ISIS quadruples down on Las Vegas

Terror experts are confused about ISIS’ repetitive claims that they’re responsible for the massacre in Las Vegas earlier this week.

It’s rare that ISIS claims responsibility for an attack they didn’t commit, so this one could be a sign of desperation, as their territorial loses in Iraq and Syria mount.

The shooter, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock doesn’t match the characteristic of your usual jihadist. There’s no evidence he pledged allegiance to any terror group, and his family maintains the man didn’t have any religious or political affiliation.

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  • lizzardman

    ISIS is being systematically decimated and is desperate to appear relevant. Don’t buy into this crap put out by an increasingly irrelevant terrorist organization, and parroted by the leftist MSM. The world has had enough of these terrorists and the war against them is picking up steam. The POTUS is doing a good job of garnering international support for an all out extermination campaign against these completely insane religious zealots. If ISIS did have a part in this massacre it was only as an ideological supporter of terror. ISIS you’re done!

    • avspatti

      They are not insane.

      • Christopher Tabin

        uh, yeah they really are. if you take a look at the videos of the terrorists cutting off the heads of innocent Christians from around the world, you’ll see that it’s not a question of insanity. it is total genocide. they have been doing this for thousands of years, and they’re not gonna stop unless Trump finds a way to drop a nuclear bomb at the heart of ISIS.

      • lizzardman

        If you do not consider a religious order that teaches hate and domination toward all others as insane then I believe that you and I hold to a different definition of the word. I consider burning people alive and cutting off the heads of people for their differing religious beliefs to be an insane reaction to a political problem. I argue that religious extremists are all insane by their very nature, when their minds close on something there is nothing in heaven or on earth that will convince them that they are wrong. Not bending one’s ideology in the face of definite proof that you are on the wrong path qualifies as insane in my experience.

    • Al

      Yup.. You are correct.

    • Terry Butts

      With their open call to their supporters to commit such horrific acts they feel they can claim responsibility anytime such a crime happens without some other obvious motive.

      • lizzardman

        You are correct Terry. It is one of the things ISIS and the Diapercrat party have in common, they will take credit when it is convenient to their false narrative even though they had absolutely nothing to do with it. Although, ISIS could take a lesson from the libturds when it comes to spin or outright falsehoods because they have the MSM willing to back them without questioning the factual content of the lies they tell. If ISIS had the connections the libturds enjoy we would be in trouble, but they lack the funds to take it global effectively. I consider ISIS to be extremely dangerous in the territory they hold but the libturd left worries me much more than ISIS. The left has taken control of American education and has convinced the younger generation that American exceptionalism and conservative values are racist and that they are morally superior to conservatives. They feel it is their right to crush anyone that disagrees with their socialist ideology without guilt or consequence. We are much more in danger of losing the moral fiber of America and our liberty to socialism/communism from within than losing in the fight against ISIS. Thanks to the military, ISIS is done.

  • Francis Kahler

    Mandalay Bay is owned by whom?

  • Mike W

    We have people like Mueller trying desperately to pin some kind of Russian collusion on President Trump when all the evidence of Russian collusion points directly at Obama – or who ever the hell he really is – and the Clintons. $145,000,000 funneled through the Clinton “Foundation” and Bill’s $500,000 speech in Moscow shortly after that infamous uranium deal went through – and apparently Mueller -Comey, haven’t heard about it. Comey and Mueller are either in collusion with the Clintons/Obama or they are the stupidest people to ever run the FBI – they couldn’t find stink on s**t.