Does Iran Need A Regime Change?

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) supported the idea of a regime change in Iran and stated, “with our moral support and isolating the ayatollah and cutting off this cash, he will collapse.”

Graham stated, “He’s [President Trump] not advocating regime change, but I am. I believe the Iranian people, with our moral support and isolating the ayatollah and cutting off his cash, he will collapse. The most destructive force on the planet today is Iran. If they had a nuclear weapon, which they’re trying to build, they would use it. Let’s stop this regime before it’s too late. Let’s stand behind the Iranian people. In 2009, the Iranian people held up a sign to President Obama, ‘[A]re you with them or are you with us?’ I want the Iranian people to know that we’re with them, and I want the ayatollah to understand there’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to Donald Trump.”

  • C. LeSaint

    YES< Iran needs a regime change to someone who is not controlled by Satan!!

  • Broos

    N0, US Needz a 3rd, People’s Party regime change To PEACE !

  • Chuck

    That is up to the people of Iran. It would be nice it they had an elected leader and a congress like most, modern western nations.

  • cathy

    Definitely needs a regime change! I just saw a picture of women protesting the burqa in 1979 Iran! The sha did NOT require it of the people.

  • ivdad

    They have needed a change since Carter betrayed the Shah and let the mullas take over. Citizens tried change when Obama was POTUS, but no help, even in words of encouragement came from the prior administration.

  • John R. Bloxson Jr.

    Yes definately and a Religion change aswell.

  • Francis Kahler

    Thank you John R. Boxson, Jr.!

  • huey6367

    They had a regime change about 40 years ago. Didn’t work out. We can partially blame Carter and Ford for that. I don’t think we should nation build. Fails everytime. But we need to get behind the people. Without support, they will be crushed. I guess like we did in Iraq just much better planned and without our military.

    In other news, I kinda like the idea of carpet bombing Iran and turning the desert into a sea of glass.

  • Art Ross


  • william murphy

    America should stay home and mind our own business. Let our welfare state – Israel – do the dirty work

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Why change the diaper & habib when you still have the same shit to contend with ?

  • Ken

    But we were in need of a regime change when O was in. He always supported Muslims, no matter the cost of lives, money or national security. The big trouble with regime change over there is the high likelihood that someone worse would take over. Terrorists are thick as thieves over there, and many bad guy groups are waiting for a chance to take control.

  • doureallycare

    Definitely! Talk about dictatorship, Iran’s own people want & need change! Oppression never advances our human souls.