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Guess Which Company, Founded by a Marine, Disrespected Memorial Day?

Little Caesar’s pizza store in Tennessee fired an employee who wore a U.S. Marines shirt to work on this recent Memorial Day holiday. According to, 18-years old Joey Schell chose to wear the shirt because employees are often permitted to wear costumes on holidays. Said Schell of his decision to dress up for Memorial Day:

“It’s one of the holidays I’m most passionate about, because I’m planning to become a Marine. I was trying to say Memorial Day matters to me.”

Schell went on to say that employees have dressed up frequently for various holidays, including a black cat costume face paint antlers for Halloween and different hats for St. Patrick’s Day. When Schell went into work with his Marines shirt on, a manager told him he would both be written up and have to go home to change his shirt which would result in him being terminated from Little Caesars. Schell felt he and the Marines were being disrespected and decided to go home and lose his job.

What do you think readers? Would it have hurt Little Caesars reputation to have an employee wearing a shirt supporting the USMC on Memorial Day?