With a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, we can create the momentum that we need for a new president to sign that bipartisan bill in 2020.”

  • fbair1

    blah blah blah,…………

  • DonRS

    And the rest of the thoughtful world is fed up being led by the nose by a tiny group (0.001% of the population) of distasteful, outrageous, unruly malcontents, imposing their will coupled with their sponsors of all things weird, the Democrats and the FAKE NEWS MEDIA!

  • UofHPaul

    So, ……, a Democrat disagrees with President Trump. I am shocked (NOT!). It is no wonder that the clowns lost the White House with stupidity like this.

    • James Brooks

      Well just look at lesbian Hillary Clinton and Faggot Barry Obama or what ever the Gay past President calls himself and has a gay man for a husband and leaders of our Country,What the hell is wrong??.

  • robertdavidhummel

    *** I pray and wish the Leftist-Socialist’s, *The Congress, and *The U.S. Supreme Court… had …READING and COMPREHENSION skills, of the Biblical Teaching’s as recorded in Gen 18:20, Gen 19, and Lev 18:20. … and *person’s in those *Office’S properly, * Acted upon the same*,… as Our Republics Motto,.. Proclaims;… ‘We are,’ “One Nation Under God”. Amen and Amen

  • Chuck Kelley

    Let her rant. They are all going to hell anyway.

  • Robert Pekarik

    Transgenderism is a mental disorder. LGTBQ is a movement that wants to encourage perversion. Our nation needs to help these people not encourage them in their confusion. It makes you wonder who is in more need of mental health help, the people with the problem or the politicians who try and convince us that LGTBQ activity is normal and that everyone needs to embrace it as normal. They want to destroy faith, family and common sense.

    • Elaine Eckart

      thank you, thank you. Well said.

    • Floyd McWilliams, PhD

      Amen, and right on!

    • RightWriter

      Very well said! Is Sen. Gillibrand just bidding for LGTBQ votes in 2020 (she’s clearly running), or doesn’t she understand that the only LGTBQ people who might support President Trump are those who are intelligent enough to VOTE AS INDIVIDUALS, not as members of a mass who share only their gender perversions?
      So “LGTBQ Democrats” — meaning the “movement” cadres — are “fed up” with President Trump? Are we supposed to shake in our shoes over their supposed disaffection — WHEN THEY WERE NEVER ON TRUMP’S SIDE TO START WITH?
      Gay/Lesbian men or women who have enough self-awareness that they don’t need to join movements to make other people feel left out because they’re N
      OT “LGTBQ” will support President Trump, AS MANY DID IN 2016. The sheep who follow their “movement” leaders won’t. But they didn’t in 2016, either, and yet…Donald Trump is in the White House, nonetheless. Funny thing about that!

      • Knowledge Transfer

        Homosexuality doesn’t exist. Sodomy exists. Sodomy is the homosexual monogamy. Sodomy is always lifeless and often lethal; always fruitless and often fatal. Love expands, Sodomy is worse then contraction. Sodomy builds in extinction of humanity and it builds in the extermination of humanity by spawning and spreading deadly incurable diseases. Sodomy contradicts the definitions of coitus; orgasm and even the definition of sex itself. What exists are perversions and perverts who act like inversions. It is so obvious!

    • John

      You are right on every count. Keep teaching others this.

  • Marine68

    The Queers already have equal rights to ours. They want special rights exclusive to their dirty lifestyle, and the Constitution does not guarantee those.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      Agree, They want to flaunt their life style, and frankly I don’t care what anyone does in their private life as Long as it DOESN’T interfere with anyone else’s. This has been around for many years, I know in 1951 there was a couple in our building (males), we laughed at their decorating but could have cared less about what they did or who they assoc. with as long as they didn’t bother any of the rest of us.

      • Elaine Eckart

        I hired a guy man, and told him as long as he kept his lifestyle to himself, I was OK with it.

    • Ms Edie

      I am a Queer and I Agree .. We Have Rights and the Fags still complain they have no Rights .. go tell Joy Bahar and Whoppi..

  • Andy

    Let’s hope that we get an “Identity Politics” Liberal like Kirsten Gillibrand running against President DJT in 2020. It isn’t that President DJT hates LGBTQWERTY Folk, it is just that he doesn’t believe that the Military/Taxpayer should have to cough up for their Sex change Operation. Paying for College is expensive enough, for honorably discharged Military Personnel to re-train for Civilian careers.

    As for the Democrats taking over the House and/or the Senate in November, most of the Independent Voters are currently tracking with Republicans. With African Americans and Latinos now able to secure gainful Employment thanks to President DJT’s Policies, the Republicans will pick up some Votes from both these (long suffering) Groups.

    If the Democrat Party (largely taken over by CPUSA) want to regain power again, perhaps they should put the working and middle Class LEGAL Voters first (a bit novel, I know). Sensible Fiscal Policies and Social Freedom of “Blue Dog” Democrats would gain significant Independent support. That is if you can find any remaining in the “Democrat” Party (that won’t be primaried) by November.

  • BILL

    Any democrat is a piece of crap and I am fed up with your bullshit.

  • Timothy J Lindgren

    If you don’t want to be discriminated against for being LGTBQ, you should stop being LGTBQ.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      Or keep your mouth shut, no one cares what you do in private, except other LGTBQ’s

  • John Arribas


  • Marvin Lindquist

    So the democratic “leadership” thinks hard working Americans are deplorables but the president is in trouble for not wanting to give special rights to gay people?

  • Freedom

    Dems fed up with President Trump……Good…..Now let’s add another 4 years……:-)
    Then vote another outsider in office…..

    • James Brooks

      Trump will be our Pres for 8 yrs.

  • MJB

    Go back to the closet where belong and stop trying to convince the world you’re not perverted.

  • ErnieLane

    So what?

  • Neal Warf

    dump trump before he destroys whats left of the USA

    • ACC_Hoops_nut

      BwaHaHa, another Hershey highway traveler chimes in. Excuse me while I barf.

    • Bernie

      So let me get this straight.
      One day a nutty left-wing professor calls people who join the military “uneducated baboons”.
      The next day a left-wing jack wagon of a senator calls Thump an angry and bigoted man for not wanting LBGT people in the military.
      Now what was that you were saying about Trump destroying what’s left of the USA?
      Your turn….

  • Mark V

    LGTBQ is the new victim movement and as such they want special considerations and rights. We are all equal, they just want to be more equal than the rest of us.

  • They have quite ENOUGH rights already, they should not push their luck!!

  • Medic RN

    Admittedly, if LGBTQ was a normative, they’d be extinct; unable to reproduce; reproductivity being primary genre to the continuity of species. If this truth offends, both the truth and the offence need be examined. The fault resolving the issue falls to those who refuse and resist resolve.. That would be Sen. Gillibrand and her liberals.
    PS: LGBTQ although abstract to normals, must be accorded full civil liberties, constitutional and human rights. Their identification-possession of their sexual preference is their own abstract.


    “Majority in the House & Senate”? These idiots are delusional! That will never happen.
    Their main issues are Illegal immigrants, gay rights, more tax & spend, anti-American policies.
    There will be a Red Tide come Nov. 2018. Get ready for the demise of the Dim/soci/commi Party!

  • Estell Newton

    But it’s ok for her to hate and have bigotry toward normal people who try to obey God. What hypocracy.


    its just hard to believe that all these people that think they have no rights can be this stupid in thinking that.
    we all have the same rights. they , them , it , we , all. equal. I don’t get it. why do they keep wanting new laws to protect themselves first and leave everyone else out. are they sick or what

  • survivor33

    Why would anybody want a transgender in the service. You don’t know how the real females feel about showering, etc with a transgender that has a penis. OR how the males feel showering with a trans with breasts and no penis or breasts with a penis. UNCOMFORTABLE TO SAY THE LEAST. We need our military to be focused and alert. Trump is the most decent and empathic person in the Gov today and especially the 8 yrs of turning our world into a laughing stock of a country. I can imagine how you, Kath Gillebrand enjoy going to the rest rooms without a man/half woman in their also. Just because you are a Dem you don’t need to show your stupidity.

  • Bernie

    SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT (no pun intended)
    One day a left-wing putz of a professor calls people that join the military ” uneducated baboons”.
    The next day, a left-wing loon of a senator calls out Trump and his supposed “anger and bigotry” for not wanting lbgt people joining the military.
    Am I missing something, or are left-wing jack wagons the phoniest and most dangerous people to our nation?

  • Hambone

    It’s not about being transgender. It’s about joining the military to get free surgery, spending time in a limited duty status, then once there time is up, get out (not reenlist). Then when the surgery does not go as planned, sue the government for giving them the surgery. The president is not being bias, mean, or hateful. He is cutting (or at least trying) waste, fraud, and abuse in many areas of government.

    • Curtis Renkin

      * biased. Other than that, spot on!

  • mcgyver35

    What rights do they not have that straight people have? They don’t want equal rights, they want SPECIAL rights that pertains only to them. They are sick with perversion…God said that the lifestyle they have CHOSEN is an ABOMINATION.

  • Fran Follari

    This gillibrand jerk is desperate for any support.

  • parthenon1

    Proud perverts that shows what the Democrat party has become a home for and normal people arent wanted ! Now you snow flakes will say I am an old cruel person these people were born the way they are wired ! and I say thats true but give up the bull horn get out of the spotlight and live ! I dont see hetrosexual people going on the stage or on the air or even on the street shouting LOOK AT ME I AM STRAIGHT ! you are what you are and that wont change so forgt it and live !

  • Finder1009

    Hey Stupid, why not add a few more letters to that silly list. Your anti-society bullshit needs to stop RTF NOW. You are NOT helping anyone with your snide comments and veiled lies. The mental disorder of the entire democratic party is coming out in the light of the public.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    What rights don’t these individuals posses?
    It appears that they want “special” or “more” rights than the
    rest of America. They are not happy just to be obnoxious and have
    their gay pride parades. They want to indoctrinate our innocent
    children starting in kindergarten. Our children are innocent and they
    do not need to know about alternate lifestyles! Our children are NOT
    science experiments. Stop filling their heads with “lessons” featuring
    transgender, gays,and other things contrary to God. I wish that they
    had ALL stayed in the closet.

  • John Denton

    I have the Solution! Why send just our straight people to the military? Do you really think it is a good idea to exclude the lgbt and q, what ever that stands for? I say it would be a good idea to actually seek out all of them to join the military. Include in their enlistment contract a clause that they could not get any gender reassignment surgery while in the military and that under no circumstances would the government pay for any such surgery. Then send them straight to the front lines.

  • don

    Frankly Charlotte, I don’t give a same. They’re a politically created victim group that are so tiny as to not be relivant in the global picture. Their right are the same as any citizen.
    There’s no such things as gay rights, or LBGTQXYZ rights. All rights are created equal.

  • Rodney

    So, our whole society needs to be up ended for .005 to .014 % of biological males and .002 to .003% of biological females to ease the minds of the liberals who’s only goal is to garner enough votes to displaced our president. I think NOT! Any others outside this genetic anomaly are fakers, programmed to believe in something that is not a genetic disorder. Mental illness or programming, they are just not really suffering GD (Gender Dysphoria).

  • Joe Jones

    I’m fed up with the Lying Liberals. The only narrative the low life pieces of shit have, is to constantly attack Trump . They have absolutely no platform to stand on. They had 8 years to address the Dreamers status, now they try to blame the Republicans. You friggin Liberals should be swinging from a rope!! Sorry, pathetic waste of air!!!!

  • delong003

    Well i’m fed up with your lifestyle and having it forced onto me!

  • Jmanjo

    The whole movement is a mental disorder and this Senator is trying to cash in on these wackos! Americans are tired of kissing their butts and we want our morals and laws back!

  • William S Anderson

    Careful what assumptions you make Congressman… Trump is so unpredictable and non PC, he might just haul off and sign such a bill!

  • James Brooks

    Were just sick and tired of the Gay Community always wanting more than they deserve
    they are just a bunch of sicko cry babys who are never happy,we are supposed to be Men and Women who was put here by God to be happy and replentish the earth we were blessed with a penis and a pussy and we are supposed to share them with out husband and wives,not sticking our penises in another mans ass ect,I will never be able to understand why the Gov would ever allow a man to marry another man and a women
    to marry a women,I was renting to a gay couple for a couple of years and they were just so much in love and wanted to get married and then just lately they both decided they were tired of each others bullshit and they both- Men- went out and found themselves a women and now much happier I also had a girlfriend who fell in love with a female coworker and just about went for the marrage bit and then she decided to come back to me and they other one married a man,this crap about born in the wrong bodys is bullshit.they are just horney and like different sex parters and some one to take care of them.Sicko’s.

  • denoferth

    How about we all just step back and remember biology 101 where most of us learned there are two sexes, not three. Homosexuality is a mental disorder that was “normalized” in 1973 due to political pressure from the “student movement”, the mental cowardice of political correctness and homosexuals infiltrating the mental health community. You oh-so-sophisticated city people might ask a simple chicken farmer how long queer roosters lasts in the barnyard before ending up in the soup pot and realize only urbanized humans can afford
    to tolerate these defective individuals nature has insured won’t breed. The truth is hard especially for those who hate the truth.

  • Ken

    I thought O took care of all of this? You can not change your gender by wishing it so or saying it’s so, If you really want to change it you will need an add-a-dick-tomy or a nip-and-tuck. I don’t recommend either. My advice is to go with what God gave you.

  • Tell it like it is!

    It would be better if she was from CA but I guess NY will have to do.

  • David Wayne Ray

    This whole love affair thing between the liberal idiots & the lgbt all seems very queer to me.

  • Roland Drudge

    Senator Gillibrand & the rest of her socialist communist party could care less about these people or any people of this great country beyond wanting to encapsulate us under their thumbs like so may other communist society. Because as they have so many times before stated that we are stupid, ignorant & below their station in society & need to be led by the nose. There is no one as pregdist as an educated, narcistic out of touch communist socialist. Such as Hollywood elites, ivy league politicians, & the malleable mind of an unworldly collage student (no fault of their own) warped by bias socialist (so called) professors who were also brainwashed by their socialist predecessors. Pay attention to what they do not what they say & you won’t be hoodwinked by them.

  • Steve Sturrock

    we are fed up with lgbdq stupid liberal bitches

  • Joe Martinez

    Most people probably never gave the LGBT much attention until they started shoving their lifestyle on everyone demanding that all should bend to their way of life but what really gets me upset with these people is when their agenda is to target innocent little children trying to bend their minds to a sinful life style. They should be arrested for child abuse n lewdnss

  • Charles Douglas

    who the hells cares about what they think

  • Suzu M

    Good gracious! What is this woman upset about? All the things she mentioned seem to be imaginary scenarios.
    And yes, transgenderism and even the whole LGTBQ group, is a mental disorder that needs addressed, not PROgressed.

    Every human, man or woman, straight or confused are EQUAL, but it doesn’t mean they are all equally ABLE. THAT needs to be determined on an individual basis. If a woman thinks she’s as tough as a man, let her prove it. But one thing is for sure, there are mental and emotional (and yes, even spiritual) problems with gender confused and other sexually confused people, that call their stability into question. It is what it is, we can’t deny it.

  • rottenrollin

    Gillibrand can go sit on her thumb and have a good time.

    How do you spell effed up and confused? LGTBQ

    And I am totallfy freaking tired of their agenda, activism, whining and abnormalities.

    JMHO, cheers.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    To hell with satan and his minions, even the insane ones.

  • scott forman

    They have the same civil rights we all have. What they want are special rights and laws to make the rest of accept their perverted life choices.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    SANE people are fed up with the LGBTQWTFBBQHUH?FAGGITS’ BS.

  • luvsgunsandamerica

    I don’t remember reading anywhere in the Constitution that LGTBQ is a set right. Only an out of control court stated the same.The queer folk are exactly that,something is wrong in their mind that only a dirt nap will ever fix.What will be awesome is at the bar of judgement when the Christ tells them he loves them but their perverted lifestyle will be their eternal downfall.They won’t be different over there according to the New Testament

  • David

    God made them MALE AND FEMALE!!! Transgenderism isn’t ‘of God’, it’s just another type of SIN that God doesn’t like (and sin, and unrepentant sinners, WON’T BE IN HEAVEN). Turning away from God and relying on our own understanding is DANGEROUS (Mankind makes mistakes!!)

  • lafaverj

    These people are among the most sinful in America, next to the Democrats, and that Hollywood/New York City bunch including that asshole Governor in Albany.

  • Martin

    Kristen is just looking for votes.

  • jjmcl431

    Well sweetie pie get ready to have a lot of fury inside you. Me thinks she needs something else inside her to get rid of her fury and frustration.

  • John

    And everyone else is fed up with LGTBQ! Let’s us thank God for our great President that will not knuckle under to the weird and perverse. As for Senator Gillibrand, the sooner she’s out of office the better for the country!

  • George T Horvat

    She’s just another Globalist Shill trying to obliterate religious beliefs and turn us into another Sodom.

  • Dennis Basco

    democrats have lost there minds wrong is wrong and will never be right . God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

  • rottenrollin

    Screw the Alphabet Pervs……..

    WE’RE fed up with THEM………

    AND their vote sucking proponents.

  • Citizen


  • William Gordon

    Are you sure you are female–because you look a little like a male–stop the bull shit–God makes the decision on male or female–not the person or the one fed with that bull shit.

  • Paul Omlor

    The lgtbq is another name for “Freak Circus”. They are a slap in the face to the human race. Human Up or off yourself.