Why Democrats Must Remove Ellison

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz told Fox News that be believes Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) must be “fired immediately” as deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) because of his close friendship with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Dershowitz stated, “I think Keith Ellison has to be fired immediately as deputy chairman of the DNC. Not only has he become close to Farrakhan, but he has lied to the American public about ending his relationship with Farrakhan. We know that he continued to meet with Farrakhan even after he said he no longer met with him. This is the leadership of the Democratic party.”

“Farrakhan is a bigot. He is far worse than David Duke. Why? Farrakhan has a large falling. David Duke is a joke. He has no large following. He has no influence on university campuses and no influence with the major segment of the American public. We see Farrakhan has continuing influence within the African-American community at the very highest levels. That’s why he is so much more dangerous and he ought to be treat you had the way we treat David Duke. If any Republican dared to meet with David Duke, that would be the end of their career. It should be the end of the career of any Democrat who has any association with this bigot Farrakhan.”


    He shouldn’t even be a Senator!! He is a criminal at best!!

    • Christiann

      He should not even be allowed in America since he’s a card carrying communist!!

      • iwojimafan


        • Ursus_Indomitus

          Dead commies are not good. They’re only slightly better than live ones.

      • He is worse than a communist he is a MUZSLIME.



    • souper

      Thankfully he’s not a Sen. He’s a congressman from the same state as former Sen. (and A-hole) Franken stein. But you’re correct on the criminal part.


        THANK YOU!!

    • Marcus D.

      Umm, he is NOT a senator. He is a representative. Says so in the article. Moreover, associating with antisemitic anti-white bigots is not a crime. Fired as DNC deputy chair is the only thing you can do to him. He will not be voted out of office, because his constituency is no better than he is; anti-white racism is the meme of the day.



        • Marcus D.

          What’s wrong with your computer, caps key get stuck?

          • LARRY PUCKETT


      • Daniel Schmidt

        Doesn’t make much of a difference which office he holds. He needs to give it up voluntarily, or BE REMOVED.

        • Marcus D.

          On what grounds? He is not about to give up his elected seat voluntarily, and being a racist isn’t a crime. Some of our presidents have been unabashed racists, when it comes right down to it. He can, however, be fired from his position as DNC deputy chair, as the OP calls for. Then again, the SJW apologists of the party may may approve of his message of “white guilt” and “white privilege” that needs to be “overcome.”

  • Medic RN

    Thanks for teaching your hateful colors Keith while taking hateful liberal opened border Islamic democrats with you. We hoped for otherwise in Obama. Racism is what we got. Real Americans are red, white and blue.
    Hey? You don’t even know what that means huh? You’re a s***spot in history.

  • Patrick Murphy

    They are both Anti American and do not deserve to hold any office as it’s a conflict of interest by making promises to the American people.

    • vladilyich

      Trump has several dozen documented conflict of interests. It hasn’t stopped everyone from calling him legitimate. They were both elected by the same process.

      • Patrick Murphy

        We red necks here have a saying that we drink together or fight like all hell just happened so i ask you which is it?

  • souper

    Fired? Are you kidding? His relationship with that muzzy (Calypso Louie Freak-and-con) is a career enhancer for today’s radical, USA hating, leftist, commie demoncrat. This is now the demorats standard. Anything anti-American is what they promote, rally around and stand for. If it’s against our nation the democraps are with it.

  • Jmanjo

    Ellison and Perez were both losers to start. Racists and liars to the core!

  • Bobcat1960

    Dump the Muslim…

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Into a vat of pork fat.

  • The dimdemocrats can get by with anything and everything because the msm are owned and operated by them and there are enough ignorant people who don’t understand this, therefor the ignorant are the main destroyers of America. Most democrats are very ignorant people the balance of them are pure evil.

  • Morgan23

    Democrats don’t maim their own unless they are white. Black Politicians are immune from prosecution and removal.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Islam must DIE. alla = satan

  • Bob D

    What a Joke this is. Minnesota should be ashamed of themselves for electing this guy. Fist Jesse V. Then Al F now this what are they going for up there.

    • Daniel Schmidt

      Ellison only represents one district, but it is also, I believe the district with the highest number of not natural born American “citizens”.

    • Patrick Murphy

      Bob they drink the liberal kool aid way too much.

  • don lavrich

    we shouldn’t have any radical muslims working in our government, and trying to undermind it, especially in Islamic ways and sharia law!

  • Albedamned!

    Thug, along with Sansour puss! Send them to Siberia!

  • Ken

    He is not a Senator, he is a Representative, and a very poor one at that. There are several other Democrats who maintain contact with the Farakhan man. Ellison was a nut from the git go. People who hate our country should not be allowed a chance to further destroy it. Of course O was the biggest hater and did the most damage.

  • Wade

    Not that I disagree with the writer, but I wonder. The sentence structure in one sentence needs serious work. Makes me wonder who wrote it. I don’t believe Ellison can be trusted and sure as heck know the other Muslim FartCon can’t be. Our former President loves the both of them.

  • ezloan1

    Hypocrisy at the HIGHEST level…the left/Dems CONSTANTLY can’t help themselves from lecturing the rest of us about Bigotry, Racism and Political corruption ~~ yet they let it infiltrate THEIR POLITICAL ARM, the DNC!! What’s worst, Alan Dershowitz a DEMOCRAT is the ONLY one stating the obvious. What could be worse, oh I know a white woman leading the NAACP or a Congresswoman lying about being Native American for political gain and the list goes on.