Kaepernick Recognized as “Citizen Of The Year” for GQ

The same magazine company that wrote a highly offensive article titled “F*** Ben Carson,” has done it again.

The Company, who seems to try as hard as possible to disrespect conservative views, has just named their “Citizen of the Year” and it’s Colin Kaepernick.

As they continue to drool over the man who started the trend of kneeling and disrespecting the great nation of America, GQ writes:

He’s been vilified by millions and locked out of the NFL—all because he took a knee to protest police brutality. But Colin Kaepernick’s determined stand puts him in rare company in sports history: Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson—athletes who risked everything to make a difference.

  • AndrewBuckmichael

    Aren’t negros great? Don’t you wish the confederates had won?

    • Rosilynn Russell

      Oh Hell Yes!!!! . . .what an Agenda that would Have Been . . Damn Hindsight!!!

    • artalem

      I do know of some great blacks, but that jerk-off isn’t one of them. He is a disgrace to anything or anybody American!

      • Christopher Tabin

        couldn’t have said it better. Fuck Colin Kaepernick! he’d better drop dead, or else i’ll do it for him!

        • Tom

          Be careful what you threaten, if he turns up dead, you may have to hire a lawyer. I agree with what you say about Colin Keapernick, but I won’t say I’ll have anything to do with your last five words, or maybe your saying you’ll just drop dead for him, just wondering.

    • cochise1

      Or, failing that, if Lincoln had only lived to do what he wanted to do….send them all back to Africa. We would only need half the prisons, half the prison guards, half the law enforcement personnel, half the judges and half the welfare dollars we spend now.

    • Bimu

      It would have been better for states rights. That’s for sure.

      Slavery was on its way out anyway – pure economics if not the moral right thing. Industrial revolution, ‘the machine’, was making labor expensive because nothing is free. A person has to have food, shelter, clothing…at a minimum…and since there was no tax policies to help out the cost…. My how times have changed. I could go on but then many short term, short minded folks don’t care to do any studying or learning of history but they do like to rewrite history. History is what it is – sometimes good and honorable and sometimes horrible and inhumane…but it is what it is and it needs to be truthful and an honest construction of the past- all of it as can be truthfully determined – people, places, things, outcomes.

      Study the history of the 3/5″s rule and why it was adopted. It is brilliant ration and logic to handle a difficult position on representation in the Congress and yet give recognition to humanity, to life – even the life of a slave. Every country, every time in structured humanity, has been involved in human slavery. To the winner belong the spoils and the most valuable ‘spoil’ is the human life. Funny how we have devalued it even more yet being the modern, progressive, advanced and intelligent beings that we are. Abortion, euthanasia, genocide, homicide, suicide…all in the name of freedom, choice. Funny how God gave you the opportunity for choice but then He doesn’t exist or does He. Do the right thing for the right reason, often times unselfish and sacrificial, and count the blessings. Coincidence, luck – you can choose to believe what you want.

      I could go on but ………… Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a warm, loving, giving Christmas season !!!

  • Patrick King

    I have to hand it to a man who takes a multimillion dollar career and puts it on the chopping block because he’s sick to death of watching his brothers, nephews and sons shot down in the streets for no other reason than the color of their skin. Kaepernick is a man of tremendous integrity and courage.

    • Robert Bechtel

      No reason other than the color of their skin???? How about the FACT that they raped somebody,robbed somebody, have a GAME called Knock out whitey! Cops don’t shoot people unless they do something stupid , Like Resist arrest, think that they are above the law and can do or say anything they like! Well, You can do those things, However, You MIGHT get shot for being a dumbass.
      Kaepernick may have something to bitch about, But He shouldn’t have dissed the flag to protest it.

    • grinnie

      Integrity and Courage would be to help some of the neighborhoods and young people with his millions and if he were a REAL MAN, no one would hear about it.

    • Larry Sterzik

      And he has done what to help find a resolution to this apparent major problem

    • woodworker

      I don’t see him doing anything about his brothers, nephews and sons being shot down by his brothers, nephews and sons. That’s who is doing most of the shooting.

    • Jim Kellely

      You sre one messed up person!

    • Bushmaster0369

      Boy, are you an ass kissing ass-hole. You must be an OBAMA bleeding fool. If you would do a little research you would find out its all bullshit. Statistics prove more whites are killed on any percentage than blacks. I don’t have the percentage but black officers do a lot of the shooting, are they prejudice and hunters of blacks? Which race does the most crimes, BLACKS! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND TRY AND LEARN SOMETHING, AND DON’T GIVE US THIS HOLY GARBAGE YOU ARE SPEWING. HE’S NOT GIVING UP ANYTHING, HE IS WORTH 40 MILLION DOLLARS, GET YOUR FACTS AND STOP YOUR FAKE NEWS. In Chicago it is black on black as well as Atlanta, Oakland, San Francisco, Philadelphia etc., the idiots are killing each other. Boy you frustrate me, why don’t you give them your house, your car, your bnank account and move out and live in your car. Thats what BLM actually state. Dumb Ass WIGGER.

    • Billy

      How does it feel to be a FOOL, Patrick ?

    • cochise1

      Whites are more likely to be shot by police than blacks…..2.5 times as likely. Blacks are also more likely to be shot by a black police officer than a white one.

    • Clockp

      I didn’t realize that Kaepernick had given away his wealth and dedicated his time to raise his brothers, nephews and sons in two parent families, provide for their education and teach them a marketable skill so they can be a responsible head if household, thanks for setting me straight!

  • Jim Kellely

    Sickening! Tells me a lot about the magazines leadetship. Kap is one messed up Thug! God help us!


    it is difficult to praise anyone who is so stupid and self centered. when a black does nothing to stop the problem then he causes problem to grow. if this black raised by white parents does not get off his black ass and stop the problems buit continues to cry wolf , then lets call him a cry baby looking for something to suck on.

  • alexandron

    After such an honor maybe we should nickname him “Rosa” Kaepernick now. After all Rosa Parks sat where she wanted on a bus and Kaepernick takes a knee wherever he wants on a football field.

    • Billy

      His huge mistake was taking a crap where he eats. Now he’s paying for it and I love it. I hope he NEVER plays football again. I hope to see him behind the counter of a McDonalds or a Wendy’s since that’s the only thing he is qualified for.

  • randolph.poole

    LOL!!! CQ Magazine…now that is a sterling example of journalism!

    • scooter56

      LOL exactly..

    • Buckeye conservative

      GQ isn’t worth the paper it’s published on. They are so out of touch with the reality of fashion, lifestyle and culture that they will soon join the likes of Playboy and others who claim to tell people what to buy, how to live and what to think.

  • baitmando

    Kaeperdick is nothing more than an illiterate ghetto racist.

  • Art946

    I canceled “GQ” 2 years ago when I realized they were excessively liberal and supported radical groups such as LGBQTN !

  • kris littlefield

    Naming him citizen of the year is just as absurd as Obama winning a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing.

    • ASA6668

      Spot On!

    • Bimu

      Amen and Ditto !!!

  • GT90ford

    It says, “He’s been vilified by millions and locked out of the NFL—all because he took a knee to protest police brutality.” THAT IS NOT RIGHT! His girlfriend talked him into kneeling if he didn’t get the starting QB job. It started because he was a POUTING baby who lost the starting job to a better QB. He wasn’t man enough to talk to the coach, he’s is a whiner…boo hoo!

  • Bushmaster0369

    I am sorry I am to old and have an invalid wife or I would sacrifice everything and he would cease to exist, as would a whole bunch more with out naming anyone, to get myself in serious trouble.

  • Billy

    Who cares what GQ thinks. They are an ignorant “rag” that nobody reads anyway. If they think this Negro (Kapernick) is a candidate for a “Citizen of the Year” award, they are part of the problem this country has. Kapernick should be put up for a “Turd of the Year” award.

  • Joan Freda

    Ali and Robinson didn’t disrespect our flag or kneel during the National Anthem. Quit trying to compare apples and oranges till you know WTF you’re talking about. Frankly, your magazine isn’t fit to wrap fish in!!!

  • doc suske

    The KKKKKKKK (Klueless Krazy Kolin Kapaernick Kommie Kriminal Knuckle-dragging Kneelers) must be stopped!

  • Bobby French

    GQ is a sh$t magazine and their man of the year is a dick right along with Obama. Sorry just had to throw that in about Obama.

  • ahrcshaw

    Kap should not be considered in the same vane as Ali, or Jacky, period the end. Kap is a leader for those who want to destroy what makes America great, no matter what the circumstances or laws or whatever, the Pledgee of Allegiance, the National Anthem, and the Flag have bonded this country, and this is a serious assault by the Progressive Socialist Left to dismantle this bond.

  • Richard Kosmisky

    FUCK the arrogant ASSHOLE it is a shame that good men have died to allow an ASSHOLE like him start this SHIT go and work at Mcdonalds that is probably about your intelligence level

  • Bill

    GQ, a pathetic magazine giving recognition to a pathetic individual. Wow, stupity seems so prevalent, but the reality of this issues is no one cares about GQ or Colin. They can both disappear and no one would care!

  • parkslopedog

    “Citizen”? Of what country? He’s not an American.

  • Jimbo

    No respect for the land of the free,that allo a s people to follow Thier dream and become greatest of their abilities. Sure we have all overcome oppression. What would Jesus do? Watch the passion . You must use your abilities to try an help those who cannot achieve these things. Some are not worth looking at. All I see is hatred of those who refuse overcome Thier own inequities. But would rather point fingers an blame someone or something. Certainly not the kind of folks who came to an unknown harsh land and pioneered to form a country. There’s no reason for this crap.

  • Rex Stevenson

    Colon Crappernack has come a long way since converting to Islam in 2015. Hopefully his Muslim wife will convince him to relocate to the Middle East where he belongs.

  • Terry Butts

    What else would you expect of those wanting to impose the FANTASY they have of a SOCIALIST utopia where America has been abolished but a show of RESPECT for one of the most noted in the news to show DISRESPECT for this nation.

    He did not TAKE A KNEE to protest police brutality he did so to protest courts using ACTUAL EVIDENCE and REAL WITNESSES instead of the same propaganda the media spouted when ruling on cases of self defense.

    Claiming that courts USING ACTUAL EVIDENCE and WITNESSES that actually were present at the time was INJUSTICE because the ACCOMPLICE and people many of whom later openly admitted they were OUT OF TOWN at the time and just repeated what he claimed to be on TV was all the media showed.

    They did not show the SEVERELY INJURED OFFICER in his hospital bed or any of the FACTUAL evidence that proved the criminal was NOT RUNNING from the officer or having his hands up as his ACCOMPLICE in the VIOLENT THEFT committed just before he encountered the officer because he was ILLEGALLY WALKING down the center of the street STILL HOLDING WHAT HE STOLE falsely claimed he was doing when shot.

  • gvette

    LOL..when ever I see pictures of him, with his full afro, all I can think is toilet bowl cleaner of the year.

  • Clockp

    Jackie Robinson, indeed: Muhammed Ali, Kaepernick in same category as John Kerry, multi-millionaire ingrates all about the “moi”. Jackie Robinson one of my heroes who treated people with grace and dignity, regardless.

    • Bimu

      Dr. King had surmised the issue precisely, exactly: It has never nor never will be about the color of the skin BUT it is all about the content of the character. We all have faults and shortcomings but self-centered actions, loud mouthed responses, huffing and puffing, finger pointing, laying blame, holier than thou attitudes….these are nothing more than grandstanding divisive actions that are offensive to the masses. Spread the wealth not the manure ! Show me the morals and I’ll tell you the character.