Democrat Suggests Trump Is Lawless

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) Suggested to MSNBC that President Trump is “acting lawless.”

Gallego also went on to comment that had Jared Kushner been related to a Democrat president, “literal riots” would ensue in Congress.

“Just imagine a world where this is a Democrat president who has a son-in-law operating in the White House without security clearance and meeting with officials from all over the world while at the same time enter mingling his failing businesses and asking for business loans. There would be literal riots in Congress right now for hearings and potential impeachment. Somehow, the president and the Trump administration feels like they are above the law and are going to continue moving forward with this lawlessness that’s occurring in the White House,” Gallego said.

“Unfortunately, in the past, we never had to do this. We had presidents, both Democrats and Republicans, that actually had some norms, they had some understanding of the rule of law. This president is acting lawless. This president is continuing to act lawless until there is a check on him. It has to be essentially the upcoming elections or, again, if we have Speaker Ryan actually do his duty under the Constitution to actually put in check the executive. I wouldn’t hold my breath.”