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Feminist: Men, Not Islam, Are the Problem

The leader of the Swedish Feminist Initiative party has hit back at critical reports of a local Islamic school segregating children by gender, claiming the problems in migrant-populated no-go zones is not with Islam, but with men and racism.

Feminist Initiative (FI) leader Victoria Kawesa hit out at critics of her party claiming that children at a Muslim school being segregated on a school bus and in classes was a result of “the patriarchy” and not a problem originating from the religion of Islam, Expressen reports.

FI was slammed by Iranian-born Moderate Party MP Hanif Bali who said: “FI can not even diagnose the problem, let alone come up with some solutions to the problem.” Mr Bali, who grew up in the migrant-heavy no-go Stockholm suburb of Husby, said the type of attitudes shown by the school was common in the suburb. He commented his family confirmed that the only way to enact change is for the entire community to be behind it.

Kawesa fired back claiming that “this patriarchal oppression is in the whole of society”.

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