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Dick Morris on Clinton/Lynch Meetup: ‘I Want to Know What She Got’

The unscheduled meeting on the Arizona runway between former President Bill Clinton and the Attorney General overseeing the Justice Department’s case against his wife has gotten a lot of press coverage lately. While some on the left are quick to minimize the highly irregular meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, most people are not buying the, “Aw shucks, we just talked about golf and grandkids” excuse for a minute.

Political analyst Dick Morris is among those not falling for the innocent routine. He told Steve Malzberg that,

“Her job ends in five months — and even a warm handshake and routine words of praise from the husband of her possible boss could mean the world to Loretta Lynch.”

“It could mean she can stay on as attorney general. It could mean that Hillary would put her on the Supreme Court. Clearly this was inappropriate. Could you imagine in a criminal proceeding if the husband of the defendant met with the judge Impossible.”

Do you think Clinton was trying to influence the case against his wife in any way?