The FBI’s War On Trump

According to The Washington Post, in the aftermath of President Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey, agents are now focused in laserlike fashion on taking Trump down. Here’s the report:

Many employees said they were furious about the firing, saying the circumstances of his dismissal did more damage to the FBI’s independence than anything Comey did in his three-plus years in the job.

One intelligence official who works on Russian espionage matters said they were more determined than ever to pursue such cases. Another said Comey’s firing and the subsequent comments from the White House are attacks that won’t soon be forgotten. Trump had “essentially declared war on a lot of people at the FBI,” one official said. “I think there will be a concerted effort to respond over time in kind.”

The FBI director serves at the pleasure of the president. Trump’s firing of Comey might be a cover-up, as the Left claims; it’s just as likely (significantly more likely in my view) that Trump just wanted Comey gone, and Trump has terrible timing. But regardless, the notion that the members of the intelligence community are now empowered morally or legally to redouble their efforts to damage Trump is anti-republican and frightening. The intelligence community is not its own shadow government, poised to strike the head of the executive branch because he takes a measure for which he has full constitutional authority.

Months ago, just as President Trump prepared to take office, a wave of mainstream media reports emerged suggesting that the intelligence community hated Trump and would work to take him down. In January, Trump tweeted about the intelligence agencies leaking information about confidential briefings, in typical Trumpian fashion:


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  • Joe Pewter

    FBI has allowed felony level mis-conduct of government officials for decades ..national/state/cities and counties..the reason FBI officials dont like Trump is cuz Trump exposed the laziness..embarrassed em..its time for USA America to get internally back on an Honest/Honorable track…THANK GOD for Trump.. a good example of government fraudulant phoneyness is …city councils wanna recite the Pledge of Allegience before the council meetings..then they go directly from that to lying and theiving of the citizens..a dis-honorable leftist approach to governing…sickening

  • parthenon1

    Ok FBI do your damndest but dont expect any of your findings are considered most likely fake unless you use the same zeal in examining Hillary and the Clinton Crime Family and Obama the Fake president. Neither of the latter groups were even careful in hiding what they did since they knew you wouldnt report on them . . . .well the other shoe has dropped and we demand the sdame or more intense zeal in investigating the Dem leaders as well !

  • VirgoVince

    comey was/is leftover ovomit garbage and was/is just as useless, he SHOULD have been
    dumped in January!! He refused to prosecute shitlary and protected her, because they are
    indirectly RELATED, thru marriage!! clinton corruption knows NO bounds!!

    • usmc354

      As a Constitution Conservative I believe in honesty, integrity, straightforwardness,conciseness and MOST of ALL the correct handling of FACTS! Please refrain from distorting facts, which are PROVABLE errors, in your statement! Comey is the brother of and has financial interests with same connected to the Clinton Foundation to the tune of a $6M contract! No marriage involved! As far as I am concerned you have lowered yourself to the level of the Leftist Liberals!

  • Mike N

    Comey lost credibility when he let Hillary off the hook after giving all the reasons she should be indicted and then not doing it. He should have been fired then.

  • CCblogging

    Comey is a corrupt left wing bast**d and the FBI has already been working to bring Trump down. President Trump should put someone in as FBI chief to clean out the rat’s nest.

  • cotton123

    Sounds like the next guys to fire.

  • Dandy

    Bullshit story! FBI can have the American people declare war on them. Best walk the straight and narrow.

  • 8gary8

    Is it not past time to state the obvious? Comey politicized the FBI. ENOUGH SAID?

  • Patriot41

    Looks like the president needs to appoint Trey Gowdy to clean up any leftists agents left in the FBI and restore it’s creditability.

    The politics of the media can continue to jawbone this issue to death, but the fact remains, that there were plenty of leaks coming out of the FBI before Comey was fired and it was the mainstream media that reported those leaks.

  • generalJed

    Ted Cruz or Rand Paul should be FBI Director. These two have the zeal to clean up Washington and crime in general. Trey Gowdy talks a good game, but no one goes to jail!

    • metheoldsarge

      Don’t take anymore Republicans out of Congress. I think Sharif Clark would be good at the job. He is a no nonsense get-it-done type of leader and a highly admired and respected Law Enforcement Professional.

  • metheoldsarge

    I may be raked over the coals over this. To dismiss the head of a major government agency like the FBI, should be done face to face and in private or at least while Comey wasn’t in a public situation giving a speech. It is never a good idea to publicly humiliate anyone. It will come back to bite you every time. To do it over the media when the person is on the other side of the country is very bad form. I think Trump stepped in it on this one.

  • Original Anna

    Gee, who are the FBI people saying all this stuff in favor of Comey and against Trump. No names makes me wonder. The guy who is substituting right now should be removed by Trump. Why was he testifying immediately in front of a committee being questioned by democrats when he is just a temporary. And he is backing Comey on top of that. So that tells me he will be doing nothing but dragging stuff out just like Comey. Get someone who will find out it is Hillary and Putin not Trump and Putin. How did the Russians get that stuff to build nuclear bombs sold without Congress okaying it. Trump didn’t do that, that is for sure. One is a traitor committing a crime against this country in the future if we ever end up in a war with Russia and one is not a traitor. Trump is not a traitor just to make myself clear.

  • jesse

    These are the politicized members in mid and upper level management positions, not the rank and file who know the left is not their friend and that they’re a bunch of unethical hacks! Believe me, the real cops of the FBI resent the politicization of the agency and the double standards established at the hands of the leftists.

  • Kaywhever


  • Petru Dans