Ivanka Was Supposed To Become UN Ambassador

This fall, President Trump has taken great consideration in replacing Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, with the first daughter Ivanka Trump.

The New York Times reported:

“At one point this fall, a scenario circulated in which Ms. Trump could replace Nikki R. Haley as ambassador to the United Nations if Ms. Haley replaced Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson.”

Although they did state that “(a)ides to Mr. Trump said they never heard that discussed internally, and the latest betting now has Ms. Haley staying put.”

  • cccarr

    nope..leave haley. good to not choose ivanka. she has no experience in what is needed to be un ambassador.

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Not only that, we don’t need family ties to the crap-filled UN.
      The Times is full of fake news, as usual.

    • RightWriter

      Not only that, but it would be ILLEGAL for Trump to appoint a family member to an established office like UN Ambassador. (See post above)

  • Sharon Windus

    Nikki Haley is doing an awesome job where she is. I hope she is kept as UN Ambassador…at least as long as Donald Trump is President and we stay in the UN.

  • More Fake News from the New York Times. Notice how these “news flashes” never identify their sources?

  • just leave her where she is and keep her far from South Carolina, and historical flags and memorials-those kinds of agreements she doesn’t seem to know how to honor

  • RightWriter

    Neither nor, apparently, the NY Times, understands the law here. The UN Ambassadorship and position as Secretary of State are legally established positions — which CANNOT under the LAW be held by a presidential family member. Period.

    President Trump has chosen, LEGALLY, to put Ivanka and her husband on the WHITE HOUSE staff as “special advisers.” That’s legal, because “special advisers,” roving ambassadors, and others with amorphous titles/responsibilities don’t have legally defined roles like the Secretary of State or UN Ambassador. And a President has a LOT more flexibility in designating positions and responsibilities on the White House staff. President Trump would be better advised to use Ivanka and her husband as special advisers or roving ambassadors.

    But, you say, what about John F. Kennedy hiring his brother Bobby to be Attorney General? Fair question, simple answer: The “anti-nepotism” law didn’t EXIST back then — in fact, it was PASSED precisely to prevent any future presidents for putting family members (VERY broadly defined) in those positions. Members of Congress and aides to JFK’s successor, Lyndon Johnson, didn’t think having an Attorney General or other constitutional officer being so close to the President had turned out to be a very good idea, so they made it impossible for future presidents to do the same.

    It should also be noted that Nikki Haley, former Governor of South Carolina and now our Ambassador to the UN, is doing a TERRIFIC job. Trump would be very hard-pressed to find a reason to fire her! PROMOTE her, maybe to Secretary of State? Possibly. That’s another issue!

    • Dan Menard

      Thanks for some really great info!

      • RightWriter

        Glad to share.

    • J. P. Lynch

      Great post. Thank you !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • RightWriter

        Glad to share. Thanks for reading & commenting.

    • Bushmaster0369

      BEST POST I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG WHILE, THANKS! I AGREE NIKKI HALEY, has and is doing an outstanding job. She is forceful in her statements, articulate and fearless. Hope she stays as she is.

      • RightWriter

        Thanks for reading & commenting. I’m a big Nikki Haley fan, too, and not so hot on Ivanka (growing up in New York society does that to one — the globalist & liberal views are in the air you breathe!) But I think she’d be the first to admit she’s only an adviser to her father; when he leaves the White House (in 2025, one hopes) she’ll happily go back to NY society and leave politics to the people who know a little more about it.
        That said, I don’t envy her her role as presidential daughter AND adviser. It’s sort of a thankless position, where no matter what you do you’re going to make a LOT of people angry.

  • srw


  • Dan Menard

    My first question is, “What are the qualifications for “anyone” to be an ambassador?” It would seem to be that anyone with a name recognition and a winning smile is well on the way to qualifying for that position. We have had actors and actresses before in that position, so why not put Ivanka’s name in for that position? As for the current UN Ambasidor’s future, looks like an upward move for her is pending.

    • RightWriter

      Most US Ambassadors come out of the Foreign Service, a career service (part of the federal govt. but administered separately). However, frequently friends or supporters of the President (the guy who won the last election) are appointed to serve as ambassadors to major capitals around the world. Those people can be qualified or NOT, depending on the President’s determination to have competent people in the jobs, or not.

      Often presidents use “plum” ambassadorships (London, Paris, Rome, sometimes other European capitals, plus Tokyo and some others in Asia or maybe Latin America) to pay off political supporters. This is generally a BAD idea, unless the designated ambassador actually KNOWS something about the country to which he/she is being appointed. (Obama named an ambassador to Norway who didn’t even know that Norway has a KING, not a President. Americans pretty much ignored it, but Norwegians considered it an INSULT). However, “political ambassadors” who have some experience in negotiations with foreign leaders and know a little about the country to which they’re being assigned often do VERY well.

      Appointing them rather than Foreign Service Officers is sometimes advisable because the embassies’ allowances for entertainment of local dignitaries (an IMPORTANT part of an ambassador’s JOB) don’t cover the costs, so having a wealthy businessperson who is willing to spend a bit of his/her own money is helpful. Also, career Foreign Service types often resent the “political ambassadors” — who may get the most desirable posts — even though the career guy/gal couldn’t afford the cost of maintaining representation in those same capital cities.

      But the position of US Ambassador to the UNITED NATIONS is different because it’s a legally established post, actually part of the president’s CABINET, and as such CANNOT BE FILLED BY A RELATIVE OF THE PRESIDENT. Ivanka can be a special adviser to the President on the White House staff, or could be a “roving ambassador” who just represents him at various international NON-OFFICIAL meetings, but she CAN’T be an ambassador or Cabinet officer.

      Silly rule? Maybe, but it’s intended to prevent what almost amounted to a coup d’etat (takeover by someone not elected) when JFK was killed and his brother Bobby, who was also his Attorney General, came within inches of sidelining Kennedy’s legal successor, Lyndon Johnson.

  • Lily Haley

    Haley is doing a great job. Leave her be.

  • J. P. Lynch

    Nikki Haley is the best person we have ever had at the United Nations representing
    the USA!! Would like to see her stay there for a long while !! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Clockp

    IF I read ANYTHING by NY Times, it’s for entertainment, not news.