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House Dem Indicted for Charity Scam

Hillary Clinton may have skated out of an indictment related to her mishandling of State Department emails, but one of her fellow Democrats was not so lucky.

Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) was indicted in connection with a Virginia charity that turned out to be a scam. Apparently, of the more than $150,000 raised by the sham education charity, One Door for Education, approximately none of the donations went to benefit anyone except the House Democrat.

Brown allegedly used the funds to travel back and forth to political events, for hotels, and travel.

First Coast News reports:

The indictments are sealed, and details are sketchy, but may stem from Brown’s involvement in a group called “One Door for Education,” which advertised itself as a charity, but was never a registered nonprofit. One Door’s president Carla Wiley entered a guilty plea of Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud charges in early March (see below).

Brown’s Jacksonville based attorney Bill Sheppard tells First Coast News he is “not at liberty to say” anything about an indictment. Sheppard says he will not have any comment until indictments are unsealed.

That plea appeared to implicate Brown, then identified only as “Person A,” alleging she benefited personally from funds raised by One Door. The documents described “Person A” as a public official who was often used in promotional materials for the group. Brown’s photo appeared on the website for the group before it was taken down.

When a reporter from NBC asked Brown about the case, she insisted that the charges were racially and politically motivated. There may be a village somewhere with an idiot who would believe her, but since the Department of Justice is run by a prominent African-American woman who also happens to be a Democrat, it seems unlikely.