Democrat Suggests Trump Is Lawless

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) Suggested to MSNBC that President Trump is “acting lawless.”

Gallego also went on to comment that had Jared Kushner been related to a Democrat president, “literal riots” would ensue in Congress.

“Just imagine a world where this is a Democrat president who has a son-in-law operating in the White House without security clearance and meeting with officials from all over the world while at the same time enter mingling his failing businesses and asking for business loans. There would be literal riots in Congress right now for hearings and potential impeachment. Somehow, the president and the Trump administration feels like they are above the law and are going to continue moving forward with this lawlessness that’s occurring in the White House,” Gallego said.

“Unfortunately, in the past, we never had to do this. We had presidents, both Democrats and Republicans, that actually had some norms, they had some understanding of the rule of law. This president is acting lawless. This president is continuing to act lawless until there is a check on him. It has to be essentially the upcoming elections or, again, if we have Speaker Ryan actually do his duty under the Constitution to actually put in check the executive. I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

  • Greg Zonker

    Mr Trump–equals GREAT PRESIDENT–wish he can go for 3-4 tyerms por more

  • The lawless are Obama, Clinton, Mueller, Comey, Holder, Lynch and others in the FBI and DOJ, Democrats are clueless on how to fix anything.

    • dwayner

      If a Democrat President would have done that you wouldn’t have known. There would have been a big ass cover up.

      • What do you think what has been going on for the last 1-1/2 years. They have the media which is full of lies, fake news and running interference for the democrats. I will be coming out very soon. The IG report is coming out in the next 45 days and then hell is going to brake loose.

    • big KAhuna

      Gallego is a nut case. This president enforces the rule of law better than any president in history. Gallego is in denial and a complete hippocrit to support the most corrupt and lawless
      Platform ( Democratic) in our history. None worse than Obama’s lawless administration that has left our country with the highest murder rates ever. Detroit, Chicago, etc etc aa other corrupt democratic leaders have allowed the murder rates to soar and police are told to stand down. The Creation of Sanctuary cities to allow lawbreakers ( illegal immigrants/ MS 13) Sanctuary is an obstruction of our justice system.

      • jim


    • RC

      You really got that right. As much as I hate to say it, the people in Arizona have elected some pretty bad actors to congress. McCain, Flake and now this mouthy ass, Galego. Those so called democrats and RINO’s don’t seem to have a clue about the law of the land. Perhaps we’re too close to Mexifornia and the sickness there is rubbing off on Arizona.

  • Stephen Howe

    After being coddled by the rabidly left MSM for years, these libtarded Demwit Crybabies actually believe that anything & everything that spews from their bloated lips somehow BECOMES the truth, simply because they say it. Of course, Trump is like Hitler. Isn’t he? He has 2 arms and 2 legs, after all. And I actually heard some dumb bitch claim SHE KNEW FOR A FACT that Trump wants to have sex with his daughter, if he hasn’t done so many times in the past already! And Trump is “lawless.” WRONG, snowflakes! Trump is TRYING to actually enforce the laws that B’lack Hussein Obongo ignored for years. I have no idea what planet this guy is on, since he seems to believe that a Democrat is held to some sort of higher standard…guess that’s why Congress immediately impeached & indicted Criminal Obongo as soon as they became the majority party!?

    • ipsd48

      You know what they WON’T believe? The inevitable civil war they’re driving towards

      • jim

        I think that war will actually happen and sooner then later, a real shame the Russians have won

  • ahrcshaw

    And we have sanctuary states and cities, while all the democrats feel that illegals are legal, or the blue state c courts continue to disregard their sworn in pledges so they can proscribe their version of the laws. Add to that the obstruction, outright disrespect of law an order being utilized by democrats to lie just to protect their political party? Get a life!

    • rottenrollin


      The Dimmercrats THRIVE by projecting their defects and ills onto their opposition……..

      Problem is, their nationwide constituency of morons believe it all.

  • rottenrollin

    THIS comes from the “I’ve got a pen and a phone” Obama worshippers???


  • David


    • jim

      Democrats are professional liars and crooks and all should be in prison or lined up against a wall

  • ipsd48

    Notice he didn’t mention Obama acting lawless by running guns to drug cartels, arming terrorists or illegally spying on Trump during the last election

  • Ronald Hagler

    So, Representative Ruben Gallego, President Trump is “acting lawless” because you deem his presidential relationship with son-in-law Jared Kushner as being so. What a short memory you have Rep. Gallego. You seem to have forgotten the global treks by Michelle Obama: complete with her global trashing of white America. (she was quoted as telling the European press that “for the first time, I am proud to be an American“) That is as racial as it gets, but no Democrat complained. And let us not forget the misuse of government funds and vehicles used in transporting Michelle to Hawaii and financing the birthday trip.

    Rep. Gallego seems to have forgotten the “illegal” treaty President Obama brokered with Iran. By calling it a “Deal” and not a “Treaty” , Obama misused his position to give billions of dollars and access to nuclear material to Iran. All treaties must be approved by Congress: it is the law! I have seen no evidence of any nuclear power plants being build in Iran: the purpose for which Obama justified his transfer of nuclear material to Iran. Sounds illegal to me!

    Representative Gallego, do you remember how many “known” terrorists” Obama released to secure the release of the traitor Bergdahl? Do you remember the amount of funds transferred to radical Islamic groups in addition to the terrorists released in this prisoner exchange? Sounds like a collusive plan to funnel money to our enemies and have the American taxpayer pay the price!

    In conclusion Rep. Gallego, get your head out of your ass and look at the “REAL” world: not the utopia your peers are trying to convince us exists.

    • don lavrich

      right on. the demonrats are always playing the race card!

  • andy

    For a party that encourages people to act lawlessly for one of them to say the president is lawless is a joke>

  • David Smith

    wah wah wah ! another Demtard comment !

  • Doris Will

    How far back did this fellow go with his research? Did he check to see if all elected officials have blind trusts? The most recent count as of 2012 was 7 of 100 Senators and 12 of 435 Reps. Did anybody question how Obama left office with $40 Million more than had when first elected? and the tie breaker is Jared Kushner is not elected and does not draw a salary. Does Jared have a private office in the West Wing? How does this make President Trump Lawless? Now if you want to talk about lawless, Go back to LBJ and his radio station Billy Sol Estes: Bobby Baker: I don’t remember any uprising in LBJ’s White House. It is interesting and disappointing to see D-AZ Rep taking an interested in Jared in stead of DACA, The Wall, Immigration and Border Security. I am sure that his constituents must be relieved that he is watching out for their interests. Oh, I forgot they also elected John McCain, and the Jeff Flake. What were they thinking?

  • don lavrich

    the lawless are always the liberals, getting away with murder. look at Hillary and Obama. talk about lawless! if a republican did what they did , they would have been in jail a long time ago

  • April Stoner

    You spelled obama’s name wrong!

  • Lori

    Don’t forget to add pathetic Ruben Gallego, to me he looks suspicious ,also looks like he might be about to cry, is his little chin quivering ? Who votes for weak a– lying democrats like this ? any body feel like barfing ?

  • Andrew Kent Jaussi

    Who is this idiot? Where do they come from?

  • Austinniceguy

    Gallego is a moron and a tool for the left.

  • Jmanjo

    Another liberal jackass posing as a politician!

  • don_in_virginia

    This libturd needs a brain transplant ASAP!

  • higgy01

    Gallego is typical of the empty headed dims(abbreviation for dimwits). Without the name calling part of the democrat play book he, like all dims, could not talk at all. He obviously has no knowledge or appreciation for the law, which the president (unlike his predecessor) follows with great care.

  • Nancy

    Sounds like the cast iron pot calling the stainless steel kettle black.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    mental disability. When did Trump create laws that only the Congress and Senate can create. He didn’t. How many laws did Obama create (big one DACA) without legislation. Are we supposed to be idiots? They can’t even allow Trump to joke, Xi became China’s president for life, a socialist nation. Somehow with the President Obama whispering to the 2nd in commandment of the Russians that he will have more flexibility when he is elected. Sounds like he might have been expecting to be made president for life by making sure that Hillary would be elected by spying on Trump. And who are the socialists?