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Feminist: Men, Not Islam, Are the Problem

The leader of the Swedish Feminist Initiative party has hit back at critical reports of a local Islamic school segregating children by gender, claiming the problems in migrant-populated no-go zones is not with Islam, but with men and racism.

Feminist Initiative (FI) leader Victoria Kawesa hit out at critics of her party claiming that children at a Muslim school being segregated on a school bus and in classes was a result of “the patriarchy” and not a problem originating from the religion of Islam, Expressen reports.

FI was slammed by Iranian-born Moderate Party MP Hanif Bali who said: “FI can not even diagnose the problem, let alone come up with some solutions to the problem.” Mr Bali, who grew up in the migrant-heavy no-go Stockholm suburb of Husby, said the type of attitudes shown by the school was common in the suburb. He commented his family confirmed that the only way to enact change is for the entire community to be behind it.

Kawesa fired back claiming that “this patriarchal oppression is in the whole of society”.

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  • Tpatriot

    Islam should be eradicated from this earth.

    • plum82

      I AGREE ~~~~~~~~~~100%

    • Chandler

      Along with it’s followers for the Koran can’t kill people, people kill people !!!!!!

    • scott forman

      Islam is not a religion, it is a cult of the devil.

      • Ursus_Indomitus

        alla = al shaitan. mohommud = beelzebub

  • david goodman

    most muslims need to obey laws where they live.or leave and force them to eat pork

  • CMD

    Sweden has become a third-world, terrorist inhabiting country. Islam. The scourge of humanity. Sweden is a self-inflicted hellhole. Welcome to the status of fallen idiots. You deserve this, along with your political criminals.

    • joe

      well said !

    • Chandler

      Yes they have , excuses will not work, thank goodness that Hungry learned to JUST SAY NO TO EXCEPTING MORE MUSLIMS INTO THERE COUNTRY.
      As all Countries should even in America, we in America should weed out the Muslims and send them back to there own country except the good ones few and far between.

  • Terry Butts

    “claiming the problems in migrant-populated no-go zones is not with Islam, but with men and racism.”

    ISLAM dictates that women are not even allowed to leave the house without a male with them, that they are not allowed to be educated beyond the house work that it restricts them to and SEGREGATES them from men in this manner throughout all the nations totally controlled by ISLAM.

    Now we have someone apparently who never READ THE ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS BOOK or SHARIA LAW declaring that because some men have joined in the movement to ABOLISH this tyrannical treatment of women that they are the problem not the POLITICAL IDEOLOGY masquerading as a religion that actually DICTATES this type of discrimination in its very doctrine. They even threw in the claim of RACISM again so which are they thinking is a race now? the gender or the “religion” since that is all that the NO GO ZONE dictators look at for their decisions.

  • Alice House

    she certainly looks swedish

    • Spiker

      Just more of the Swedish liberal stupidity. For many years all you had to do was step on Swedish soil and proclaim you were Swedish and they considered you a Full Swede. This is what happens to countries that try socialism. Look at Venezuela for another recent example. Socialism has NEVER worked any place it was tried. It is the height of ignorance for anyone with a modicum of knowledge to suggest otherwise. SO, NOT ONLY DOES SHE LOOK SWEDISH SHE IS.

  • Sean Rickmin

    AH,Excuse me,but,this person of NO interest looks more like a muscum than a Swedish female.Madame tell it like it is,you are a scum sucking muscum and a trouble maker,so,go have a porkchop and then crawl back under your pet rock.

  • tdg54

    As their country and culture are overrun, the useful idiots march on.

  • ernst

    This nitwit fails to recognize that Islam is dominated by men and is fundamentally dedicated to the systemic suppression of women’s rights – and finally to the suppression of all human rights. Islam will not change from her simple blather.

  • Dan

    Liberals, progressives and feminists….It appears they’re all stricken with a mental disorder.

  • CaptTurbo

    If you put a feminist’s brain in a gnat it would fly backwards and crash.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    “Feminists” are blithering idiots and shoud all be shot to Venus.

  • jesse

    Gee, would we expect any less lunacy from a mentally ill, masochistic, luciferian leftist nut-job? Anymore, the psychotic left is just so far gone, nothing they say comes as any big surprise!