Jimmy Carter Bad Mouths Trump

Former President Jimmy Carter stated that under President Trump’s leadership the United States was ”looked upon now with a great deal of doubt.”

Partial transcript as follows:

MITCHELL: As John McCain wrote in it his farewell letter to the nation, he wrote, “We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sewn resentment and hatred and violence in all the corners of the globe. We weaken it when we hide behind walls rather than tearing them down.” We now live in a stage where we had Charlottesville, we had the immigration rhetoric, the separation of children, what have the policies right now done to weaken the fabric of our country?

CARTER: I think all over the world, the United States is looked upon now with a great deal of doubt that didn’t exist a few years ago. I feel confident in America, and we’ve had some very serious problems to face in the past, with the war between the states, the Civil War, and then with 100 years of racial segregation after that. We’ve overcome those, basically. And I think that no matter what kind of setback we face right now politically, over a period of time the resilience and the basic ideals of our country will prevail, and we’ll see a correction to our mistakes.

  • Mike from Texas

    Carter, another democrat trying to pass the blame. Never did like that peanut farmer.

    • john

      And darn he was such a great President. LOL

  • Bernie

    Why are democrats and left-wing schmucks so jealous of Trump?

    • Al

      On accounna because, that’s why. LOL No dem votes from me, EVER.

      • nosmiley

        That would be good. Your writing and spelling are so poor, no one would really want you around.

        • Al

          You’re that dense you can’t tell when someone is fooling around? You have to be a dim dumb damned dastardly democrat and you and your fellow un-American types are all done.

    • Because he is a WINNER .. .and they are total losers.

    • nosmiley

      What’s to be jealous about ? I can’t think of anything I would want. All the lies the entire Trump crowd tells constantly would lose me at the beginning. Name another president that sent his kids to visit Putin a day or two after the election ……….. I know of no other……. Then none of them are willing to tell what went on. Can’t be anything worth a damn.

      • Bernie

        Why do you insist on making this so easy?
        No proof of anyone meeting with Putin…except the lies you hear on CNN, MSNBC or Lanny Davis tell.
        So, I ask again. Why are you and others like you so jealous of Trump?
        Your turn, jackwagon….

      • john jones

        mule face has spent millions trying to find collusion and found a few crooks. he could investigate every congressman and woman in washington and find an island full of crooks. what a waste of tax payers money. trump is the most honest president since jimmy carter but carter was the dumbest of all presidents. a democrat no doubt.

    • They wish they had a backbone?


      It’s a common trait of LOSERS the DemonRatts exemplify it Daily !

  • Bob K

    Carter – Second worst president.
    Trump – Best president Ever.

    • john

      Obozo number 1

      • #1 Loser = B Obutma.

        • nosmiley

          Read the history, and see if he doesn’t go down as one of the best, while your hero will be close to the bottom.
          Did you finish high school, or opt out for equivalency ??

          • pstreet

            He was even WORSE than carter you moron.

      • pstreet

        #1 pile of dung and idiocy

    • nosmiley

      I haven’t been able to see anything Best about the Trump presidency, other than one of the lowest IQ’s we have ever had.

      • pstreet

        because your cranium has been inserted so far up your rectum for so long that daylight never reaches it and the last brain cells have expired.

      • trump blast

        An IQ of 160 is the lowest you ever seen ??? Wow who had the 200 ???

      • ROB

        Uh the best economy you’ve ever seen. Biggest tax cut you’ve ever seen. Most down to earth federal judges you’ve ever seen. A president who is FOR the American people FIRST. Something else you’ve not seen since Reagan.

        • nosmiley

          Hey Bubba, look up the rating of the presidents. Reagan is steadily going down in history as a so-so president. If you are able to do research, you will see that each time he got on television and told us ” Today I eliminated xxx jobs in the government. What he failed to tell you was that xxxx got hired. At the end of his presidency, there were considerably more government employees than there were at the beginning. ( Bureau of Labor Statistics) You just got fooled by the Reagan shell game……………. Check it out, and revise your lies.

    • And the number one worst president ever…the envelope please…barach hussein obama

      • ROB

        Hands down

  • Priam Figs

    Yeah doubt that we will continue to be taken advantage of because we elect feckless leaders like Jimmy Carter ..


    Certainly Israel does not feel that way.

  • J Carter… the worst president in history (and yes I was in the Navy when he was president), until B obutma came along.. bad mouthing the GREATEST PRESIDENT since Reagan …and perhaps the Greatest of all time for America…what a joke JC is …

    • nosmiley

      I believe you are the joke. I know you’re no too bright.

      • trump blast

        I know you are a big joke and a dimbulb is brighter than you are no smiley !!

        BTW I also served while carter tried to destroy the military with his cut backs !!!

  • Berengaria

    Jimmy Carter is reading from a script that was probably composed by John McCain, himself.
    Jimmy believes our Great Country was better off, with the likes of Him, Bush Boys, Clinton Duo & Obama, Americans Say NO WAY.
    Americans love a Winner & President Donald Trump is a
    Definite Winner, so please, just “Butt Out”, no more of the Carter Years for the American People.
    This Is Trump Country!!

    • nosmiley

      So it takes an ignorant fool that lies all the time, to be a winner ????

      • trump blast

        Who said Trump is lying ?? The liberal media ???

  • Richard Walker

    When the “rescue in the desert” went TU and failed (the effort to free the Embassy hostages from Iran), I basically put “peanut Jimmy” in the same category of intelligence I held for rocks and fence posts. He should have turned the operation over to the Marines and the operation would have been successful. Anyway, the man has never disappointed me in my estimation of his intelligence. I had friends that went bankrupt under the “Carter economy” when interest went to 21%. He has continually supported the Palestinians, who claim a country that has never existed, and he hates Israel. He should read his Bible a bit more closely to see what God has said about those who attack Israel. It is never a good idea to call yourself a Christian and at the same time go against the word of God. I have always thought he was one of our worst Presidents, until Obama came along. Like all democrats, they try to cram down the throats of Americans the ideology they espouse while knowing that it doesn’t work, because every time they get in power they try again and tank the economy while turning prosperity into poverty. Einstein said it best, that insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Jimmy, do yourself a favor and go back to your peanuts. Keep your mouth shut and perhaps no one will notice your stupidity.

  • kybob

    Jimmy Carter is now taking up where his dimwitted brother Billy left off.


  • Junius Graham

    Anyone who suffered during the Carter Admin, knows just what a wimpy, sorry, individual Carter was. His time as a liaison to a Navy Admiral, set him up to be the Lackey he was! Why do people still listen to him about any thing.

    • nosmiley

      Because he still knows that “anything” is written as a single word. Whereas you, have basic skills that falter on you frequently.

      • trump blast

        As you well know anything can e written either way so all dou managed to do was inject bullshit into the conversation !!

  • Rich

    Carter and Obama are fighting for worst president ever.

    • kbmiller

      Yeah, whoever wins….. .loses !!!

  • Morgan23

    Yeah, 100 years of slavery then segregation, the legacy of the Democrat Party if you read your history books. But, of course, the Democrats prefer to erase THAT part of our history and blame it ALL on the Republicans. They forget Lincoln was a….wait…a Republican and Grant…wait was a Republican….who was fought tooth and nail when he tried to bring the former slaves into the mainstream and wait…the Democrat Party that had the Klu-Klux Klan and that fought the Civil Rights Act. In fact the World looks to us for their defense while trying to destroy us and the Democrat Party that has joined forces with the Globalists and is presenting Socialism to the voters. The current second worst President in History overshadowed by none other than….wait Barack Obama, the man who gave Millions NO!,no Billions to terrorists, the leading enemy of democracy and the United States. Yeah, Listen to Jimmy Carter if you’re brain dead.

    • nosmiley

      Work on your history, and quit presenting it in such a lying manner– Trump.

      • FLHTCU

        unfortunately Morgan23 is right on the money… Democrats filibustered the Equal Rights Amendment, TWICE, before the Republicans passed it over their filibuster. The KKK’s original targets were Blacks and Republicans.

      • trump blast

        You might want to take your own advice as you just rejected the truth from history !!

  • Wow…that was really some nasty bad mouthing…makes Trumps look candy-coated…

  • Patrick Feeney

    Sounds like senility has settled in!

  • harley93

    Carter, you’re kidding me, he was the worst President ever who would be dumb enough to listen to him; never mnd it would be the libturds.

  • Dodie1990

    Face it. If Jesus came back as a Republican all Democrats would hate him. Never liked Carter, he was a weakling.

    • nosmiley

      Jesus would never come back as a Republican.
      Dwight Eisenhower , a pretty good Republican president, would opt out of the party of ignorance because he was an intelligent man. Do you realize, at one time he commanded the troops of the entire world that were fighting Hitler, and Japan. ??? Don Turnip can’t supervise the folks he hired that work in the same building he does. Don’t try blaming that on anybody but ignorance. Turnip is pitifully ignorant.

      • trump blast

        As you know nothing about Jesus let me tell you one simple fact !! When Jesus comes back he won’t be a dumbucrat or a Republican HE WILL BE A KING OF ALL KINGS !!

        • nosmiley

          You ought to read for understanding. I never said what you think I said. I said he would never come back as a Republican. I said nothing about Democrats. You. ignorant one, read into it. Turnip thinks already he is King of all Kings— just ask the fool.

          • trump blast

            No you what him to think that but then you probably worshiped nobuma who so many called him their lord and savoir !! And you’re most likely one of them and that is why you try to defame him so much !! As for your ignorant comment about Jesus if you did no intend people to believe you meant dumbucrats then you should have said the king if kings !! But no you just left it standing there for other to interpret anyway they wanted !! So don’t tell me about reading for understanding when you obviously intended people to believe you meant dumbucrats !!

  • Francis Kennedy

    Hey Carter, just SHUT UP! For someone responsible for one of the WORST economic times in U.S. History AND allowing our hostages to be kept for so long…YOU have NO right to talk about a President who’s brought prosperity back to ALL.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    The only reason I voted for this Democrat was because of his support for Israel, otherwise there is only 2 other worst presidents than him, Obama and another one who was president in the early 1800’s.

  • Little Lulu

    Carter was one of the worst Presidents this country has ever seen! Why would anyone care about what he has to say. He was led around by the nose when he was in office and got this country in a horrible mess. Thank God Reagan got elected. Now we have about the best President we’ve ever had and they want to listen to Carter? Give me a break.

  • LittleMoose

    Americans are ready for non-politicians in government. Now is the time to start a serious term-limit scenario to get back to the idea of civilian legislators.

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    Is nothing new or surprising about what he says. If he who claims himself to be a Christian but badmouth Israel, He will badmouth anyone. As for whatever church he goes to has to be run by someone who was influenced by demons. He can build all the houses for humanity for everyone who needs it, but it won’t get him into heaven. And I believe he still has enough marbles to know that, but he still chooses the dark side !

  • Richard Wadzinski Jr

    We’ see a correction to Your mistakes.demwits, We Elected a Business Man not a political crook, we got rid of 8 years of moozlim brotherhood Barry Soto HUSSEIN barracks Oblunder,made sure crooked killary did not get in too, now we are undoing all the crooked crap thats been done and Make America Great Again, and start putting the crooked career politicrooks in prison,

  • DonRS

    Jimmy Carter, now thankful to God for Obama, who now ties him for the WORST U.S. PRESIDENT IN HISTORY, is most certainly in no position to judge any other President!

  • He’s EXACTLY right. Nowadays, the Iranians doubt us, the Russians doubt us, the Chinese doubts us, the North Koreans doubt us… and so on. They were so used to dealing with feckless, corrupt, and spineless leaders that they don’t know how to deal with President Trump


    Peanut Head Jimmy the WORST President in History followed Closely by The South Side of Chicago HUCKSTER Obummer ! carter should go n Stay AWAY Permanently !

  • Robert LaBiento

    Jimmy carter downing a REAL president! This is just too funny!

  • EC

    There won’t be any “corrections” this time around. America is too far gone with all of it’s multicultural BS to ever come back together to agree on ANYTHING. I now realize that Carter is a senile old fool who can’t see the writing on the wall. What exactly are the “basic ideals” that he’s referring to? America’s basic ideals have all been thrown out due to the fact that they offend one snowflake group or another. Sorry, Jimmy, there are no ideals left for us to return to, so sit down and be quiet. We’re witnessing the last gasps of a dying country…

  • Mac Daddy

    Gee this is the man who was attacked by a Bunny Rabbit, had our embassy captured & could not even get our embassy personal out. Mr. Carter is a great home builder & Rich Fat Cat Socialist but just because of these qualities he needs to go back to the Nut Farm because the Last Democratic Socialist POTUS Mr. Obama sold us, All the American people out & Mr. Carter backed him so I will stick with a President that won’t sell our Country to the Foreign Powers & Enemies both Domestic & Foreign.

  • jjmcl431

    Jimmy if it wasn’t for Obumma you would still be know as the worst President this country ever had. So go stick your head back up your rear end.

  • Tom

    Jimmy Carter! I lived through that, what a waste of time he was, pretty much like Obama and any other self-serving Demo-rat. God smiled upon us when Killary lost the election. I hope I live long enough to see her cellulite in federal prison along with the traitor Obama. Let me ask a question, how can you idiot inner city people vote for someone like Killary; do you have no brains or is it the thought of Demo-rat free shit that gets your attention. Further, this Demo-rat position against border control is simply a cheesy way to pack the ballot box. Can you fools not spot evil when you see it; guess not…

  • Albedamned!

    Carter the t–d, whom is tied for the worst President of the U.S. He should shut his pie hole!

  • John

    Jimmy[the second worst president ever]Carter, needs to shut up and go away. Mr. Trump is doing a heck of a lot better than the last four presidents combined.

  • pstreet

    Jimmy the peanut farmer needs to shut his stupid mouth; under his term in office we had:
    High inflation
    High Gasoline prices and shortages
    Wage freezes
    increased income taxes and that is only a partial list.


    This coming from the worst president in history, prior to Obama.

  • Tk Matthews

    Carter & Obama in a tie for being the WORST POTUS in our history !!!

  • scott forman

    The second worst President in history (Obumer was the worst) tries to bad mouth a guy who is turning our country back from the evil bestowed on us by the anti-American Left. Jimmy the incompetent needs to shut his pie hole.

  • Ken

    You will not find a person who loves their country more than Donald Trump. All of the maladies named by Jimmy are a result of the 8 long years of the last administration. Given time, Trump will even straighten out those messes created by Obama and his ilk.

  • cal3301

    Carter is the stupidest man on this planet and was the worst President until unseated by Obama. He couldn’t manage this country before and he should keep his sideline comments to himself.

  • rob paul

    Carter? OMG! Yes, USA is no longer a doormat for the rest of the world, and Trump is putting USA first. That probably does make the other countries wonder as USA Presidents have been so accommodating.

  • trump blast

    Hey Jimmy Carter why don’t you stop building walls on those habitat houses you work on ?? After all all they do is keep out the great outdoors you know the bugs , animals rain and snow but we don’t really need them to oh let’s say PROTECT OURSELVES !! do we ?? So if we don’t really need a wall to keep invaders out of the national why do we need a bunch of walls to keep invaders out of our homes ????

  • ROB

    Since a long time ago there is a man in the white house who stands up for America. The establishment is a global seeking mess. It’s all about a much larger network for them to be involved globally. It’s all about these morons lining their pockets with money. Trump is all about the USA first and foremost. hillary clinton received hundreds of millions from foreign powers . (Clinton global foundation)for what? What she could do for them as president. She’s not elected ,so the money dries up. Pretty plain to see. 90% of all moneys coming in to her foundation was for salaries rather than helping the poor of the world. Sound like a scam? Right ,it was. And now these dogooders want to criticize Trump for wanting to make America Great Again.

  • john jones

    if i was jimmy carter i would be ashamed to be known as the dumbest president in modern history. that peanut farmer gutted the military so bad they couldn’t even start a helicopter to go to a rescue. the only one in the family with any sense was billy bob and his beer.

  • Charles Michalek

    he wants too bad mouth Trump , he can’t say much for his presidency ,, he was a BIG flop when he was in the white house … all the crap he tried and turned into disasters …

  • James Earle Carter has become a demented fool in his old age. And he wasn’t all that bright to begin with. Trump has done more good for America in the last year and a half than Carter did with his entire Presidency. And The Donald is a heck of a lot more entertaining!

  • David Byrd

    Carter like Obama was a failure as president we list prestige the world over with these two in charge Clinton and bush were seen as for sale to the highest bidders, now we have a real leader that chooses America over terrorist and the left can’t stand America not failing so their puppet master can get their new world order and they can lord over the rest if us, carter and the other faired never learned the old saying if you can’t say something nice keep your mouth shut.

  • Bryan Hansen

    I think doubt can be a good thing. Around the world they knew Obama, etc were pushovers. But now they don’t really know how to handle Trump. That gives us the upper hand. The Demos cant stand that.