Gingrich Exposes Government For What It Is

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was recently asked if he believes the U.S. Government was corrupt to which he simply replied, “yes.”

Partial transcript as follows:

GINGRICH: I have a very simple Jerry Maguire comment. Do you remember Jerry Maguire? Show me the money? This guy has had $17 million, a year and a half. It’s supposed to be about Russia. Show me something that relates –

HOSTIN: I can show you 17 indictments and 5 guilty pleas.

GINGRICH: They’re not about Russia. There’s no evidence — there’s no — wait a second, there’s no evidence that ties Donald J. Trump to anything involving Russia.

BEHAR: Not yet, we don’t know.

GINGRICH: Show me the evidence.

BEHAR: He’s working on it.

GINGRICH: He’s had a year and a half and $17 million. He ought to have something by now.

GOLDBERG: Well, but he said he fixed that letter, right? The letter that nobody knew about and then maybe his son wrote it and then, no, his dad wrote it. I mean, don’t you think that you must go through the process to find out if there is anything, or are you saying you’re assuming that it’s already — have you taken the idea that our government is corrupt?


HOSTIN: Really?

GOLDBERG: And how long has it been that way, Newt?

GINGRICH: I think you can go back to a number of cases. I think the special counsel in the Bush years that set up Scooter Libby was totally corrupt, totally dishonest. I think that the U.S. Attorney who convicted a senator from Alaska and then later turned out that, in fact, he had hidden the evidence that proved the senator was innocent – you know there’s an entire book on it by Sydney Powell it walks you through case by case. He destroyed Arthur Anderson with false evidence. He was repudiated 9-0 by the Supreme Court and this guy is still there like he is an honest man.

  • Joan Laviana

    I wish Trump had chosen Gingrich for his running mate.

  • Buzg

    We are now bearing witness to the systematic eradication of our cultural history
    by the destruction of statues and other landmarks marking our path from Columbus to the signing of the Constitution and beyond. Even our landmarks in remembrance of
    our brave men and women who, over the years, gave their blood, sweat and very
    lives through war and other social conflict are being ridiculed and destroyed. We still persist in the pursuit of “Political Correctness” which is more accurately called Cultural Marxism, the ephemerous pursuit of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusiveness’. To put it simply however, one only needs to know and accept that our government and society in general are as corrupt as Mexico or Venezuela but somewhat more sophisticated.
    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln

  • JFK got elected with the help of the unions with bus loads of people going from precinct to precinct voting for JFK in Chicago, most of the people they were voting for were dead. Carter was just incompetent and voted the worst President in history. Clinton should have been thrown out of office the democrats instead of doing the right thing for what he did, they backed him and he stayed in office. Gingrich saved him by balancing the budget and welfare reform. Obama is going to be voted the worst President in our history and only Carter is happy about that. Obama ran the biggest criminal organization in our history that included the IRS, DOJ, EPA, SOS, FBI and Dept. of Energy all committed criminal acts and now we find out that Obama neglected to tell the citizens of this country what he did for Iran because he knew the citizens would have rejected it. He also is running a shadow government of his cronies in the DOJ, FBI and other agencies to undermine our President Trump. Now the democrats have turned far left backing antifa, alt left, BLM and other anti American organizations and there cure for America has not changed since Carter, more taxes, more regulations and open borders and screw the tax payers of this country.

    • jumper

      100% correct and well stated, all pale compared to Obama though.

  • jumper

    Liberalism, Socialism, Communism are the three steps to hell, we came close and fighting off the progressive scourge is a 24/7 job.