Global Warming Advocates Face Record Low Temps

Too many times does liberal media confuse the difference between climate change and global warming. Yes, climate change is real but global warming is not. And the proponents for global warming are being challenged with the reality of the current situation.

This is an important topic of discussion today because just recently the weather channel has informed the public that the country in many parts will be facing below-freezing weather conditions that could break records. The fact that we are getting weather this cold disrupts the global warming argument completely. Arguments for global warming are hard to cooborate when the temperatures are getting this low. The Weather Channel just made the following report,

“An arctic blast will slide across parts of the Midwest and Northeast into the weekend,” stated the forecasting service. “Many cities in the Midwest and Northeast will see their coldest temperatures so far this season. Daily record lows could be threatened in some cities.”


  • Shooting champ

    Global Warming is a Religion, based on belief, not fact. Termites produce CO2 in huge amounts, yet no one is pushing for their extermination. (Google termites and CO2 for the facts.) Clear cutting of forests has a Huge impact on our atmosphere, yet no one is calling for halting tree cutting or for the planting of trees to replace the millions of acres of CO2 absorbing, Oxygen producing trees to alleviate the problem. True Believers simply howl their mantra of “Global Warming” and the facts be damned!

    • cochise1

      AGW is indeed a religion….or cult. It certainly has all the trappings….unwavering faith is required and punishment of heretics, the sale of ‘indulgences’ in the form of carbon credits and government subsidization ie: grants, tax write-offs and outright gifts (Solyndra, et al).

    • Greg Arena

      Actually, termites are a large reason we have Exterminators.You might also be surprised that 100’s of organizations have been trying to stop logging(tree cutting) for almost 100 years.Why, for the oxygen producing trees and the denizens of the forests. Surprised?

      • Shooting champ

        How much success have those ‘hundreds’ of organizations had in stopping clear cutting in the Amazon rain forest?!!? (Zero.) How many of the hundreds of thousands of termite nests that average 10 feet high and cover hundreds of square miles in major portions of Africa have been ‘exterminated’ by the “”Exterminators” you touted?!? Silly me… I believed I was speaking to people with an open mind and a willingness to look at facts, not another disciple of AlGore. How is your supply of kool-aid holding up?

        • Greg Arena

          Champ, If you are sure that Termite mounds, releasing CO2, in Africa are contributing to global warming, you have taught me something. As far as success against clear cutting in the Amazon,and the US, the reason success is so dear is the lack of funds of grass roots groups to fight the very wealthy republican donors

          • Shooting champ

            Checking termites contribution to CO2 is simple. Google it. The photos of the mounds and the statistics will convince you. As for clear cutting in the US of forests.. again, check your facts against the kool aid. YES! Clear cutting was done. YES! Way too much of our nations forests fell victim to lumbering interests greed. A great portion of America’s forests were cleared for the plow of farmers and the building of railways. However, today’s lumbers business is based on sustainability. Replanting crews are well paid to replace what was cleared. Forests are no longer clear cut in the US. Please do look at facts, not propaganda. BTW, those very wealthy Republican donors are the ones funding those reforestation efforts. Many greedy, thoughtless actions were taken in the 17th, 18th and 19th century and a lot of them carried into the 20th century. It was a Republican President who started the National Park System and led the way into a major Conservation effort in our Nation.

          • Kent Powers

            Let’s have you name a few Republican so called donors who are destroying our forests & we in turn will name 2 democrats doing the same or worse, we;ll start with Warren Buffett, Clinton Foundation, Bill Gates, Al Gore, it is a continuous flow incl. Pelosi, Reid, etc. all involved in raping our resources * public for billions. So funny how the 1% ers you are always screaming about are almost 70% demo’s.

          • Greg Arena

            For Kent and a Republican Timber baron list; John Malone, Red Emmerson, The Yanke family, and the Singleton family

  • ANC

    Let science be the teacher not the socilist.

  • Rick3

    When the brainless Gruber stupid lemmings who promote global warming are in it totally for the money and the equally brainless Gruber stupid lemmings that buy their bullshit lies deserve to be separated from their money. When Al Gore lives in a mansion that consumes more electricity than ten homes and he flies around on a private jet (paid for by the lemmings ROFL) then we all know that P T Barnum said it all:
    “There’s a sucker born every minute”

    • ARJAY

      … and two to take him!

  • Michael Gregory

    The liberals agenda of total control of our thoughts far outweigh anything representing facts or reality. They call dillusion science!

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Global Warming is a lie and a scheme of the Globalists of the United Nations as part of their agenda of power and control, and their creating a One World Government. It is a wicked crime and nothing more.

  • John Williams

    Global warming was their last fiasco, before that, global cooling, I am old enough to remember both fiascos, if memory serves, settled science had us all freezing to death in the dark by now, somehow all that science went up in smoke. Climate change, it can be pointed out that it can effect ANYTHING, is the new altar of the demented and useful idiots to pray to, as usual science is quoted as settled, but the climate, other disconcerting facts and other scientist who don’t depend on grants to get the desired decision, seem to blow holes in the theory. Climate change was never about the climate, it has always been about control of the masses. Climate change is the “wet dream” of despots and dictators everywhere, imagine, if you could use the very thing that could effect every single person on the earth against all of them, and of course only the governments could help save you from yourself, they will tax you, regulate your every move and all because they care. It is called control, control is never gained without scaring the people enough until the people beg you to save them from themselves. Consider, the same people who accept the scheme, that just because you say you are of a different gender, that is all it takes to make it so. They conveniently forget the science of biology when it serves their purpose, but demand everyone accept a science based on altered data, and falsified data points, garbage in garbage out. Proof once again liberal logic is an oxymoron.

    • ARJAY

      The only change they made from the NEW ICE AGE results mania of the 1960’s/1970’s (hurricanes, blizzards etc.) was the word “ice” was changed to “warming”.

      The so called catastrophic events WERE THE SAME for the cooling and the warming.

      Remember how they were going to spray black die (or something) over the land to absorb the heat from the SUN in order to melt the snow/ice to keep the earth WARMER?

      • John Williams

        Thus the term “climate change” it covers everything from rain to cow farts.

        • ARJAY

          Oh and another thing. If oblamo really believes in the man made global warming hoax, why is he going to (or did) buy OCEANFRONT property?!

          • John Williams

            Just more proof of the farce being promoted.

  • Bernie

    Jim Coleman, a world recognized meteorologist and founder of the Weather Chanel, says global warming is a hoax!

    • antiliberal


      • Bernie

        I don’t know what that means.

        • antiliberal

          That is the TV station here in San Diego that he does the weather for, that is how he says it. And it is John Coleman.

          To doubters, Coleman told My News LA, “I’m just a dumb old skeptic — a denier as they call me — who ought to be jailed or put to death. I understand how they feel. But you know something? I know I’m right. So I don’t care.”

          • Bernie

            For years he was the local weather man here in Chicago.

  • Chuck

    As I recall we have had three major Ice Ages; and there were no humans on earth during the first two?
    How do you explain that? Some things in this Universe are beyond our control!

    • ARJAY

      I’ve asked that question over and over and OVER again and NEVER received an answer from ANYONE who believes in the MAN MADE global warming HOAX!!

      Wonder why THAT is, hmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • Sarah_1

    I, for one, am prepared for “global warming”. I had the furnace checked and bought a new snow shovel….

  • snytz

    Do high levels of CO2 in the past contradict the warming effect of CO2?
    Vegetation growth grew large because of high co2 levels.
    We might want to rename the Brachiosaurus with the moniker Gassiosaurus, new research indicates. The gassy emissions from these giant dinosaurs may have been enough to warm the Earth, the researchers say.
    Dinosaurs that roamed the Earth 250 million years ago knew a world with five times more carbon dioxide than is present on Earth today,

  • snytz

    Talk to your plants, they love your CO2

  • snytz

    This global warming is just a bunch of B.S. and a way for Al Gore to make millions of dollars, fly a fancy plane and live in a mansion.Al Gore is like most liberal democrats,he’s a liar.

  • donl

    Al Gore has made millions spreading his LIES about Global Warming, he claimed all the beaches would be gone several years ago, people believed him, we still have beautiful beaches, when we were supposed to have a heat wave in the northeast, some senators skied to work in DC. I noticed only the Liberal minded Globalist were the ones that were “Pushing” this hoax for personal gain.

  • Jmanjo

    Al Gore will go down as the biggest scam artist and liar of our time! And the biggest fool to believe him, Obama!

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    The planet goes though its different phases over the years and it isnt about what we do or dont do. Granted we have enough hot air from hollywood, D.C. and North Korea to actually claim global warming. We are over due for another ice age which normally happens about every 10000 years. Sounds like the fore mention may be keeping us from freezing over.

  • cal3301
  • Susan

    I know I’m cold today. Brrr!

  • Troy100Jones

    The “globe” warmed 1.8 degrees in the twentieth century.
    Were they Celcius Degrees or Fahrenheit Degrees?

  • Shooting champ

    I wish I still had the Time magazine edition from the early 60’s, the cover of which showed marching icebergs descending on New York City and grinding it flat. The dire warning they were pushing then was that we were all going to freeze to death and our bodies ground into the glacial silt by the unstoppable armada of icebergs that were inexorably grinding North America into a part of greatly expanded polar ice cap. Anyone else remember that idiocy?

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    The morons will just say AGW causes low temps. I’ve heard it before.
    The fact is, AGW IS man made, but it’s made by GEOENGINEERING, in accordance to the Deep State agenda. They’ll knock it off when they have control and enough useless eaters have been eliminated.

    • polly

      You are right.We already have snow.The NW O lies

  • Kent Powers

    Newest research shows no rise in global water levels, but an actual decline in some areas, global warming is merely from the gas emitted by liberal democrats from both ends.

  • RGW

    More people die in colder temperatures, than in warmer temperatures… Global Warming will save lives! You can help by burning more fossil fuels… YEA!!!