Kellyanne Conway Destroys CNN

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway got into a heated conversation with CNN’s Brian Stelter where Conway  ridiculed him.

Partial transcript as follows:

STELTER: Because that’s something else the president tweeted. He tweeted that people that are leaking in the White House are traitors and cowards —

CONWAY: And cowards.

STELTER: Now, putting aside the shocking language, using a term that has legal consequence traitors. Can you tell me staffers have been fired this week for leaking?

CONWAY: I can’t reveal that, but I will tell you that the president thinks a lot of stuff is made up and embellished. He knows that many of us get a text or an e-mail or phone call.

Hey, I heard you think the moon is made of cheese. I have two sources. And someone will say, I don’t have a problem with the moon and don’t think it’s made of cheese. And somebody else will say we have three source who is think you don’t like the moon and it may be made of cheese.

He understands people make up things and he also knows that the leaks that you’re talking about from ten days ago were meant to hurt the people who were involved. So, people like to settle personal scores by talking to the press, et cetera. But he also knows that those of us who have top secret security clearance, those of us who are privy to information that never gets leaked, never gets even discussed frankly, he understands the way the game is played.

And I’ll tell you one thing, people —

STELTER: But leaking is a symptom. It’s a symptom of a problem, a deeper problem at the White House, right? Companies don’t leak.

CONWAY: If there were leak, you could change your chyrons. It could say, breaking news, which would actually be true for once. It would be breaking and it would be news as opposed to —


STELTER: Why the constant attacks?

CONWAY: Hold on, hold on. And you would have the fruits of the leak. How could you don’t have any fruits of leaks today? How come you’re not showing me the confidential memo someone gave you over the transom? How come you’re not talking about a leak —

STELTER: Are you really arguing that there’s not that many leaks out of the White House?


CONWAY: Yes, I would argue that. And I would tell you that — I would tell you that they don’t come from the president’s comms shop of which I’m particularly not a member. But I tell you, there are hundreds and hundreds of people who work on that complex who —


CONWWAY: — folks don’t know but they have access to a lot of information. The president knows that. He’s the president of United States. He’s done things that nobody would have imagined in the first 16 months of a presidency. But people do appreciate it. If you want a —


STELTER: Including tearing down our American media and other institutions in ways that are going to —


CONWAY: Oh, don’t make this about your again. Oh, poor media. Oh, poor you guys institution.


STELTER: I’m not saying poor media.

CONWAY: You had a low approval ratings before he became president.

  • doc suske

    You go girl!

  • soupy264

    I wish someone would proof read the text before making people look stupid with auto correct. Or at least auto correct, both sides of the conversation.

    • Finder1009

      that leads to the idea of fake news. When people are quoted saying something that didn’t come out of their mouth at all.

  • ROB

    Trump and his administration ain’t scared of the media bums and they hold no power over him and his. It is so refreshing.. Oh and funny

  • Leslie Bryant

    Kelly Anne is World Class! Also likely one of only a handful of true journalists!! Keep leading the barn animal media around in circles!!

  • bj veteran

    The media like to think they know everything about everything. They are like a lawyer that says something in court and is objected to by the opposing attorney. The judge agrees with the opposing attorney and instructs the jury to disregard what they heard. Right. How many people can disregard what they heard? This way, even though the objection was upheld, the attorney that put out the statement actually wins, because no matter how hard the jury members try to disregard what they heard, it will be remembered, and may influence their decision. That is how the media is working these days. Put out something that they might have to retract because they know people will still remember what was said and they accomplish what they intended to do in the First place. It is no wonder the lack of trust for the media is so low. The media wants to be in charge no matter how many lies they have to tell. Be careful out there .

  • Dean57

    I would think the only way the Press can make up its headline is by making up an unidentified source be there one or not.
    Kelly Ann is right! The silent majority knows she is right and continue to support the President.
    Why in the hell isn’t the MSM taking on the Democrats for supporting MS-13 from being called what they are animals. The Democrats think more of the illegal immigrants than they do for the safety of the American people. They even invite them in and then protect their illegal status.
    Voter have to be fools to vote Democratic in the mid-terms. Their in for a big surprise election time.
    Thank heaven for twitter! We get the uncut version of what is really going on not the Democratic spin of the MSM. Good for Conway calling it like it is.

  • cccarr

    The media, deep state and dems are getting anxious that their gig is up. That’s why CNN and dems In congress are foaming at the mouth. Keep on trump, Kellyanne, sara and all the others who can cut them down. You are damn right we “deplorables” know what has been going on and that’s why donald trump was voted into the presidency!

  • robert

    they had very low approval ratings and still do the only reason people watch is to see what new lies the media come up with the dems are going to win in nov, what a laugh !!!!! they are goig to get smoked !!ha ha ha cant wait to hear the excuses then!!!!!