Graham Finds Wall Pointless

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suggested enforcing a comprehensive immigration legislation to fight the current issues with immigration.

Graham stated, “It makes some sense to send soldiers to the border, but you’re not going to secure a border just by adding National Guard troops. You got to go to the root cause of this. The caravans come from the triangle country, Honduras, and Guatemala in particular because the conditions are so bad. If you don’t have comprehensive immigration reform, so it’s easier for American companies to hire, you have more labor available to American companies, you’ll never fix this problem.”

“The point is that Canada has a sound economy, people from the south of us do not have sound economies, and if you don’t fix the economic magnet you’ll never solve the immigration problem so building a wall alone won’t do anything.”

  • Frank Maloy

    Talk, talk, talk, that’s all we heard from both sides for the past 20 years Senator. First time you have a President willing to do something and you change your minds. Forget you

    • EdWatts

      You spelled “F**k” wrong.

  • Martin

    This POS needs to go away. Americans do not want amnesty for any illegals. Quit talking about it.

    • DonRS

      Graham has demonstrated, CONTINUOUSLY, that he is BLINDLY SUPPORTIVE of UNLIMITED AMNESTY. “You all come”!

      Right on! STUPID, NOSE UP McCAINS BUTT CHEEKS, Graham hasn’t seen a war or a foreign country in to which the U.S. MUST POUR UNLIMITED Treasure: MONEY AND TROOPS. The poor will ALWAYS BE WITH US. There simply isn’t enough money to give the poor around the world. Already, the $$TRILLIONS we’ve spent on the HELLHOLES around the world NEVER gets to the intended purpose, rather it DISAPPEARS into the pockets of the THUGS running those countries.


    • Junius Graham

      Lindsey the Rino, We do not need him or McCain, Ryan, or McConnell! They do not love America.

  • JungleCogs

    These guys always toss around, “comprehensive immigration reform”, but they never detail what that means. What we do know, is that the Progressive Fascists want ‘open borders’ and they will not stop until they get it.

  • Will Boyd

    Screw him and any mention of “comprehensive allowing of criminals into this country with full benefits and a democratic voter registration.”

  • Rosco1776

    Take away all the freebies, anchor baby status and it will slow to a crawl! Just enforce the laws on the books.

    • mike skinner

      exactly right.

  • A_patriot

    Ah, Senator Graham, NOT with MY tax dollars, thank you very little.

  • ed

    Grahmnesty sees no reason for the wall? Instead we need to grow the job market large enough that we can absorb all the illegals into our work force from these 3rd world sh**holes?
    If I lived at the Kountry Klub Kondos with the gates and fences like Grahmnesty, I guess I could agree with that.

  • WilliamHarrington

    Cure the immigration problem, annex Mexico.

    • EdWatts

      “The wall” would be shorter!

  • barry1817

    Graham works in an environment where he is protected by walls and armed security. Seems to work for him, Bet his home has gates and walls, and locks on his doors.

    As to immigration reform. how about enforcing immigration laws now, do away with sanctuary cities, chain migration, and the absurdity of citzenship if you enter illegally and pop out a baby, only county in the world that does this, and people know this is wrong, because every time there is a story about Asian women doing this, and on their own dime, the new goes out and people tell us that this is wrong

  • Dean

    The mass amnesty 30 years ago was guaranteed to end illegal border crossing. Build the wall and enforce the legal immigration laws. Imprison all the people here illegally until their trials then deport them. No more free stuff, no running around loose before their hearings. Defend our country against all enemies foreign and domestic. Remember that oath of office?

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    Tell that to Israel, Lindsay. I’m sure they’ll pull down all their walls once you enlighten them!

  • Ronald Hagler

    Talk, Talk, Talk. That is all Congress does! Penalize companies for hiring foreigners instead of displaced U.S. workers and the problem will go away. We have laws to cover such infractions but they are seldom (if ever) enforced. The problem is our liberal justice system! START THERE to solve this problem!

  • JamesJ

    Graham is pointless. The wall, not so much.

  • Luanne Denman

    Graham says we need no wall, and wants reform of the immigration laws,and he sounds like liberals who say the law not being enforced is broken so lets make new laws. Whether it is immigration, or unenforced gun laws, the liberal answer is always, “The laws are broken, we need new laws.” Meanwhile, those who break our laws continue to do the same. I say, there are plenty of laws,so just abide by those on the books. Do not saddle law abiding Americans with new laws that only restrict those who are law-abiding.

  • Carolann Enkhaus

    The first thing we need to do to fix our immigration is to get rid of traitors to our people like Graham

    • apzzyk

      There will be an 80th reunion of the American Nazi party composed of True Americans in a couple of years. I won’t be there, but you and Trump will.

      • pstreet

        Idiot, you are the type of moron Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot loved.

        • apzzyk

          You and J. Edgar are so close to each other that you belong in the same grave. While patriots like you were lynching Blacks, he was all focused on anyone who was to the political left of his idol Adolph because Adolf, like you and fellow ‘conservatives’ were just the good old American Patriots who had no regard for the constitutional rights of others, including the right to exist. Were you wearing a hood in Charlottesville – if not you can make one out of a pillowcase? While I was on the march to end the war in Nam you, and the draft dodger in chief were sitting on the sidelines chearing, while my fellow Marines were dying. Have you noticed that when he raises his right hand how much he resembles Hitler?

          • rottenrollin

            Remember it was the Dimmercrat KKK lynching the blacks…. Before putting them permanently onto the Dimmercrat plantation.

      • rottenrollin


  • richard black

    what did you expect from a butt- hurt RINO ???

    • apzzyk

      We hear more common sense from RINOs than we do from Wing Nuts – take your gun, go to Ajo AZ, go East on the Ajo highway toward Tucson, get out of the car and head S and if you make it 10 miles your bones might be found some day. Trump and his Golf Cart would suffer the same fate.

  • frankstclair

    Economic magnet my ass. Secure the border. Deport illegals. Incarcerate business owners knowingly employing illegal aliens. Done.

  • apzzyk

    We cannot possibly ever close the borders. The 9/11 terrorists entered the US from Canada and by passed TSA or whatever was in effect at the time. Just the lower 48 has over 10,000 miles of borders with either the rest of N. America or by seas. After the transcontinential RR was completed, musing labor from China on the West, Orientals were not legal immigrants, but they came anyway, and what would we do for food if it were not for Chinese take out. The same with TX/MX food, or even Pizza. We cannot deport our way out of the problem with about 1 in every 31 people in the US being here illegally. We have far better places to spend the taxpayers money than to spend about $500,000 for each forcible deportation – would repair many miles of roads and build or rebuild more. The unrealists, including the Draft Dodger in Chief, have been in charge for too long, and while they they make a lot of noise, they have no objection to spending other people’s money to do their will but when push comes to shove do not even like paying taxes for anything.

  • Aline Oary

    Graham is a Demorat in Republican clothing. Take away all the benefits, send them to jail when caught, they will stop coming. Their own governments are very corrupt. Their relatives sat back and did nothing when it first happened. Honduras is one example of what the Demorats want to happen to us. They of course, would keep all their corrupt money, guns, and confisticate gold silver or anything of value from the people so we would become like the slaves from there. Please, vote those people out and remember to use paper ballots as Soros owns all the software for the voting machines and has it fixed so your vote changes to Demorat. That is how they stole the elections in California.

  • Mike Shepard

    Lindsey Graham, God Bless his little heart. I am from South Carolina and have met him numerous times and his hatred of Trump not to mention his severe case of Potomac Fever and his out of control ego, have turned him into a joke.

    Last year at a Town Hall meeting in Charleston he told attendees that didn’t agree with him that if they had a problem with him then just vote him out in 2020. Oh please give me a good alternative!

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    He is a Dem in a Republican suit.
    Can’t trust the Rinos because they are NWO sellouts and want
    open borders. These immigrants need to go back where they came from
    and fix their own countries, not invade ours!!! We had a revolution and a
    war for our independence why don’t they?

  • James Simpson

    That’s actually true. If we want to have an effective foreign policy, it should be to help those countries prosper. First by throwing out the socialists that run most of them, and helping them build a pro-American political infrastructure, then do a kind of Marshall Plan that would help them reinvigorate their economies. At the same time, they have to be shut out from further immigration here, legal or otherwise.

  • Dodie1990

    Wrong Senator. Secure the border, build the wall ,deport illegals. End all benefits for all immigrants, no matter what. Once the wordis out the free ride is over, they will stop swarming.

  • john

    I think the Senitor may have a point, But I think he ia not thinking correctly about the wall.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Graham can take his amnesty and stick up his you know where.

  • jack

    enforce the laws on the books , YES , and push for ALL the papers requested be given up to the congress and the people of this country . if the LAW cannot be followed than I guess the next thing is that we all lose everything to the left and YES a civil war . and if the left really cares about the TRUE citizens than let us get the freebees too

  • parthenon1

    Build the friggin wall this is the way Israel almost totally stopped illegal immigrants from gaining entry to Israel!

  • Hambone

    Grahm is correct, the wall is not enough. The wall needs to be built along with border enforcement, and removing all government assistance to these freeloaders.

  • mike skinner

    believe me, if canada was on the border with mexico they would have the same problem.

  • peter

    Graham is the one who is clueless. Get the hell out like your pal Ryan!

  • Magik

    First off you lame dumb ass Canada does NOT have a sound economy . But what would you know , it’s not on the script your corporate masters gave you to read . After years and years of you damn rinos doing nothing about the invading hoards so your corporate masters could have cheap labor we the people took the opportunity to elect a President that put his foot down and represent US Americans and business has responded with long awaited wage increases . Graham , you are a pathetic example of a legislator , a corporate stooge for the defense contractors , and an embarrassment to the good people of South Carolina .

  • don_in_virginia

    Nancy boy Graham is a traitor just like McCain. He needs to go away! No amnesty!

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    Graham-Has always been on John McCains side-And I don’t agree with Much of anything-These Men Want.Just don’t Trust either one of them—Think they Could turn on AMERICA- in a Heart Beat.!!!

  • Gail Davis

    Lindsey, we desperately need the wall built. We need to send all illegals home including the DACA Dreamers that cost us 62 billion a year. The cash cow welfare system needs to dry up – no section 8, health ins., no ebt cards, no Spanish in classes only English, no citizen babies from two illegal parents dumped here, No chain migration and if you come to America you need to support yourself and your family. Americans want to be first – not illegals. You re a rhino and haven’t looked after the security of US citizens which you and all the stupid politicians swore when you took office to do. We have federal immigration laws already on the books-FOLLOW THEM or get the hell out of office! Americans first!

  • benegreen

    The wall will stop women and children and most men, drugs, and sex trafficking. The good news is if they don’t get here, they cannot ask for asylum and have to go through our court system. It doesn’t do any good to arrest more illegals when they get to US as then somehow they have rights, ands a court date a year from now.


    As I’ve said many, many times before: OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS ARE NOT BROKEN what we need to do is to ENFORCE the laws ALREADY ON THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    The solution is not to accept all these people into our country, but to re-work their country, so it will be better. They need REAL education (not liberal education, aka indoctrination); a new form of government; and a good Constitution with a “Second Amendment”!

  • rottenrollin

    Trump promised a wall….


    We don’t necessarily want you, though, Graham.

    If the wall later needs turrets with shooters, I volunteer.