ESPN: Lack Of Black Quarterbacks Means Racism

Max Kellerman of ESPN gave his two cents on the Baltimore Ravens first-round selection Lamar Jackson playing along side starter Joe Flacco.

While Kellerman stated he is happy about the fact that Jackson is getting playing time on the field, he believes that it touches on the issue of that United States problem with black leadership.

“I like it,” stated Kellerman. “And I know when I say that, there is the ever-present issue of the fact that in this country, as Warren Moon can tell you, in the NFL, they have forever been trying to turn African-American quarterbacks into other players, not quarterbacks and to shift them to other positions because of, you know, racist ideas about, certainly at least racial, but I would say racist ideas about leadership and all kinds of other made-up nonsense — and also maybe just the idea that a black man in that position is in a high-profile position, and we know the history of this country and of the league, culturally, has been very bad about this issue oftentimes. So, I realize when I say I like Lamar Jackson lining up at other positions that that is fraught because it touches on those issues.”

  • Bud William

    Yeah right the sun and moon are racist also. Holly crap, why aren’t there more white football and basketball players? Duh. Is there anything that is not going to be considered racist? Thanks, Mr. Obama for setting race
    relations back 60 years.


    Max is a total Idiot! He has proven that day after day, topic after topic.

  • jumper

    Such liberal BS, I guess that the few white NBA players are a result of racism, talent is the key.

    • Malcolm Davidson

      I tend to agree with you. Blacks on the whole seem to play basketball better than whites. Who cares why the do, they just do. I wouldn’t watch the NBA at all if they yelled and screamed how few white players were on the court. I just do not want to see a bunch of mediocre players on the field, court, or ice rink, no matter what their skin color happens to be.

      • jumper

        That’s right and woe be the Hispanic baseball players

  • William Gordon

    All those who claim the whites are all racist–Those are the racists–more then any one else–I think either they stop or get out of my couintry. I am tired of ak;; of these people calling others racists– I think those saying that –are the racist more

  • cal3301

    That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. I live in the suburbs of Philly and have watched two Black quarterbacks. We’ve had Cunningham and McNabb, both Black. The only racism I’ve seen is in the minds of the left and Max Kellerman if ESPN!!!!

  • John

    He is one of the reasons I quit watching espn. It’s all talk and no sports, and the guys they have talking I wouldn’t hire to clean my toilet.

    • Malcolm Davidson

      I dislike ESPN intensely. I want to watch highlights of games, or hear what teams did what, not political diatribe. I watch sports to get away from politics, yet whenever I watch ESPN, which is a rarity, I am told about how bad Trump is, how blacks, or whatever group has it so bad, that I just can’t watch. I also despise Keith Olbermann. I don’t have the time of day for that ass.

  • bob

    MaddMaxx how about pondering that the NBA needs more white players? So if you are white you’re damned if do damned if you don’t,

  • Malcolm Davidson

    Who cares if your Quarterback is brown, pink, black, or white? I certainly do not. I care about winning. I want someone who can guide an offense, think quickly when the pocket around him is collapsing, and can call good plays. If a black guy can do this better than a white guy, then have at it, if not, then do something else, or learn from the old pro, do what it takes and then go out and get em. This is true no matter what color you are. I am tired of counting who is what color, and what position they play. Let’s all grow up.

  • Dianna Zerbe

    ballplayers of any sport should be good students before they’re allowed to play sports! how many ball players can barely read & write? how many ballplayers are “broke” after they can’t play ball anymore because of injuries? all some of these players can do is play ball. doesn’t matter what color of skin, what religion you have to be able to do something to support yourself & your family besides play sports! ESPN is racist & should be taken off the air! but that would be called “racist”!