Graham: Pelosi Will Allow Caravans

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) claimed that if Democrats gain the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will “welcome” Central American migrants into the United States.

Graham stated, “I think people are going to be voting on the mob rule of the Democratic Party. If you elect Democrats to run the House, you know exactly what you’re going to get. They’re going to try and impeach the president and impeach Kavanaugh. They don’t care about your wallet — they just want to get in your wallet.”

“Kavanaugh to me, was a despicable episode in the history of the Senate. These [migrant] caravans will never be stopped by Nancy Pelosi. And when it comes to standing up to the world, you need a strong leader like President Trump.”

He continued, “I’m going to let everybody in these states know what happens if you put the Democratic Party in charge of this country. You’re rewarding mob rule. You’re undercutting the rule of law. Don’t give these people power. The best thing you can do to make sure Kavanaugh never happens again is punish them for what they were willing to do to this good man. I’m going to take this on the road. Two weeks from Tuesday, we can decide what kind of country you want to be. Do you want to be the country of people who run you up and down the halls and spit on you? Or do you want to be a country of Republicans who can actually deliver for working families out there? Nancy Pelosi will welcome the caravans here. Donald Trump and the rest of us will stop them.”

  • Ex democrat

    Tell them to go live in her neighborhood. That’ll have a “wonderful” impact on her property values!!

  • Concerned in Texas

    I bet ‘Nursing Home Nancy’ would not even give them the time of day after she let them in our country.

  • Berengaria

    Approximately 50% of the American Voters, Legal & Illegal, give a Thumbs Up to the Soros/DEM MOBS. This is a Country, where the MOBS will make the Bloody French Revolution, appear to be a Sunday Outing.
    For the Love of Our Own Nation, America, please VOTE FOR THE GOP, THE RULE OF LAW is at STAKE!

  • Frank Roza

    I hope she has the money to pay for them!These F’ing Dimwitcrats don’t think about who’s going to pay for all of this B.S!

    • jim

      piglosi is just an old pig whore that needs to pass away in a nursing home in Russia

    • GomeznSA

      NOPE – she fully realizes and expects US to pay the bill to house and care for these ILLEGAL (non)immigrants. She wouldn’t lift a finger nor pay one thin dime of her own money to do so. Ever the way of liberals of any and all stripes – talk a good fake compassion game and expect others to finance it.

  • Dennis Anderson

    The Mexicans have fished in our fishing hole and now think it belongs to them only. Palosi Galore belongs behind bars right now. The democratic party is no more it has transformed into something else. Remember the radical Muslims saying they would take over our country from within and without.They are not talking about the obvious anymore are they?

  • Andrew Kent Jaussi

    Give ’em hell, Lindsey.

  • Estell Newton


  • Nikita63

    If Pelosi and the Progressive Democrat Traitors to All constitutional protocol and immigration laws allow these Foreign felons by definition to enter this country uninvited and then tax us into oblivion to support these unskilled hordes of welfare cases at our expense , they should , every damned one of them be impeached for Violation of their Sworn oaths of Office to defend and uphold the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic , not to become such. I served 50 years ago in a democratic war of stupidity that lost us 60,000 American lives and cost the South Vietnamese their freedoms and country only because we NEVER were allowed in the field to fight the damned war to win it. I’ll be damned to hell and gone before I watch these traitors in the flesh do the same to THIS country. If it comes to a Civil War to prevent this atrocity; Let the war begin! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY; NOT THE DAMNED DEMOCRATS TO DO WITH AS THEY SEE FIT BECAUSE THEY HATE A TRUE AMERICAN PRESIDENT TRYING TO RIGHT THE WRONGS OF THE LAST FIFTY YEARS PREDOMINANTLY CAUSED BY THE STUPIDITY, FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY, AND UNACOUNTABILITY OF THE TOTALLY INCOMPETENT AND INSIDIOUS EFFORTS OF THE GLOBALIST NEW WORLD ORDER MARXIST ORIENTED LUNATIC LEFT. As a former Vietnam Soldier and one with a 51 year old degree in Government, I KNOW what I see to be true, and witnessed the smug self superiority at Walter Reed Army Medical Center fifty years ago after Vietnam exhibited by the Congressional patients at WRAMC demanding and receiving preferential treatment over our Combat Traumatic Amputees: SIMPLY BECAUSE THESE CONGRESS CRETINS SAW THEMSELVES AS SUPERIOR TO WE PEASANTS! Time to FORCE term limits upon these swamp slime and end the abuses which have gone on for FAR TOO LONG and hurt far too many AMERICAN CITIZENS; NATIVE BORN AND LEGALLY NATURALIZED!!These pond scum career thieves, liars and parasites in Congress
    are in office for one reason only: to serve the needs and will of their American Citizen constituencies so, if they will not so serve: REMOVE THEM ALL IN THIS AND EVERY ELECTION HEREAFTER BY YOUR VOTES AGAINST THEIR CRIMINALITY AND PERVERSION OF OUR CONSTITUTION AND THE FREEDOMS AND CHOICES IT GUARANTEES US ALL!

  • Patrick Feeney

    Nancy Pelosi is pro-criminal! She is unfit to serve!

  • Heidi Kuhl

    Thank you Lindsey Graham!