GOP Intel Member Says Russia Talks Should Stop

House Intelligence Committee member Tom Rooney (R-FL) argued on CNN that the current investigation needs to end because it has “gotten to the point now where we’re literally bringing people in for nine hours just so the Democrats can leak to the press something as ridiculous as white lies, not having anything to do with the Russia investigation, but that that drives the whole story for the whole next day.”

Rooney stated, “The committee hearing yesterday lasted for nine hours, and the one thing that got out…that Hope Hicks lies for President Donald Trump was obviously leaked by the Democratic side of the aisle to the media, and that has driven the news today, not the nine hours testimony that she gave of her knowledge of what Russian collusion — or lack thereof there may have been in the 2018 — or ’16 election cycle, but this one nugget.”

“And that’s why, tonight, I’ve asked our Chairman, Conway, that we need to end this investigation. It’s been going on for a year. We’ve interviewed scores of witnesses. And now, we’ve gotten to the point now where we’re literally bringing people in for nine hours just so the Democrats can leak to the press something as ridiculous as white lies, not having anything to do with the Russia investigation, but that that drives the whole story for the whole next day.”

“The question was, have you ever lied for the president? And — which, as you know, is an extremely broad question. That could be like me telling a staffer to tell somebody that’s calling me on the phone that I’m not here. That would be asking my staffer to lie for me. So, that would include what the question being asked was. So, I actually chimed in at that moment and said, can we please specify as to whether or not you’re asking her if she’s ever lied for the president with regard to the Russia investigation, her testimony here, or anything that she said during this testimony? Because then that would be an impeachable — in a courtroom, that would be impeaching the witness that she’s not truthful. And of course, to that, she said that she has not lied with regard to any of those things. So, then the question was, so you’re talking about white lies? And then she repeated that. It wasn’t exactly in that timeframe, but that’s how the term white lies came out.”

“It was a trap. And that’s what our investigation has become. … If we have reduced ourselves so far to get to the point now where we’re just leaking stuff like this, rinky-dink things like Hope Hicks tells white lies for her boss, then we have gone completely off the rails, and this investigation needs to end.”

“I don’t want to imply at all that whatever Mr. Mueller is doing is somehow legitimate or illegitimate. That is a completely separate criminal investigation that has nothing — or should have nothing to do with the House Intelligence Committee investigation. … His investigation is his investigation, and I’ll just leave it at that.”

  • Sandy

    Finally, someone has the balls to say end it. This witch hunt has gone on way too long at a great expense and embarrassment to our country. No collusion! Get over it! Tell the stupid Democrats to look at their own lies and collusions, let our President lead us, stop interfering.

  • MDKTT20

    This has now become a witch hunt , nothing more, nothing less. now he is looking into if Trump had any business dealings with the Russians ? what the hell is this crap, of course he did as a Business man . time to look at Hillary and the Democratic party on “COLLUSION” they sure did a lot of it .

  • pmbalele

    You got it wrong. It is Repubs and TPs what started the whole war on American people. These people should stay with their wives instead of staying in political positions to prey on office girls. They are making Family values a jock. Here is Sukuma video for them to learn from:

    • Tuxedo_Plowboy

      Oh please. You are clueless and brainwashed.

    • Gerry Costa

      I think you are as messed up as the demoTRASH party. JFK and sleazeball clinton were democrats and they both soiled or should I say stained the Oval office. You seem to have your wires crossed.

  • Jmanjo

    It is obvious that the Democrats parents were not married when they were conceived.

  • S.J. Jolly

    The House Intelligence Committee never made more than a half-hearted effort to find anything.
    Isn’t this the same committee that, one administration back, tried 9 times to find anything criminal in Hillary Clinton’s actions re Benghazi? And, didn’t many Republicans consider her a witch, and still do?

  • Gerry Costa

    Way too long is putting it mildly. If Congress doesn’t have the guts to end this Barnum & Bailey circus act then the American people should, after all it is our in excess of 10 million dollars that they are pilfering — for absolutely no reason. If the worthless demoTRASH scum want to do a witch hunt on every petty questionable action of our politicians — LET THEM DO IT ON THEIR OWN TIME AND DIME !!!!!!

  • conc11111

    Mueller scared to end this stupidity because he will be next to be investigated for corrupting the fbi.

  • william g munson


  • Shelly Shannon

    It looks to me like President Trump is the most honest one in this whole fiasco. Muller is just as corrupt as the rest of the slime that has driven this natrative. Just listen to how Democrats respond to any questions about this so-called investigation. They will side step the questions without really giving any straight forward answer. I just thank God I don’t live in their twisted world any more and haven’t since I was 25.

  • Barbara Johnson

    Yeah Mueller seems to be looking in all the wrong directions just point him toward the democrats especially Hillary and then he will finally find real Russian collusion and won’t he look like an idiot.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    People are bored with this whole insane nonsense “investigation” into nothingness!
    Strzok said at the onset, that there is no there there. Let it drop and die off, because
    this country has real things to get done. If they are so keen to investigate, go investigate
    something with substance like the entire Obama corrupt administration. GO FOR IT, with
    the country’s blessings!