Immigrants Arrested At An Air Force Base

Two foreign Mexican nationals illegally in the country were arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers on May 3, after arriving at a new construction job at Travis Air Force Base, west of Sacramento, California.

Hugo Mejia and Rodrigo Nunez, who have reportedly been living in the U.S. for over a decade, were caught by a “routine identification screening”; neither could provide a valid social security number.

Living in California, Mejia provided a valid state-issued driver’s license and vehicle registration.

Mejia and Nunez were secured by “a fugitive operations team after [notification] of two foreign nationals attempting to gain entry into the military base,” according to an ICE statement published by CBS’ Sacramento affiliate.

Nunez’s wife told Mercury News that the couple have three children born in the U.S.

Both Mercury News and CBS’ Sacramento affiliate refer to Mejia and Nunez as “undocumented immigrants.”

Mejia and Nunez are slated for “expedited deportation hearings without a court hearing” as a result of prior deportation orders issued over a decade ago by border agents who had intercepted them during illegal entry across the southern border.


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