Illegal Sentenced to PRISON for Voter Fraud

People that don’t believe illegals are voting in this country are either blithering idiots or Democrats (or in that case, BOTH).

Hillary’s so-called “popular vote” came solely from California.

Cali is a safe haven for illegals, which gives away drivers licenses to illegals at the same place California residents register to vote.

How convenient, right?

President Trump has stated there’s massive illegal voter fraud in this country, and reports back up his claims.

Rosa Ortega is an illegal who committed voter fraud and is paying the price with an 8-year prison sentence.

How many more “Rosas” are there out there?

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  • gvette

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just shoot him?

    • Californiasailor

      Yes indeed…..

  • Robert Brumley

    They need to prosecute as many as they find. So they understand that when they illegally vote they may face prison time and sent back to their country afterwards.

    • Terry Butts

      They should also be prosecuting the politicians and government workers that encourage them to vote illegally especially the ones that convince them that it is legal for them to vote.

      They also need to go after the ones who multi vote because they falsely believe they have a right to vote in a federal election in every state they own a house.

      It seems there is a large group especially among democrats that think voting is based on property owned in the state rather than one vote per person.

      All owning the other properties allows is them getting to vote in the LOCAL elections in those states they only get one vote in federal elections (such as for president) regardless of the how many states in which they own homes.

  • Bayside GolfClub

    Fingerprint and dna.. Asset forfeiture and boot them out. Take everything. Assume taxpayer fraud, welfare/foodstamp fraud, criminal by nature. Put them on a not citizenship, EVER list. Do this with every illegal in the Country. It is absolutely untrue that they do jobs others don’t want as well. We have unemployed college kids hollering fro free tuition. Unacceptable., They could pick fruit, make beds, do laundry, mow lawns, and any of the other stuff.

    Illegals are here doing SERIOUS damage..

    • Terry Butts

      The problem is many in government are connected to the businesses that profit by hiring illegals so they can bypass government regulations put in place to protect workers as well as the minimum wage laws.

      What they actually mean when they say “jobs others don’t want” is jobs they will not do at the same slave wage as an illegal and it would cost them more because they would then have to comply with those regulations or risk getting reported by their LEGAL employees for the health/safety violations.

  • pappy450

    Better come and look in N.Y. State also.”prince andy” and deblasio not only ALLOWED “illegals” to vote, but ENCOURAGED them to do so on TV. (and told them they would NOT be prosecuted if “caught”)
    BTW…. OSCUMBAG did EXACTLY the same thing. Perhaps we should ALSO go after the “powers that be” that encourage such behavior, and jail their butts. Start at the TOP and work your way down.

  • Jerry

    State of Jefferson now !!!! Form our own state in the north of California. Or I will continue my plan as soon as I am able I am moving out.

  • Jerry

    Voter fraud stopped, Make it a law everyone that registers show two pieces of ID. A drivers license, or ID issued by the state and a US birth certificate, or citizenship documents and also be made be shown at the polls when voting.

  • dank440

    A privilege like being able to vote in a a beautiful country should be sacred. Any person abusing that must be fully punished!

  • Great, now we need to relentlessly publicize this and make sure every illegal in this country knows that if they fraudulently vote, they will go to jail for 8 years or more!

  • denoferth

    The mere mention of voter ID laws makes democrats heads explode in righteous indignation and howls of racism.

  • Doris Will

    Which is it New Jersey or Old Dominion (which they call Virginia) New Jersey is called The Garden State

  • Jean123a

    In, I believe 2012, Ohio had a lady who worked as an election official who also took it upon herself to vote for 5 or 6 people who did not bother to show up to vote for themselves. That was voter fraud committed by a citizen, and sadly it was not made clear whether she was ever held accountable for her crimes. She WAS LAUDED by some of the more notable Democrats in the party for her “undeniable support of Barack Obama”.
    Now, after all the hype made by mainstream Media, that President Trump exaggerates the problem of voter fraud in America, even gain so far as to claim that the problem is nonexistent, it was finally taken seriously enough to follow through with an investigation that proves its existence —in this case by someone with no legal right to be in the Country at all, and certainly not voting.
    They claim that the proof of identity required in order to vote, is done in an effort to deter certain individuals from voting. In truth, they object to the requirement because it would deter voting by people with no right to vote at all— non-Citizens, and illegals.
    Certain voting privileges, such as voting by mail for early voting, absentee voting, create more opportunities for voter fraud and should be discontinued except in the case of our Military personnel stationed abroad,
    All others should vote on Election Day at the proper precinct. For those who find it necessary to be out of town on Election Day, arrangements are generally available to allow in-person voting at the County Board of Elections.
    Proof of identity is a crucial part of any honest, and fair election, and should be taken seriously by all Citizens.

  • tyedyed69

    Fingerprint on Ballot, scanned in and matched to Voter registration. As soon as your vote is recorded, it disables you from voting again at another location. Paper ballots checked against scanned results. Checks performed for Voter fraud and when found, prosecute to fullest extent of the law.